I’m Kinda Over This Whole ‘LeftTube’ Thing

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. This video is a little bit different from
what I normally do, it’s a bit YouTube centric. And I know a lot of you don’t really keep
up with all of that stuff. So just kinda bear with me, we’ll get back
on track for the next video. But there’s been this conversation for the
past few months or so, maybe even longer. But it’s definitely picked up more recently. And in fact I’m pretty late to the party
with this video, as I usually am. People have been talking about this thing
called “LeftTube” which is kind of a nebulous term that means different things to different
people. But it basically refers to a loosely related
group of YouTubers who either vaguely or specifically make content specifically about or at least
informed by left-wing politics. And I know that’s kind of an ambiguous definition,
but you know, that’s kinda part of the problem. You may have also heard the term “BreadTube,”
which is definitely funnier at least. And I think the term “BreadTube” predates
the term “LeftTube.” I could be wrong about that, correct me if
I’m wrong, but it’s been on reddit for a while now. And I think that most people use the term
“BreadTube” and the term “LeftTube” interchangeably, but there are people who
want to say that “BreadTube” should only apply to specifically Leftist content, by
which I mean channels that are most informed by communist and/or anarchist contest, as
the term is a reference to the book “The Conquest of Bread” by the anarchist philosopher
Peter Kropotkin. But there’s also whole thing about that
which I’ll get into in a minute. My channel, this channel, ‘T1J”, is often
referred to as a “LeftTube” channel–in fact I was just interviewed for an article
in the New Republic about LeftTube. But full disclosure, the more I hear people
talking about “LeftTube” and “BreadTube” the more I’m starting to hate those terms. Hi, I’m T1J. [WEIRD VOICE:] Follow me! So those of you who have been following me
for a long time have probably noticed a pretty unmistakable evolution in the way I express
my views both on this channel, and on social media. I’ve talked about this in several videos,
but I’ve always considered myself a progressive person, I’ve always been in favor of social
justice and economic reform. My baseline views have pretty much stayed
the same throughout my whole YouTube career. However, I still found myself occasionally
being reactionary and hard-headed on certain issues; a little bit of a shitlord sometimes. I still frequently critique the left, especially
social media activism, but those critiques are much less cynical than they were in the
past. Once I began to become a little more empathetic
and thoughtful about how I engaged with topics like feminism and LGBTQ, while also being
more critical of people who I thought were confronting these topics in bad faith; I was
immediately branded a “social justice warrior” or “SJW” by this growing anti-progressive
movement on the internet. I even lost subscribers. Buncha angry dudes made videos about me and
everything. And I’d say the “SJWs” on YouTube who
were trying to create an intellectual alternative to the reactionaries who dominated political
conversation on YouTube at the time, is the precursor to what eventually became known
as “LeftTube.” And after the rise of Trump and other far
right public figures–who I’d argue were ushered into the mainstream by these anti-SJWs–it
became clear that progressive-minded people needed to step up to the plate, everywhere,
but also on YouTube. And step up many of them did, some of them
becoming fairly popular in a relatively short amount of time. And their high quality videos inspired other
creators to either start making their own videos or work harder on their existing ones,
and their success led people to seek out other creators with similar content, leading to
other channels growing as well. I’ve definitely benefited from this myself. Now at first, I was happy to be associated
with “LeftTube,” because most of the creators that get referenced are people that I’m
fans of. So I don’t want anyone to take this video
as any kind of jab or sleight against any other creators, these are people I like. They’re not people that I always agree with
100%, but these are people making thoughtful, entertaining content that challenges the systems
of oppression in the world rather than trying to uphold them. And I think that’s what we need right now. And most of them seem like decent people personally
as well. Natalie and Hbomb are literally two of my
favorite YouTubers of all time, I just put them in the thumbnail so you would click on
it. But with popular public figures comes a fandom. And with a fandom comes, it seems inevitably,
drama and gatekeeping. So the first problem that came to my attention
was the question of ‘Who even counts as LeftTube?’ It seems like it should include anyone making
videos about progressive or left-wing political and social topics. But there are people like Lindsay Ellis and
Dan Olson, whose videos are definitely informed by political ideas, but who mostly do pop
culture analysis, but are still usually considered members of LeftTube. So maybe it’s the format, instead of the
subject matter. Many of the people who are most often called
LeftTube use a short film or video essay format. So does that mean that channels like Creationist
Cat and ReyRoSho aren’t LeftTube, because the format isn’t quite right, even though
they’re both very clearly left-wing channels? Do you have to make heavily-researched, 40
minute long videos with props and sets in order to be considered a real LeftTuber? Sometimes it just seems to me that LeftTube
is just like an exclusive club that you get into based on who you know, who you’re friends
with, and how much people like you, and not really based on what kind of channel you have. Some people try to draw the line in terms
‘just how left-wing are you?’ Channels like Meghan Tonjes and Akilah Obviously
are very clearly informed by left-wing politics, but I rarely hear people call them LeftTube. Maybe they’re not perceived as left-wing
enough? Destiny is a polarizing figure in this conversation,
because while most people agree that he’s doing good work fighting against the far-right,
many others find his edgy persona and overt support for capitalism problematic. And so as far I’ve seen, he’s usually
excluded when referencing LeftTube. But if I had to guess, I’d say my economic
views are probably closer to Destiny’s than, say, Shaun’s. But people still call me LeftTube all the
time. Many other YouTubers came up in the social
justice space just like I did, but rarely get referenced in these conversations. People like Steve Shives and demotivatoropinion. How am I LeftTube, but they aren’t? Is it because I have more Twitter followers? I think it’s literally just because I’m
more friendly with most of the “established” LeftTubers than they are. But “not left-wing enough” seems to be
just about where we’ve landed in this conversation. And that’s just super cringey to say outloud. If that isn’t gatekeeping, I don’t know
what is. Most recently, some folks are trying to shift
the definition of LeftTube away from social justice to focus specifically on critiques
of capitalism. This seems odd to me, because a lot of the
so-called LeftTubers don’t even really make that many videos about class or economic theory. And of course, if you don’t wanna make videos
about that, you don’t have to. But it’s almost like you’re needed to
check a box on your personal convictions, before you’re invited to this club, regardless
of what’s actually on your channel. At least that’s how it seems some people
want it to be. Now, much like with any of these “isms”,
I think when people talk about “capitalism” they’re often adding a lot of baggage to it,
based on their own interpretations of current events and how certain countries operate,
particularly the United States, as if this silly country should be used as a model for
anything. But assuming this is referencing the basic
textbook definition of capitalism (and I think that people are rarely doing that, but let’s
be charitable), an “anti-capitalist YouTuber” would be a YouTuber who doesn’t think that
the means of production should be privately owned and used for profit. That would be the baseline, right. Certainly this includes many, if not most,
of the “established” LeftTubers, but I wonder if it includes all of them. I think America’s economic and social system
is supremely fucked and needs to be completely overhauled systematically, like ASAP, but
I don’t have much of a problem with the idea of private ownership and profit as a
concept. So if that single fact disqualifies me from
being a ‘LeftTuber’, *chuckle* okay, I guess. But I feel like most people knew this about
me, and even when people don’t know, when they find out, they’re usually like, ‘it’s
okay! You can still be part of the team!’ Like I’m some kind of charity case. Like I’m the out of shape kid getting picked
for the kickball team because they feel bad for them. Even worse is people who basically say, “well
I love your work, I think you’re doing good work. But eventually, down the line, we’re gonna
need you to step aside, so we can do our thing. But thanks for your contribution. I think you did some good work! But we won’t need you anymore at that point!” Someone literally told me that I am the equivalent
of the woman in the red dress from the Matrix. Implying, I guess, that while I might have
a little more to offer than the average drone, I’m nevertheless just another product of
the system. And it’s like, I’m a person. I have agency, my perspective is just as valid
as anybody else’s. I’m out here trying make thoughtful content
and start conversations about topics I think are important. I’m not an accessory to someone else’s revolution. I have no interest in that. The Woman in the Red Dress analogy is particularly
insulting, because in the movie, the woman served to distract Neo from his objective. And I don’t think of myself or my content
as a distraction. My goal is to move things forward, and maybe
make things better. Again this why some people want to separate
“BreadTube” from “LeftTube.” But some peple say, ‘if you’re not a leftist,
then you’re not a LeftTuber.’ Yo, I’m super down for discussing and debating
the merits of different political and economic ideas, and I’m super down for trying out
different policies and proposals that might make the world better for the most disadvantaged
people, even if it’s not an idea that I came up with. I’m not super down for essentially telling
people to get out of your way so that you can impose your ideology on the world. Whether I agree with you or not; whether that
comes from the left or the right. But anyway this just leads to more debate
about who’s the “real LeftTube.” Or even worse, “who should we ALLOW to be
in the LeftTube”, and it’s just all very not my jam. So next, I’m gonna talk about is the “LeftTube
So White” thing. People have commented for a while now about
how most of the most successful “LeftTubers” and probably most LeftTubers in general are
white. Kat Blaque made a great video not too long
ago discussing this, which was the first time I think an actual prominent YouTuber of color
has addressed it in a significant way. I could be wrong about that. And when you think of what people generally
refer to as LeftTube, it is usually the same names that pop up over and over again, and
it’s 95% white people. And you should watch Kat’s video for more
thorough discussion, but it should be no surprise to anyone who has done any research on social
issues that people are generally more willing to hear ideas when it’s coming from a white
person. It sucks, but it’s a thing. But it’s not just the creators. I don’t know if you all know this, but there
are quite a few YouTube channels that feature people of color, some of whom are actually
doing pretty well for themselves- who regularly discuss or at least reference politics and
social issues from a primarily progressive standpoint. Sometimes the videos are very similar to other
LeftTube stuff but with a specific focus on racial and cultural issues. But they also often do it through a different
lens than what is normally found on LeftTube, or at least what is usually referred to as
LeftTube. Sometimes it’s pop culture reviews, or comedy
sketches, or interviews, or celebrity gossip, or even beauty tutorials. It’s a different format but they still sometimes
find a way to talk to their audiences about important topics. And as I mentioned before, there are established
LeftTubers who don’t focus specifically on politics, so that’s not a dealbreaker. The difference really, in my estimation, is
that those videos made by people of color, aren’t really made for white people. And so they’re thought of as a completely
different genre. And YouTube’s algorithm no doubt considers
them a different genre as well. And I obviously don’t make my videos FOR
white people, at least not usually, but I don’t specifically target black people either. And I think a lot of those other channels
do specifically target people of color, which is fine. But as a result, my audience is nevertheless
overwhelmingly white, and I know this because I survey my audience every year. And that’s fine, I’m okay with that. But I also think it has a lot to do with why
people are so comfortable with allowing me into the LeftTube conversation. My videos are white-people approved. And I don’t know other people’s demographics
but I’d bet it’s similar for other people of color in this community. Similarly there are a lot of channels that
are focused on women’s issues, and LGBTQ topics that rarely get mentioned in conversations
about LeftTube. And it’s a little bit different because
there are definitely a lot of women and LGBTQ people within the LeftTube community, but
it still seems that if your content isn’t specifically palatable to straight white people,
you have a fairly low chance of being involved with this club. You can be a successful YouTuber, as most
of the people I’ve featured are to some extent, just not a successful LeftTuber. And I am pretty wary about this push to move
LeftTube away from social justice, because it’s a thing we very much need to still
be talking about. Critiquing economic systems is fine and necessary,
but it’s not the full story, especially if you’re leaving out how different groups
are disproportionately affected. So, look. I’ve been making YouTube videos for something
like 10 years now. My channel has gone through many different
evolutions, and probably will continue to evolve. But the primary reason I make videos has always
been the same. I like doing it. I like making stuff and sharing it with people. That’s it. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do really. I’ve managed after grinding for a long time
to make it into some semblance of a career, but it’s something I would definitely still
do if I didn’t get paid for it. I also obviously have some thoughts about
things I think are important and want to start discussions about, and it seems like a lot
of you like to listen to what I have to say, which I appreciate vastly. But I don’t want to make it seem like this
is anything other than basically a random dude making videos on the internet. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely
gotten a lot of messages from people who’ve said that my videos helped them understand
something better or I’ve helped them become more thoughtful about things, and that’s amazing. I don’t mean to downplay the real effect
that people in my position can have. And I don’t take that lightly at all, it’s
something I’m always conscious about, and in fact it’s one of the reasons why I’ve
chosen to have these discussions in the first place. But, and I’ve said this before many times,
I’m not an expert or authority on any topic. If you like what I have to say that’s awesome,
but I don’t want to pretend that I’m some kind of thought leader, or that I magically
know what’s going to fix society just because I may have read a couple books or watched
a couple of video essays. Any of your measured opinions on any topic
that I cover are just as useful and valid as anything I have to say. And a lot of you might not really care about
this, but I just wanna make sure you know where I stand on that. A lot of people talk about LeftTube and other
political creators as if they’re like “the chosen ones”, but really we’re just some
people on the internet who are pretty good at talking. That article I mentioned earlier is titled,
“Can the Left Win YouTube?” But I’m not really trying to “win” YouTube. I know I’m a broken record at this point,
but I just want to make some videos yall. If we can help some people and change some
minds along the way, then that’s great too. So yeah. I’m just over the whole LeftTube thing at
this point. I mean I 100% appreciate all the support that
I’ve gotten from the people in this community, and all of the shoutouts and sharing of my
videos and my channel. That’s amazing, I love it. I can not express how much that means to me. And I’m not gonna like freak out if people
continue to add me to lists of LeftTubers or whatever. Feel free to do that, if you want to. But at the end of the day, all I wanna do
is make some cool videos that encourage people to be to be kind to each other and to be thoughtful
about how we might make the world a better place. And if I’m able to do that, I don’t really
care about all the other stuff. Especially if there’s exclusion and gatekeeping
involved. but DAS JUS ME DOE. What do you think? Thank you for watching my video, and thanks
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100 thoughts on “I’m Kinda Over This Whole ‘LeftTube’ Thing

  1. Destiny decided to be very helpful to the discourse, and tell everyone supporting Sanders/Warren to basically eat shit, promoting the garbage punditry of Nate Silver (distinct from Silver's quantitative analyses, which are at least marginally better than the rest of the media), and telling Sanders supporters, "Remember to figure out which neighborhoods you Bernie Bros are gonna canvas for Biden for!" [1].

    If he acts like this into the general election (should some candidate like Biden get the nomination), Destiny will do more than Putin ever could hope for (I've yet to see a quantitative analysis of 'Russia' changing peoples' votes) regarding helping Trump win.

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  11. Bro! U just posted not cringe, and gained subscriber! Seriously though thanks man, I watch issue-centric content to hear other PEOPLE's takes on things, not "thought leaders", or to figure out what my ideology should be, and the more "LeftTube" becomes a thing the more we make it a propaganda funnel rather than a space for discussion/sharing/disagreement/etc. This couldn't have come at a better time either, because the gate keeping and purity tests are starting to bleed over from the fans into the content itself, and it is looking to get pretty dicey pretty quick.

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    A lot of Duffy’s research on the attention economy leads to similar conclusions, and if attention really is a limited resource then maybe that kind of media can have a stagnating or neutralizing effect as much as the opposite.

    However, I would say that trying to argue from the perspective that there isn’t an essential definition of left-tube is an argument that could be applied to most categories in media. Destiny’s inclusion or lack thereof for instance is probably more related to the cultural perception of his furious interactions with some leftists and general toxic attitude online than it has to do with an honest evaluation of his political opinions as a set of “objective” principles. The same might be said for the cultural impact of racism on the exclusion of people of color from the category (as recognized in the video). I think it’s just important to recognize “Left tube” as a cultural construct and media category that exists within the same set of problematic and complex cultural contexts as all other online media even if people don’t want to discard the genre distinctions wholesale.

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    However I really think the algorithm figures into this very heavily. I was unaware of lefttube altogether just because I didn't have the right background in the algorithm. Too many searches for Christian stuff, or outright Marxist stuff as near as I can tell. The first left-tubers I ran into were: Renegade Cut (In his talk about Left Behind) and Nightmare Masterclass. It was honestly kind of ridiculous because I was outright looking for leftist youtube at one point, and the only person in the lot I ever got referenced was Maoist Rebel News (if he counts) and BadMouse. I only really found Contrapoints and the big names in lefttube because the algorithm found out I was trans and she was dumped on me with a mass of trans youtubers.

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  18. I think it is important to push back against the right on youtube so i do not think ' lefttube' is a bad concept…But definitely agree that it should be seen more loosely as a movement comprised of ' x characteristics' …TBh who gets included in a movement and who does not has alwayysss been arbitrary as hell..mostly focused on those who have the most name recognition.

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  29. It's interesting to look at LeftTube as a lesson in the formation of communities. I think ideally LeftTube has/had the potential to be a place formed from shared vulnerabilities and needs. A lot of the problems with the identity of LeftTube are symptoms of our tendency to create communities not out of shared vulnerabilities, but instead out of perceived strength and value. Including a creator in LeftTube has become (among some within the community) a strategic ploy, rather than an act of mutual aid.

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  32. Great video! I think much of the friction in this discourse comes from the intersection of social justice discourse and the discourse of politically active people seeking to overturn a system they view as unjust. There are channels like NonCompete, Peter Coffin, SuckMyOpinion who are working towards trying to mobilize leftist thinkers to real world action, Then there are the more socially conscious sort looking to discuss these ideas and present them to an audience but are maybe not so directly inclined towards revolution (Yourself, Kat, Contra, among so many others) . There is a tendency by some to view sections of that latter category as a tool to recruit people to those in the former category and towards direct action. That is dismissive gatekeeping and largely useless to mobilizing real change. I think any channel that is bringing issues of justice on the base of race, class, gender or sexuality is doing necessary and vital work. If anything I think the backlash by the section of "left tube" or "bread tube" most would say you occupy has been the best thing to happen to the community and discourse writ large. It has forced many creators and audiences to reflect. My hope is that this pushes people to gate keep less and show support for the broad range of creators out here creating great videos and talking about necessary things. Systemic change requires people of all stripes to be informed and engaged. Direct action and good praxis takes many forms.

  33. I watch videos to be entertained. I'm like the slackest slacktivist you've ever met. Shaun's and Contra's and HBomb's and PhilosophyTube's videos, while important, are also funny/theatrical/engaging in some way. They're all white, true. And I'd hope I hadn't missed any funny/engaging people of colour due to the algorithm or bias on my part (though I suspect that might be the case) so if you know of any please let me know. For the most part, though, most other "LeftTubers" are poorly produced, poorly scripted, rambling and hard to follow. It's why I stopped watching Peter Coffin just because he was so bad at getting across the point of his video and I just got exhausted trying to follow his line of thought.
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    So I don't know. At the end of the day I'm not sitting down to watch an hour long YT video to have a bad time.
    I know that's kind of bad to say like "dance for me if you want me to care about your human rights!" but that's just where I'm at I suppose.

  34. Women in red dress is great analogy for liberals/social democrats because they are offering small concessions to working class to keep them in line with global capitalism instead of fighting for full liberation of working class. I'm not familiar with your work but this doesn't fit your "helping the most disadvantaged people" because it leaves out 3rd world people who are primary target of imperialism which is a product of capitalism.

  35. uh oh. the secret discord 4chan society are dislike mobbing again. keep fighting the good fight Nazis, i'm sure the rest of the world will return the favor after you murder them

  36. Steve Shives is literally the worst. Talk about someone who can't any type of criticism or critiques.

  37. ok whew. I thought this was gonna be a #walkaway video lmao

    yeah man left tube was a reaction to the IDW I think. No need to mirror the model am I right

  38. It feels more like, if you're actually critical and thoughtful about your content, you're lefttube. At least sometimes.

  39. It's telling that everyone who vaguely agrees with progressive idpol gets considered lefttube. Or someone who just opposes nazis.
    If you support socialism, but don't care too much about idpol, lefttube excludes you.

  40. Here I was thinking it was called breadtube because they're all white like white bread.

  41. Tbh never thought of you as a part of left-tube i usually only thought of it on the left side of the political spectrum. i also never thought of it as some sort of gate kept clique but a form of categorization to help people on Reddit find a type of video.

  42. Are talk shows considered left tube? So the Benjamin Dixon show, the Kyle Kulinski show, the David Pakman show, the Young Turks, Majority Report, TMBS with Michael Brooks, things like that

  43. Holy shit that woman in the red dress comment is insulting. You're awesome, and even though I'm a hard line communist, I think you're a central person in any serious definition of a movement of leftist online content. To me you represent the intellectual majority of people who for nuuuummmmerrrrooouuusss valid reasons have not aligned with the historically contentious ideology. Every single you thing you've made has made me think and re-think.

  44. I literally only found this channel because I was watching Jenny Slate interviews lol

  45. the woman in red didn't think of herself as a distraction either. the plot thickens.

  46. So I've been thinking on this a lot and I think I've come to a really bizarre, unsatisfying answer about the whole slippery Leftube definition. It provides a slightly different narrative to your thought that it began as a response to alt-right youtube. But it explains why sometimes creators like Lindsay Ellis and Dan Olson are lumped in, why many more vloggy style leftist youtubers aren't, and even some things like the cis straight white bias: Channel Awesome/TGWTG. I'm not joking. Quite a few spaces I've hanged around in that discussed internet review content very slowly became more left leaning and progressively more interested in leftist cultural critique. I'd pinpoint the first turning point as one of the big exoduses from CA that happened (this predates #ChangeTheChannel). If I really had to pinpoint something, it would be when Chez Apocalypse was still a thing which content content from people like Kyle Kallgren, Lindsay, and Rantasmo which were more political than the more joke focused old video reviews were. This is why there's sometimes such generally non-far-left focused inclusions such as Lindsay or such a focus on performance aspects such as skits. ContraPoints, for instance, intentionally or not, has a lot of DNA from old CA-style video reviews. And honestly, you can see this in how a lot of Leftubers like Sarah Z, Big Joel, Hbomb, or Jack Saint either started with or still do have a large focus on popular culture and media.

    Even with channels like Shaun's, you wouldn't be entirely wrong to conceptualize it as "video reviews of alt-right content", hell, Big Joel slipped into doing the Shaun thing more recently incredibly naturally when his normal thing is media critique. Even a lot of the more focused content like Contra or PhilosophyTube can slip into "video reviews of a cultural issue" broadly speaking. I never really thought about it much before, but I had a small niggling bit of confusion when I thought about it and then when you made this it finally put that into words.

    After all that? It's honestly just an association game. Why is/is not <X> person LeftTube™? It's pretty much 100% because they don't share either cultural DNA with other Leftube content or because another person broadly agreed to be in Leftube hasn't inducted them in via shoutouts or recommendations. Even beyond that, did someone in the subreddit/discord/forum you post on recommend this person? I think a lot of people fell into Leftube entirely through some combination of video recommendations whether it be by algorithm, other creators they follow, and from fans of those creators. I think I came into LeftTube proper through Shaun, and was recommended by a fan of Dan Olson. I found you via Youtube Algorithm Nonsense, probably due to Leftube content I watch, same with Kat Blaque and Sarah Z. Who is Leftube in my brain? I have no definition (and admittedly I don't talk about it much), but the definition my brain uses is just "vaguely leftist people that some cursed computer algorithm and social web recommended to me".

    Now, is all this Right And Good? I mean… not really. On one hand it's somewhat neutral just because any genre grouping (and IMO leftube is nothing more than a genre) is by nature slippery and feueled by association. On the other hand, it has a lot of weird and bad implications that you point out, especially with things like racial demographics and implications that leftist content that doesn't follow this specific DNA isn't "left youtube" in some way.

  47. Buncha liberals discussing pop culture and identity politics thinking they're changing Society by shooting shit on their YouTube channels. Lol

  48. I'll admit, the title caught my attention more than the hbomberguy & Contrapoints thumbnail.
    I can't say I consider Leftube much of a demographic than a loose collection of progressive and left-political content, but I can understand why the discourse surrounding it could be reductive.

  49. Thank You! I feel like the only people who are considered leftist are people that reference social justice issues. Economics and policy are ignored completely.

  50. "What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises—no matter the mood! Mood's a thing for cattle or making love or playing the baliset. It's not for fighting." – Gurney Halleck

  51. I think the problem for most content creators of color is that the only reference of white is that american white person, but a big portion of white people on youtube are actually from outside the us and completely different and they get alienated by being treated as this stereotype. Would just be my anecdotal guess. Most of youtubers I watch are actually people of color but they have nothing to do with politcs so its mostly entertainment stuff like rdc world or something where your culture really doesn't matter its just good content. And because views matter a lot and a massive portion of views come from europe its more influential on american politics as most politics youtubers would think. The american right really caters to american majorities but I believe the only way for the left to win is actually getting europe on their side online. Which destiny does btw validates a lot of his opinions or at least his influence just because he got that european audience.

  52. Imo if you identify yourself as part of lefttube and make content informed by left wing politics, you're part of lefttube. I agree that the gatekeeping is suuuper annoying

  53. T1J isn't quite redpilled yet. He's in a hypnagogic state, flitting between sleep and wakefulness. Will he escape the Island of Jonestown, or stay and drink the Kool-Aid?

  54. I absolutely agree. Gatekeeping is bull crap. The whole left-right dichotomy is a false political construct necessitated by our two party system. Left tube and bread tube are what you as an individual think it is, and if someone disagrees with you, their view is also correct.

  55. Capitalism enslaved Africans. And here we are. And here you are. Enjoy your property.

  56. 8:44 How is depriving another human of their agency 8 hours a day a valid concept?

  57. i think some of y our complaints seem t o just be 'i feel like it's like this' but without like…evidence. atm tho i'm just happy to have a non fascist government

  58. Why is Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk) not mentioned in that list? One of the best Leftist youtubers by far

  59. To me "left" means anything ranging from Social Democracy to Anarchism, and thus any YouTube channel discussing anything through that lens would count as "LeftTube" to me, which is what I thought most people thought of it. This is why I personally object to labeling someone like Destiny as a leftist since he seems to explicitly vouch for Centrist/Liberal ideals against all others. "Leftube" for me is more of a colloquial term than anything else. As for the notion that the most popular 'LeftTubers' rarely talk about Social Justice, that's probably just based on your choices on videos you've seen. Every example of a 'mainstream LeftTuber' have SJ issues take up at least half their catalog of videos some of them it's most of what they talk about. Your problem might also be that when they do talk SJ, they always link it with economics in a Marxist/Socialist mindset, and for you as a SocDem who is tolerant of Capitalism and does not see the replacement of Capitalism as a priority, it might seem like the importance of SocJus is being overshadowed by something less important to you.

  60. Left/Breadtube is like "6 Degrees of Leftism" so it includes various global forms of Social Democrats, Communists, Anarchists, Liberals (MILKSHAKES DOWN YALL), etc but in a system run by corporate robot support heavily depends on connecting dots.

    So a trend emerges of "You dunk on Chuds? YOU'RE BREADTUBE NOW!" so some at clear odds with others get "in" like Destiny while others are overlooked for not being in suggestions like For Harriet.

  61. My feeling is make a big tent. LeftTube = SJW + any one of these feels right: Socialist, Anarchist or anti-neo-liberal ( this latter opens up a wide range of perspectives reflected by the Sanders/Warren axis). For example I’m informed by Marxian critiques of Capitalism and am not (yet) ready to abandon it without reforming with Anarchic concepts in micro-economies and definitely reinvigorating labor unions.

  62. I really like your presentation. Like you have a lot of personality, but I've become really exhausted of the screaming youtube personalities I used to watch as a kid and man it's nice to watch someone who doesn't feel like they have to appeal to that or rip through their ideas at a feverish, definitive pace that HAS to have a perfect conclusion. Idk I just appreciate it.

  63. Breadtubes tired of liberals too, so what, who cares? This is dumb…

    Also why doesn't this video show the number of likes and dislikes? That's a shitty thing to do…

  64. All I know is that Philosophy Tube and ContraPoints made me get out of my little "lil' white boy anti-SJW sceptic" rabbit hole and made me more aware about certain things. It has also left me dazed, confused and made me question my own identity when it comes to racial/cultural discussion, which has only fueled my previously acquired self hatred, so… I haven't entirely gathered all my political views together, but I'm not even old enough to vote yet, so I guess I still have plenty of time to do that.

  65. The American left, without fail, always eats itself. I'm so grateful I live in Canada, since we have several left wing parties, we don't have to deal with this shit.

  66. Basically centrism is dying.

    It’s becoming either left wing or right wing extremism

  67. "As if this silly country should be used as a model for anything"

    8 minutes in and that's where you lost me. Literally all of western advancement was spurred by this nation. How you can erase that in one sentence while enjoying more than what the average American enjoys because of that advancement is fucking insane.

  68. "I'm pretty wary about this push to move lefttube away from social justice because I think it's something we very much still need to be talking about. Critiquing economic systems is fine and necessary, but it is not the full story, especially if you're leaving out how different groups are disproportionately affected." @ 12:12

    You've just stumbled on the concept of class reductionism. The counter point to this is intersectionalism, NonCompete covers this issue pretty well here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbQrz_xR3Pg

  69. I feel like if we take Left=Progressive, then the point isn't so much 'Capitalism BAD' as it is 'arbitrary constructed hierarchy BAD'. I take the two as linked (social equality requires economic equality), but not everyone does, and it's silly to refuse an ally who you agree with 90% of time because 10% of the time, you only don't disagree. Change requires building coalitions, not enclaves.

  70. Waaaaaaait, LeftTube is not just leftist YouTubers? I thought that's what LeftTube meant, YouTubers who make videos about left-leaning stuff.

  71. there u go. At the slight the chance of the individual freedom/ their identity being damage these guys just drop out like this. There's no effort or even interest in building a larger community. These people are not leftist first, they are individualist first. At the faint sight of a storm they would just run to their own corner and close the door. pretty garbage I must say.

  72. I think you answered the question 13 minutes in… Content creators such as Jeffrey Almonte and Adrian Expression (in particular), and For Harriet or even KevOnStage are not making their content 'palatable' for white viewers, so white viewers are not looking for them en masse. A lot of these channels are not created to 'satiate white curiosity', and are there to utilize a much needed space for voices that get left out. Having been an anticapitalist organizer and activist for many years, these spaces are overwhelmingly European, and any non white voice is expected to eventually simmer down.

    Almonte identifies as non-binary, and is vehemently anticapitalist (and I think anarchist), so they are right up the alley of 'left tube', but they keep it hood, so they are closed out of that space. You watch 'left tube' or 'bread tube' videos, and all you see mentioned is Marx, Kropotkin, Orwell and similar European thinkers. Never are Cabral, Nkrumah, Ture, Lumumba, Rodney, etc. considered. Whiteness is still the model for anticapitalist organizing and content creation.

    Amazingly, you never hear white content creators such as Beau (the fifth column) or Thought Slime be included in these 'left tube' lists either (at least I don't)… Both are Anarchists, and do make videos regarding the intersections of oppression.

    So yeah, from my vantage point (especially being of African descent), under the 'left tube' qualifications: if white, you need to be a particular type of 'white'; and if not white your delivery has to resonate with white people for them to identify in some way. Even if addressing systems of ethnic/racial inequities (and you say 'I'M BLACK AND PROUD!' the whole video), it's done in a way where white people are still going to feel relatively 'comfortable' enough to keep watching you.

    And you ALSO answered the question again: IT MUST BE PALABLE TO HETERO (AND CIS) WHITE MEN.

    Thanks for your video.

  73. So this was an interesting video for a wide array of reasons…

    1) While I've watched videos by you in the past that I still enjoy to this day, I've never considered you as being apart of "Left-Tube."

    2) Leftist to me has always meant that the central "idea" was being an Anti-Capitalist more than anything, which is different from being "Liberal." imo.

    3) When I think of Leftists on YT, I think of Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Mike Figueredo (The Humanist Report), Jeffrey Almonte (ReyRoSho/TheAlmonteFilms), Jouelzy, Gazi Kodzo, and Chyna Fox. Although the latter two have a style that would be considered by many Leftists to be too radical for even them. The approach is different but the central idea remains the same: That they're all self-proclaimed Anti-Capitalists….again, not to be confused with "Liberal."

    4) Leftists are often-times described as being the "Extremist" wing of Liberal Political Ideology because of the fact that we are Anti-Capitalist. For many of us, the Democratic Party's dedication to Centrism looks a lot like Conservatism and not anything that will bring about real change for our society. So this is all very new to me that you would be considered one of the "extremists."

    5) It's interesting to see that as far as these social media streets are concerned, many of us have not agreed upon a definition of what it means to be Leftist. I'm interested in seeing how this will play out moving forward.

  74. Seems at least part of the problem is some want to narrow down what is Left Tube when it should be expanded.
    It's like Paganism or Nerd Culture. Sure there are differences among the individuals but the similarities are a lot more important.

    When guys like Destiny are the conservative ones, then we can talk about who is and isn't left enough. But we are't' there yet. And until we are there , I will support whatever and whom ever gets us there.

  75. I understand the analogy of you being the girl in the red dress. I don’t personally agree with it at all, but theres a view amongst some revolutionaries that social democracies and progressive politics are counter productive to the revolution. Not a view I hold, but one that i have seen quite commonly especially from Tankies.

  76. Thank god for someone who realises YouTube is not an actual political movement it's just people filming themselves talking about stuff they find interesting.

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