Illegal seafood trade grows online via social media

The seafood trade continues
to thrive online on social media. Presently, a lot of people are being charged
for selling in the illegal trade. However, one trader says
poverty is what has led some o do what they are doing. Here’s Kereama Wright’s report. Seafood gold, that’s encouraging
more online sales of the black market seafood. Online sales of seafood
is growing by the day with the acquisition of seafood
with no permits, or sales licenses, and not following the national
food safety standards. The number of cases identified by
the Ministry of Primary Industries has grown from just four in 2012
to 195 for 2015. Last year, 28 received
written warnings, and 19 were charged. One trader,
who would not appear on camera, says poverty was what drove them
to do this, with a need to provide
for their whanau. Richard Ratapu says, if you get caught by the ministry
you’re in for a hefty charge. Buyers are breaking no current laws, but the ministry is watching
both buyers and sellers. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

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