INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY & NEW Disney Cupcake Merchandise! Hoodies, Pins, and MORE!

It is time for my first international giveaway So thank you guys so so much for supporting me here on YouTube Instagram and Twitter I really really appreciate it and I’m hoping to hit 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2019 My 5 year anniversary is coming up in January. So I decided to release some new Disney cupcake merchandise So today we’re gonna check it out and there will also be a giveaway of some of these items. So let’s get started I sell all of my merchandise on T public comm I’ll have it linked down below There’s currently a sale going on right now My whole store is on sale shirts sweatshirts posters mugs pins stickers All the things are on sale. So make sure you guys go check it out If you’re interested, it would really help me out and I greatly appreciate all of your support So first, we’re gonna go over some of the new designs and then we’re gonna get into the giveaway So this first new design is the t-shirt I’m wearing right now This is the Disney cupcake kind of established shirt. I absolutely love this shirt So it says established 2015 It has the DC for Disney cupcake the D has the castle for Disney and then the C Has the cupcake for cupcake and it also has the Instagram YouTube and Twitter icons I really like how simple this was But it’s still like showed up my channel is and like what it is cuz if you just have like Disney cookie kind of shirt People like won’t know what it is So I was hoping that this would kind of get that across so I really like this design It is brand new again. All this stuff is on sale right now. So make sure to check out the link down below Another new design actually got this in a sweatshirt. This is just the DC So this has the castle in the cupcake in it? I love how simple this was very subtle, but still like Disney fan crazy at the same time so I got a big sweatshirt and these are very good quality shirts really soft very like puffy and Perfect for the fall winter coming up and then they do have the fuzz Inside so they’re super soft Keep you nice and warm this fall and show your Disney cupcake spirit. So that is another new design I’m up renew another new design that I have that I also got in this sweatshirt is They do what you love and do makes you happy establish 2015 shirt And this has my like new logo on it with the box the castle and the cupcake so I wanted to include when I Started the logo and of course the quote I say at the end of every video I will have five year anniversary exclusive merchandise in January That will probably be my next big release of designs is five year exclusive designs But these are just ones that have the new designs and just kind of the simplicity ones But I do have other designs up like some of these Disney food ones that are also kind of like the Disney cupcake But they’re inspired by different characters. So there’s a bunch of those up right now I also did a Buzz Lightyear Mac around and a ratatouille cupcake. Those are both brand new You can also get pillows and they come in different colors depending on the design. Like I said pins are my newest thing So those are available in all of my designs they have up right now So there’s I could do what you love and do it makes you happy my classic one There’s this small size But then there’s also the bigger size and that’s like the size that you would get the Disney Buttons in and there’s also stickers again. These are just a few of my designs These are the newer ones that are up right now But there’s plenty of designs up there that don’t even say Disney cupcake on them or have this logo There’s other food ones as well, but these stickers are very similar to the red bubble stickers They can go on like water bottles laptops. They’re very like thick stickers and will last a long time I have a bunch of them on my laptop right now and they’ve been on there for years again Those are just some of the designs I am having so much fun designing all of this stuff It is a lot of fun and a lot of you guys have been messaging me that you’ve purchased stuff and I’ve seen you guys Wearing some of the things it is so so cool So if you do buy anything, make sure to tag me on Twitter on Instagram. I’d love to see it It’s so so crazy how many people like watch and support this channel? I’m so so grateful for where this channel has gotten me. So thank you guys so so much for all of your support I really really appreciate it. Now. Let’s get into the giveaway. So as I said, this is my first Internet don’t giveaway I’m so so excited to share some Disney cupcake merchandise with some of you international viewers as well So this giveaway is for everybody. The giveaway winner will be announced on September 26th. That’ll be a whole nother video So make sure you guys are subscribed So you guys do not miss that if the winner does not get back to me after a week from when the video is posted Then a new winner will be chosen. So make sure you guys stay tuned to the channel If a new winner is chosen It could be you so the items that this person will win are a Disney cupcake mug This is what am I like original designs the picture of the cupcake that I made and it is just a light gray Next we have the new design that I’m wearing right now This is one of the stickers. We have a Disney cupcake bracelet. And the last item is one of my new pin designs So those are the items that I’m going to be giving away. There will be one winner and now let’s get into the rules So all of the rules will be typed down below in the description if you guys need some clarification Or just want to make sure that you did everything to enter this giveaway First off you must be subscribed to the channel. Yes, I can check and see who is subscribed So make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel as I’m getting super close to 10,000 Also, make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up and lastly leave a comment down below Comment your favorite type of disney video that I do like toy hunts unboxings Park vlogs Just comment your favorite type of disney video down below That also helped me out in creating future videos of what you guys really want to see also Please make sure to comment one time and one time only It really helps me out and if you comment more than once then you will be removed from the giveaway Also, make sure you guys check out my Instagram. The link is down below. I’m doing another giveaway there I’m giving away five Disney cupcake bracelets So if you would like another chance to win Disney cupcake merchandise, make sure to check that out down below I hope you guys enjoyed this little review of some of the Disney cupcake merchandise I really appreciate all of your support and help growing this channel. I’m having so much fun And I’m glad that you guys enjoyed the videos as well. Again, the winner will be chosen next Thursday So make sure you guys stay tuned for that Disney cupcake merch is on now So if you guys like to pick up a t-shirt a hoodie for the fall, the sale is happening right now through Sunday So make sure you guys checking out The link is down below with all that said. I hope you guys have a wonderful day And as always remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

41 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY & NEW Disney Cupcake Merchandise! Hoodies, Pins, and MORE!

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    Anyways, my favorite videos are either hauls or collection tours. Lots of love from Korea🇰🇷❤

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