Intro to Penny Stock Trading Psychology – Day trading for beginners ($ABIO Stock)

The biggest misconception I’ve seen in many
beginner day traders is that they are always on the quest to find the best penny stock
trading strategies, penny stock patterns, and indicators etc. What most fail to realize is that those things
only work, if people use them. In order to profit we must think for the other
buyers and sellers and understand who are the players and who is in pain. The most common players in the penny stock
market are, break out traders, momentum traders, dip buyers, short sellers, and swing traders. I will be breaking down the basics of these
traders’ psychology in the market. So you will be able to analyze and profit
from day trading beyond just memorizing patterns and strategies. I’ve spent a lot of time preparing for this
video all by myself to make sure there is 100% value and 0 hype. So if this sounds like something that can
benefit your trading, make sure to watch till the end, nd drop me a like so others can benefit
from my videos in the future The first one we will go over are the breakout
traders. These are the traders who buy into a penny
stock when it’s at the point of breaking a previous high. Let’s look at the $ABIO intraday chart here
on May 1, 2019. On this day the stock got pumped up by PR
and traded as high as $9 from $5 in the morning session. It sold off a little bit mid day and retested
the previous high at around 1:20pm in the afternoon. At this retest price. Breakout traders see that, hey the stock is
about to make a new high nad think to themselves. i can see the price break $9 and possibly
go up to $10 or even more. I must get on this. Break out traders are the most predictable
traders because it is the most common “strategy” taught in penny stock day trading courses,
dvd’s, and chat rooms. They term this strategy “break out pattern”,
“U shape pattern” etc. This is very important. We’ll come back to talk about this in detail
a little bit later so hold on tight. You can see the increase in volume in the
stock around previous price level of $9 as more break out traders hop on to this stock. In this case, there is more breakout traders
than the sellers. So this break out becomes successful. The stock breaks the previous high in the
morning at $8.95 and run higher to $11.50 and then almost $13 dollars at 2pm. Once all the traders watching $ABIO see that
the stock has just made a new high breaking above the previous resistance of $8.95 for
them, this is where the momentum traders get interested. this is what those players are thinking. “Oh that break out on $ABIO was successful,
and when stocks break previous day highs successfully, it’s really likely that more volume are
going to pile in. so i should hop into strength as well!” So these momentum traders hop on in along
with the breakout traders. And that’s why many times when penny stocks
break a previous resistance with strong volume, the price will squeeze even higher. Remember this, Momentum traders join strength. And when strength weakens, this where momentum
traders sell their position and get out. You can see right here on this 10 min candle. The breakout traders who got in to break the
previous high of 12.69 failed. The stock only went twenty cents higher at
12.88 and quickly slammed back down to $11. This is a sign of weakness and extension. And when the stock no longer has strength,
this is when the momentum traders who got in earlier start selling and there were not
enough fresh break out buyers coming in. so the increase of selling and decrease of
buying causes this sell off for the stock from $12.80 back down to $10 and below. This is where the third kind of players come
in, the short sellers. Short seller love to lurk at the top of each
stock. These are the traders who can spot increase
of selling and decrease of buying in the volume and level 2. Short sellers love overly extended stocks
on the day like $ABIO. So they saw $abio and these shorts thought
“ummm okay, this stock ran from $5 to almost $13 today. This is over extended. I think the buying has slowed down and selling
is going to increase now. I want to short this stock down” So in this case, if the short seller entered
at the top around 12.80. He or she was correct their thesis and they
made profit from the stock selling off all the way down below $10. However, there are always those impatient
short sellers. Those are the shorts who got in too early
from earlier. Some traders love to short everything that’s
up. So they short here at $7, $8 and and remember,
previous high was $9. So i bet you there were many shorts taking
entries around that price at 1:20pm. Well, those short sellers got in too early. There were more breakout traders and momentum
traders buying than the overall selling. And the stock was breaking highs. When that happens, these early short sellers
are thinking to themselves. “Holy ***, I didn’t think this stock could
possibly break $9 and now its breaking above $10. I am down a lot now i thought this breakout
will fail but im wrong. What if it goes to $20 or $30. Oh my god I better get out before i blow up
my account”. So the short sellers who are in pain decide
to get out. And they need to buy to cover to get out. That causes a short squeeze. the shorts buying along with the break out
traders and momentum traders buying, causes this stock $ABIO to squeeze even higher right
here. So let’s get back to the successful short
sellers here. If i was a short seller who shorted at $12.80
and now the stock is back down at $9. I would start to cover a piece around this
level at $9. Why? Because i know that dip buyers are going to
start coming in. Dip buyers are the fourth kind of players
you need to keep in mind of. These are traders who buy into a stock when
they see that a stock has made a high and retraced back to previous support level. Dip buyers love to get into the stock on pull
backs after it shows impressive strength to the upside For example, dip buyers would be looking at
the $9 level here and think “mmm , the stock was just trading around 12 dollars and now
its pulled back. I can buy into this at a cheaper price. Previous resistance level was $9. And previous resistance once broken becomes
support. Ok $9 is a support price i think it’s reasonable
to buy in here”. And at the same time, short sellers also look
at the previous support levels at $9 and think. “Ok, i need to beware of dip buyers. They may look into getting into this stock
at this level. So i better start covering up.” And its this exact balance between all players
in the market that create these support and resistance levels. Dip buyers buy at $9 and short sellers buy
to cover, that makes the stock price to bounce from $9 again to $11.70. And this bounce pattern only happened because
dip buyers and shorts came in to buy. This is why i’ve stressed in many of my
previous videos, don’t focus on memorizing patterns, focus on understanding the players
involved in the stock and what they are doing to form the pattern and price action you are
seeing right now. Think for the other traders. And there’s more, I’m not done yet. So at the end of the day on this day one run
up $ABIO closed around $9. The next day on day two we can see the stock
gapped up to $19 pre market. This is where the fifth major player comes
in. the swing traders. Swing traders are the people who love to buy
a strong stock holding gains overnight. Which is an important criteria i’ve mentioned
in my penny stock swing overnight video. Swing traders would be thinking here on May
1, “ok this is only day one of this move on $ABIO. This penny stock is holding up it’s gains
really well and not sold off. I think the news release could potentially
drive more buyers to come in overnight. Then i can sell my position at tomorrow’s
gap up or into a morning spike.” So the next morning. Guess what, these swing traders are laughing
to the bank. The stock is trading at $19. And the swing traders are thinking, “wow
this is amazing, i just made $9 a share in less than 12 hours. I better lock in some gains in case this stock
sells off back down to $10.” At the same time, let’s think for the break
out traders who are trading by following chat room alerts. Remember I mentioned earlier that we’ll
come back to those people? The most common day trading chat room strategies
are buying breakouts of previous day highs, premarket highs etc etc. Now let’s put short sellers into consideration
as well. As i mentioned there were shorts piling in
around $12.80 the day prior and probably held overnight because they think the stock could
sell off even more back down to $5. So let’s now put these swing traders, break
out traders, and short seller puzzles together. Swing traders, after profiting $9 a share
overnight. What do you think they are more likely to
do at the market open. They would probably sell and take their 90%
ROI and run. Short sellers who were holding short overnight
from $12.70 woke up to see that they are down $7 a share. They’d probably panic and want to buy to
cover immediately at market open. Break out traders in all these penny stock
chat rooms. They would probably get an alert by their
moderators to buy at the break of premarket high $19.50 and sell at the next whole number
$20. So at the market open, break out traders pile
on to buy at the premarket high of $19, short sellers buy to cover, those two players together
drove the stock shares up from $18.30 to a little bit above $20.45. Swing traders who got in previous day, they
want to cash out on overnight gap up or spike at the open. So they start selling their overnight positions
at the same time and taking home their profit. The amount of selling outweighs the fresh
buyers and short sellers covering. So the price did not go higher. This is when chat room followers and break
out traders panic “oh ***, i thought the stock was going higher to $25 or $30 after
i bought at $19. But now it’s breaking down below premarket
highs at $17 now. I better cut my losses before the stock tanks
back down to $5.” so all these break out traders who are stuck
at $19 or $20 at the open start selling as well. Now the smart short sellers who didn’t get
squeezed from their overnight positions, they would be lurking around this premarket high. They would be thinking “ ok the stock just
gapped up $9 overnight. If i was long and up so much i would totally
sell and take profit. I think this stock might spike a little bit
at the open with people chasing and immature shorts covering, but i think ultimately there
would be more sellers than fresh buyers, i want to take this short”. Basically this is the foundation of the gap
up strategy I mentioned in my prior video. This is the cause and effect relationship
that i think is so crucial to understand. Chart patterns are byproducts of psychological
decisions by buyers and sellers in the stock. This is why no patterns or strategies are
100% guaranteed. If dip buyers didn’t come in today to $ABIO
at $9 here on day 1. Do you think the stock would have bounced? If there weren’t enough break out traders
buying than selling, do you think this break out would have been successful? Most people think to make money in day trading
penny stocks you need to understand the market and analyze the patterns. Sure that could help, certainly. But really it’s not you against the market,
it’s you against the other people in the market. This is why I believe day trading psychology
is so important. You have to think for the other players involved. This is the kind of psychological analysis
that will separate you from the sheep that follow alerts and study just patterns. Don’t trade chart patterns. Understand the traders in the stock. And trade those traders. If you’ve found this video helpful please
do comment below and let me know. I have more trading psychology videos in mind
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you next time

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