Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners

100 thoughts on “Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners

  1. One of best investments I made in my life so far is watching this 40min video, seriously, Tnks Dan! I’m ready to pay for the 5-hr course. Curious if it’s only accessible online through u r profile or is sth u can read offline too? Asking it because I spend half my time working in remote oilfields where internet is shitty. Hopefully soon don’t have to do it anymore once I master in charting and become independent financially. Can’t wait!! Tnks for answering my question.

  2. Thank you for these videos, very informational subscribed! Crypto got me started into investing and now I want to start daily trading crypto and stocks.

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  4. Hi. Technical Analysis always seemed comicated. Thank you for thise vedo. I am beginning to understand these indicators. I subscribed immediately Thank

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  6. Thank you do much for putting these videos out. It is so, so informative. Please don't stop! Very helpful.

  7. You are an awesome superb teacher!
    This is a huge helpful nudge for me to start in my journey to investing 🙂
    Thank you so much for posting such helpful lecture videos again,
    Watched the whole thing, writing notes, plan to do so for all your other tutorial videos to get a basic understanding of crypto&stock investing.

  8. It would be amazing if the video was full screen, to read the details on the graphics. That is specifically important for devices with small screens or simply because of comfort of watching. Either way, thank you for the helpful content!

  9. this was starting to become a good course, untill i found out that you have to pay to look at the charts. everybody is trying to sell you something, no one wants to teach for the sake of teaching

  10. I wonder whether it is right to calculate the first RSI from the day 1 to the day 14. In this example the first average gain and loss are virtually calculated using only 13 VALUES, because at the first day there cannot be any price change at all!
    Is it just the way the RSI is really calculated, or did the authors just make a mistake?

  11. I love this priceless information but man I wish you could have taken it a bit slower. Regardless, thanks a million time and may God bless you.

  12. For more details about candlestick chart

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  14. In the event that my 10 day chart and monthly chart differ in terms of bullish or bearish trends, what philosophy should I use?


  16. I made it 4 min. I think it may be a great video but I use earbuds, need I say more?

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  18. If you are the best at what you do, why are you selling your secrets! If I had a plan to make me rich, I’d keep it to myself.

  19. But you can't predict the weather if the weather is manipulated by smart money. So that's one of the reasons I think TA is not very succesful anymore.

  20. thank you for such a succinct and useful introduction. As someone who has been teaching myself to invest and now a little trading this is perfect information and really well explained

  21. Having watched quite a few tutorials on technical analysis i have to say this is the best one i have watched. Greatly appreciate the time and effort put in considering this is free

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  24. thank you so much for this helpful information. im going to be watching many of your videos

  25. If Rs and RSI give similar information why we cant work with just RS instead of doing rigorous math and calculate RSI?

  26. It's great they show the concepts followed by examples
    Examples are a good way to start practicing and getting the hang of technical analysis
    I found a whole series of chart case studies through google plus
    check it out for more examples

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  28. Thx for the info. Just started getting my feet wet with crypto. I've been reading some market reports from Coinscious and using their dashboard Watching your video helps everything come together.

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  31. I have been using yahoo finance to check the prices, what is this?

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  35. Would be possible if you could email this PowerPoint to me, I can use my hands but I feel like you laid it out perfect?

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  42. Great video, thanks for sharing this valuable information with everyone!

  43. Your equation for RSI in the spreadsheet is wrong. What yours says is 100 – 100 + RS when using BIDMAS.

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  46. Thanks for making this video, dense with knowledge and presented in a no-BS manner. Appreciate the time you spent sharing this with the world.

  47. Doji – high is top low is bottom no body = no difference between open and close
    longer upper wick = profit taking / bulls buying the dip?
    no upper wick = strong close – closed close to the high of the day – not much profit taking – can also tell when bulls are buying the dip

    longer upper wick = profit taking from the high of the day – price hitting the high of the day and by the time we close there

    bigger the lower wick the more buying off the low of the day

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  50. when you read the high's and low's, do you look at the wicks, or the open, or the close?

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