Hello everyone I’m Dinna and I am here to discuss about Forex Trading I receive a couple of questions from facebook and by email enough when i have no money and So I have decided to make my own video for your disposal so anyway before formally defining Forex, I would like everyone to remember that Forex is a business and should be handled like one This is not your typical click-click programs and earn sort of stuff Although it does work in almost same manner, you only need to click buttons but it should be taken seriously like a real business It is not a ONE-TIME get rich program so If a program like that exist, please tell me where I can find it. 🙂 The revenue on forex trading is very promising it might somehow change your life and the way you perceive things Earnings are not determined by the number of people you invite So, this is not a pyramid scam hindi po ito networking and it does not rely on the number of people you invite or affiliate marketing Forex would give you an opportunity to earn big
income but, is very risky So if you’re the type who does not like risks MONEY this is not for you. uh… donkey during picking But this is what I like about forex the most, IT CAN NEVER GO OLD. Some businesses die, It just goes out of the flow, But FOREX is not one of them It is a business that is SURE TO LAST What is Forex? employer napping i easily short their
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within the minds of inner conflicts that uh… it’s actually pm colonial how you finance bruno hauptmann my begins the conflict thank you for using and watching


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  3. Thank you very much for creating this video. i am a trader of Demo palang. i have so much to learn. i am so excited to start agin more seriously. thats y am following. salamat po ulit!

  4. Do you have Skype id?i'm interested but still want to figure out how does it work .Thank you.

  5. how about the safety of our money i mean this is like a gambling if you lost your money thank you na lang hehe

  6. wag kayong maniwala jan!! it takes time naman para tataas ang value ng currency. example, ang piso. hindi naman kaagad-agad na tataas o bababa ang value nya. ang katumbas lang ng piso ngayon ay isang candy. pero after 3 years, sabihin natin na magiging 2 pesos ang candy. kaya ang gagawin ay bibili (BUY) ng 5 candies ngayon (katumbas : 5 pesos) para after 3 years, ibebenta (SELL) mo ang mga candies for 2 pesos each. bale 10 pesos na lahat yun. kung mabebenta mo lahat, may 5 pesos ka na kita. kase 5 pesos lang ang katumbas ng 5 candies noon pero nabenta mo ng 10 pesos. 10-5=5.
    wag kayong maniwala jan. imposible na mabilis kang kumita sa ganyang paraan. matagal yan

  7. No need to apologize Dinna, you did good on your video. Forex is an entirely different level of playing field that only experienced traders will understand and appreciate. Only those who really want to seek its potential can benefit from forex. And that's what I like about it.

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  9. hindi ko maintindihan… bakit if ang base nag increase, then mag se-sell ka, eh lugi.. or if nag decrease ang base, tapos nag buy ka, eh lugi din……….. kala ko kumita ka pag nag increase ang base…

  10. anung platform po gamit nyo, at magkano usually ang initial funds to open an account.  since dollar po ang default currency dito, kelangan po ba magkarron muna ng dollar account?

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  13. Hellow po gusto ko po sana magpaturo kung papanu po gawin ang forex kc po ngtry po ako mag demo pero lagi po ako nalulugi… Nag invest po ako ng $50 plus additional $50 bonus nung nag join po ako sa xforex piro di ko pa po nagagalaw yun kkc di ko pa alam kung papanu po patakbuhin ang business.. i hope sana matulungan nyo po ako kasi interisado po ako matuto.. thanks po.

  14. Hi! po Patulong naman kung papano po mag trade nahihirapan po kc ako.. llagi ako nalulugi..  interisado po ako matutu ng business.

  15. Hi..,,pwede po malaman kung anong specific broker na ginagamit nyo?Philippine based po ba sila?Nakapag try na kasi ako ng mga broker sa online outside Philippine based na Binary option ang gamit nila,,later on most of them po eh scam,,,which is using their own flatform at pipili ka ng timeframe to trade like 1 minute,,30 minutes and others.Kumita ka man pahirapan na mag withdraw po.. nakapag try na po ba kayo mag withraw ng profit sa broker na ginagamit nyo,,thanks po?

  16. hi po gusto ko po sana maging forex trader ako po pala c Rc OFW pagod na kasi ako mag over seas san kaya matuto ng strategy ng forex trading sa pinas sana po matulungan nyo po ako

  17. one wik nlng makakapag premium nko.. lagi kc ako nalulugi kc sa standard account kaya advice sakin na mag premium nlng ako sabi ng account manager ko kc mas maiiwasan ang pagkalugi at mas kikita pa ako kpag nag premium ako

  18. hello Dina, question lang po, iba po ba ang xforex sa forex? ano pong website ng forex? thank po! 🙂

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  20. hello.. firstime ko npanood poh tong video na to.. mganda na yang business na yan.. bka nmn puro deposit lng to walang widro.. paanu ba kumita dito?


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  25. mam,pa help naman po kung pano po mag trading,matagal kona po kc gusto matutunan kung pano po kumita sa pag trading,kaso wala po ako makita na magtuturo po sakin mam,pls,

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  38. madam, na try ko ang magback out at nagwithdraw pero sa card no. wala at sa account ko d nakarating

  39. hi po maam Dina. nasa Forex pa po bah kayo hanggang ngayon. .gusto ko po sana mag tanung sa inyo on how can I start trading forex.

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  66. anu po ba kya diskarte kasi nag try ako demo accnt lagi negative lumalabas ilan araw na negative parin haha

  67. Hello, active ka pa ba sa youtube. Na-inspire ako s video mo. Pwede mo ba ako i-mentor sa forex? Thank you in advance.

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