Indians Respond to Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

♫ I feel it coursing through my blood – We don’t have evil eyes on our faces. – But this is what a Bollywood actress looks like to them, apparently. ♫ funky guitar music – I love Coldplay, I love Chris Martin. – The most creative thing Chris Martin has done was name his daughter Apple. – When I heard that they
were coming to India to shoot something, I got super excited. – The initial Coldplay was just so good, and I don’t know what
happened to them lyrically. – I never got the entire deal, which is, “Hey, they’ve become so
mainstream right now, “can’t really deal with
them, (bleep) you, Chris.” ♫ Got me feeling drunk and high – It’s very catchy. – There’s a surprising number of Hindu elements in this video. – Like a lot of orange flags. – Chris Martin’s enjoying
Beyonce in one of, arguably, the sleaziest theaters. – Because obviously we don’t
have multiplexes in India. – I have a serious problem
with what Beyonce is wearing. – Why is Beyonce being
called out for her sari, and Chris Martin not
being called out for that horrible tie-dye hippie-in-India T-shirt? – I love how they show the
shot of three people on a bike, representing Indian traffic. – Yeah, it’s just that
they’ve used elements which don’t correctly represent India at all. – This is a man who wrote stuff like Fix You and Trouble and The Scientist, and now he’s gone to, “So drunk, so high, “I’m feeling so drunk and high, “so high, so high.” – I like the song, the song
is nice, it’s kinda catchy. – Chris Martin, namaste
out of my country, please. (laughs) – I wasn’t affected by the video. It didn’t really insult my
heritage or anything like that. – With every single Bollywood
film we’ve made recently, there’s always people going to Europe to rediscover themselves. – I think it’s like a Facebook picture that you’re tagged in. You don’t like it because
it’s not your best angle, but it’s still you. – And now I’m “consciously
uncoupling” from your music. (funky guitar music)

100 thoughts on “Indians Respond to Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

  1. This song is not about representing India u noobs. May b what they were showing is from their point of view. N accept that none of these elements were created in studio. All of em r random Street videography. N some r arranged. N if they needed to show multiplexes n rich posh areas then y do they want come to india? N they already know that India have that kind of places. Its about the diversity n colours n the uniqueness of india what separates us from the rest of da world n this is what they likes. N for the word feeling so high is criticised,.. I'll tell u dat its about getting high within these flavours of India. N BTW where did u gys managed to get so many bunch of idiots all together for this meaningless reaction video?

  2. You guys are probably not indians. The puppet show represent india as it is seen by us in our childhood and you are overreacting on it he is feeling good to be in india and last but not least you cannot say namste out of my india it is not representing india as it is said atihti devo bhava means guests are our god

  3. She should instead make a music video on Morocco,Tunisia we wouldn’t complain.

  4. Coldplay should never film this music video on India,he should did it on Middle Eastern country like Egypt,Morocco,Tunisia.. There’s many beautiful and colorful celebrations too,India was a bad choice just look at these ppl trying to drag down w their filthy mouth I m sure they’re kind of ppl to ignore poverty on their country

  5. They're right, they should've made the song in one of those scam telemarketers building…now is that accurate enough for you fucking reactors? Sucks you don't know your own culture or the place they visited to make this music video.

  6. jeez, at least we're getting recognition for once. y'all always complain when we don't and now that we do, u sit and complain even more? if you wanted him to walk around in shopping complexes it would've been showing nothing but a ordinary city, no special place that represents India and how beautiful it is. that video showed how beautiful India was and if you guys are still complain about that, go ahead and do it till you find out you're wasting your precious time

  7. You people seems to look marinated in the western culture of foreigners(which is fake they way more polite than u guys)
    We should be thankful to coldplay that he dedicated a whole song to India and its culture.

  8. By Watching English standup comedy,Netflix show,English TV shows,some English movies etc some people think that they are very cool and compare India with other countries.


  9. Its sickening how people are offended by a CELEBRATION of THERE CULTURE. Wake up people, not everything has to offend you for you to feel special.

  10. Ok this was so rude. Coldplay did a brilliant job and being an infian ,i feel that all of you are being extremely silly . This video was so beautiful .

  11. Please don’t make this kind of reaction video: Coldplay did an awesome job appreciate that and I am proud to say this is the real India and I am an indian

  12. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THE COLOR IS BE AUSE THEIR ALBUM IS ALL COLORFUL?! I mean, do research before you get offended. And I do see some Indians in the comments say the color is apart of their country too, so why be so mad?

  13. Wow, of course they got all people who DIDNT like it. And it's not hippie Indian tie die. If you were a "fan" like you said, you would know he wears stuff like that to his consorts and on interviews. They are SO faking the "fan" thing

  14. I wanna punch them all. So many things to say wrong about this video, so little time…

  15. Okay, if you love the song so much, I'm pretty sure you'd listen to the lyrics to; the lyrics are saying that LIFEnis like a drink and LOVE is a drug. So your saying life and love are a bad thing? No wonder why you are all hating this song

  16. "Coldplay used to be so good, but now I don't know what happened to them" Nothing happened, except for you.

    And saying bad words really represent your country better? Wow, I never would of known…

  17. Before you agree with them, let me tell you something:

    I watched an interview on chris martin and about the album "A Head full of Dreams", which is what this is in. He said everything, from lyrics, music, and the MV were all thought out in a complex way; I highly doubt they purposely didn't want to show how the true india is and offend other people. Their not like that!

  18. Gazab chutiya sab hai ek baar official video me jaakar comments pado…😡😡😡😡

  19. Are you only watching the prblm in the vedio lik like traffic multiplex n all cant you see the happiness of the slum children and crazy festival of colours represent in vedio

  20. Video is so damn good..but these retards only critizing him for something unrelated to video song…no wonder they only can bark and can't do anything sad..noobs

  21. They are some ignorant lot of ppl who are least conscious about their identities.They don't even know that more than half of the Indian population is poor and middle's not wat is shown in trashy bollywood movies.. The band has used their creativity to show true India and hats off to your arguments that Beyonce should have worn a saree and bla bla are ridiculous..U are presumptuous pppl with no conscience..I think Coldplay knows India better than you retards

  22. I don’t know what you guys talking about. You all are a bunch of idiots
    This is india and this has been india. The thought of you wanted them to shoot this in a multiplex says everything about your intellect
    You guys are so fucking annoying
    If you all are so ashamed of being here get out and namastey for going out of this country

  23. Who is this comedy utube channel? Obviously India is of traditional Hindu culture..u guys should be thrown out of India, not Chris Martin..such a crap channel this one

  24. Bhenchod ek bat batao ki sallle vo kya tumhare multiplex movie theater kyon dikhaiye kyo tumhare mall dikhaye …jara holi pr ghar se bhar nikal tujhe aesa log dikhenge colourful full of masti with colourful shirts …vaki ka smart city modern culture to sabhi jagah h …vo to unhe normal lagega na …jo different h vo dikhya h …tum sale thodi si acchi english or modern culture k follow kya karne lagte ho apna history or culture accept hi nahi karte ho ..chutiya ho ssle sab tum …GANDU
    And if u thing he want degrade india image go to official video and read comment you will come to know world love india and india culture …..
    Aur tu kali t shirt pehn k ARCTIC MONKEY HI SUN

  25. Vohi log react kar rahe hai ….jo hindi bheetar mahir theak se bol sakte hai

  26. Namaste and You should get out from our India… Because you all do not know a proper India…

  27. Classic case of BuzzFeed fellows trying to look cool. Bunch of jerks.

  28. I want these people to Namaste out of our country!! They dont know what they are talking about.

    This music video is beautiful!!!

  29. Who put these jokers on to represent India, their reaction is awful! The theme is Holi, lyrics is much better than chikni chameli paua chada ke aye!

  30. You jerks!!! Respect our culture we should be proud on our country that dj snake and coldplay love us and our country and so many people love us.

  31. How pathetic , we got serious problems in this world n now ppl wanna be touchy over a video? A beautiful that is? SMDH

  32. Kaun hai yeh log ? Kahan se aate hain yeh log? (Who are these people ? Where do they come from?)

  33. Hey BuzzFeed, from where did u get these jerks, they are Americanized indian, they do not know the feeling of raam, Krishna

  34. Aparently any hindu refrence in india is wrong? Peak left ideology i guess

  35. dumbfs its about holi so it should contain everything Hindu related

  36. Western white wannabe try hards projecting their inferiority complex. JFL

  37. No motherfuckers tell me who told that india is your country?
    Yeh behnchod europe kya chle gye jyaada hi apne aap ko rate krne lge hai.
    And one more thing, what is this "they showd a lot of hindu things" ?????
    What the f is wrong with you?
    Here in india more then 85 percent pepole are hindus then offcourse they will show the hindu things.

  38. Coldplay showed rich culture of india. And I think this is amazing and better than 90% Bollywood pathetic songs except 80's 90's superhits

  39. A bunch of idiots.
    It's a beautiful song. Clearly they don't analyse the lyrics and have no sense of music.
    All they could get is "how catchy is this".

  40. Who asked these idiots with no sense of music or art to react on Coldplay's music. They are not worthy of reacting to it.
    And that red cap guy, "you please stay out of our our country"!

  41. Lmao this is why I left India. I love my country but hate the people in it. They are bunch of hypocrites who THINK they know everything about the world and their culture. The only thing they might be good at is math problems. Fucking retards ruining their country and hating on their own culture shame on you.

  42. Madherchood tum log hatth lag jao etna palu ga chutiyo tumhara baap aa ke bachaey ga bc

  43. Behenchod apni tatti reaction apni Gaand mei dalo. He represented this beautiful culture without any flaws. Shove that reaction into your Butt.

  44. That didn't offend me, bcoz that's what we are, that's what our culture is, AND "if Hindu elements are being shown in the video, then that's a problem or what?????"

  45. This rendi ka bachas complain when any Bollywood shoot is been shot in aboard and they are still complaining when a big band comes to India to shoot
    This rove they are just shits

  46. Okay so if this was hurting your sentiment then what about your famous rapper Guru Randhava making a song with pitbull and just twerking gils in the background. We never complained about that

    See from one side you don't want any foreigner to make any video in India but you also want famous singers like Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes to come to India.

  47. You guys are a perfect CRAP !!! 😂😂 .. I HAVE NO FREAK'N WITH THE VIDEO . IT'S JUST SO TRUE . THAT'S IS ALMOST 70% of THE INDIA.

  48. Please kill that red jacket idiot. He does not represent our country." Namastay out of our country" How rude was that? Wtf.

  49. Come out from home kids n look around dnt just sleep n eat on AC home u will see everything is butiful like video, u will see everywhere have red white n Green

  50. Next time get some genuine ppl, not some wannabes with fake accent and self hatred

  51. Bunch of fake Indians, I couldn’t believe my ears what they were saying. Music video is spectacular and why on earth would he show multiplexes, malls ( like seriously). Do you idiots hear yourselves?

  52. I apologize to Coldplay on behalf of these dumbasses from bottom of my heart. As an Indian American, I can safely say that all of them are embarrassment to Indians.

  53. His music is 100x more better than indian music, throw back ur face into ur assholes hatters

  54. Oye bhenchod …….Indian hoke English ma kahie bakchodi mar rhe ho yaar ……say in Hindi……cuz we r Indians

  55. Such a huge populated country…and u got some jerks to react to a song ?😂 #coldplayisawesome….

  56. That lady who said "we don't have evil eyes", actually maam you got evil eyes.
    And that hippie who says"horrible tie-dye hippie in India T-shirt", chris portrays here the holi festival.
    And that man who says" its just that they've used elements which don't correctly represent India at all", I gotta say man, you gotta check your eyes.
    And "feeling drunk and high" LYRICALLY means "He’s befuddled and feeling alive at the same time. It’s a mix of emotions, and he’s not sure what to do with it".

  57. Okay, so once again BuzzFeed picked out the people that support something which would get them views. They didn't just select random people who had watched the music video, but only those who were against it in any form, visually or lyrically.

    If you look at the comments here, most of the Indians have absolutely no problem about anything in that song. This is just BuzzFeed being BuzzFeed. I'm starting to doubt if these were even the real opinions, or they were just paid actors.

  58. Wanna slap and kick asses of all of you…..You are a bunch of jerks from nowhere. For God's sake just stop making such videos.
    That wasn't review that was cringe

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