Intangible Characteristics of Top Sales Reps

People often ask me, with being in recruiting
for almost 20 years, what are key intangible indicators that you and your team look at
to determine if the sales rep is good or not. We’re talking just intangible indicators
and what I coach my team on all the time is the best predicator of future behavior is
past, and how they behave in the present. For an example- in the recruiting process
if a sales rep is responsive, are they articulate, are they writing emails professionally and
at a high level. Are they respecting you as a person in the process, or are they kind
of shoving you to the side? Can you find them or do they get lost and you have to pull them
back in time and time again to the process, my team knows if indicators like this are
going on that are negative, for an example if they are not doing these things I’m taking
about, I say pull them! Because the best predictor of future behavior is how they are behaving
with you in the recruiting process. And it is a very tough skill to have, especially
as a recruiter, because the inclination is you want to submit, right? But when you get
really, really skilled at hiring sales professionals the strongest skill set you can have is discernment
and being able to say I’m pulling someone from this process because of their behavior,
and not submitting.

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