Intraday Trading Live: 16% Profit in Zee 💰 (2018)

Hello guys, its monday. Welcome to trade setup. Nifty…Nifty is good, SENSEX is good. Lets have a look at the sectors as usual. Media sector looks promising. 1% up almost. Realty too.. IT also. OK Lets have a look at the gainers from these sectors. What is this :/ :/ So from REALTY, Indiabulls is there, Media-Zee
entertainment is there. And from IT, Infosys is there I can see. Let me add these. Lets have a look at the chart of INDIABULLS. It has marched up from the pivot level upto
the Resistance 1 (R1). Guys as I have already told you, I’ll be explaining
this in the later videos. Lets have a look at the ZEE chart. So the pivot is at 591 and it has shot up
to 602 that is the R1 level. Guys as you have seen my previous videos,
Resistance levels are damn important. I’ll be explaining this in later videos and
the settings of the various graphs I am using Lets calculate, 1 lac divided by the current
price that is 603.5. So its roughly 170 shares. By the way I am using 5000 rupees of capital,
Zerodha provides 20 times the margin, so thats way it is 1 lac rupees. Currently, I can see the RSI is above 80,
so lot of buyers are there. The share is already overbought. But I am expecting it to move from this level
to up level. Just waiting to show it up a bit. OK
Lets buy it I am placing a MIS order. Guys I’ll be explaining this. So just have a look at the demo videos first. Stoploss would be 5, target would be 5. We’ll keep modifying this order as and when
time comes. So we have got. Lets have a look at the chart. So the market has just opened guys. Its been like 8 minutes since market has opened. So this is the time when market is highly
volatile and you can earn something in such high volatility. So lets see
But let me tell you its risky too, don’t invest a lot of capital of your’s. Just invest the money which you think you
can bear to lose and not more than that. My target is 609. There is a resistance line over there at 610. So my safe target is 609. If it crosses 610, it can move up also but
lets see if it touches the first target or not So it has moved up. Currently, we are in green over here. Lets wait and watch. I am still afraid because the share is already
overbought. The RSI is above 80. Let me quickly modify the stop…..Ohhh…what
happened? I think it has been sold. Yes. We have got it. Before modifying the order it has already
touched the target and we have booked a profit of 850 over here. Lets have a look at the chart. As you can see it has touched the resistance
level at 610 and it is retreating. So as I have already told you, resistance
levels are damn important. We’ll be discussing this in later videos. So Zee limited done, 850 rupees of profit
we have booked. So this is 2nd trade of mine in ZEE. Thanks for watching. Keep liking, keep subscribing. Bye Bye 🙂

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