Iowa soybean farmer on tariffs: Farmers want trade, not aid

100 thoughts on “Iowa soybean farmer on tariffs: Farmers want trade, not aid

  1. Tax cuts are for everyone. The smallest percentage tax decrease is for the rich. You are pathetically ilinformed

  2. Why not move to Canada and get your free healthcare. I just got out of the hospital and am so thankful it was not in a socialized medicine program. Obama's affordable care act give away is still not enough healthcare to the people. Health insurance costs have skyrocketed under his affordable care act. It's affordable to those who get the freebie but the majority of Americans are get soaked in high costs.

  3. There are going to be costs in getting our trade deals fairer. The Usa will prevail for sure. Watch and see who wins.

  4. The king of national debt is obuma 44. Did you complain about his national debt?

  5. You're getting aid whether you want it or not, thanks to Republican Socialists!

  6. I’m not a republican or democratic and this was the only election in which I did vote. I’m not into politics but I can clearly clearly see what trump really stands for.( racism and lying and for himself)We need to elect a politician to do the politics. You don’t hire a plumber do work on your electrical issues. You don’t hire a painter to work on your car problems. Do don’t hire a moron to do work as the president. I don’t understand.

  7. Trumps filed bankruptcy several, several time. Now he’s working on bankrupting the American people. That’s including all the farmers. first with the farm workers and now the fariffs. I just wonder how many farmers are going to file bankruptcy on trumps watch.

  8. Bankrupt America OR impeachment, which one would benefit you. PICK ONE.

  9. Be glad Europe is trying to give aid to those poor soybean possum Trump victims

  10. You reap what you sow. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, Republican farmers.😉

  11. Remember, Russia is an exporter of agriculture. Something to wonder about as the probe gets closer.

  12. Shame on you Donald Trump for making our Farmers rely on handouts, ot to mention their newly unemployed employees.

  13. TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS in Welfare to Farmers isn't exactly 'Food Stamps', now is it..?

  14. is the aid package includes machines that farmers uses that made in China?

  15. China imports $130 billion in US products. The USA imports $500 billion in Chinese products. Obviously, China benefits from this relationship more than the United States does. If China puts tariffs on US farmers, we can easily just put even more tariffs on China. We'll win in the end.

  16. Then plant something else like industrial hemp, peanuts or teas. You all think China's not going to buy your soybeans? How else are they going to feed their 2 billion people? Sure they're going to raise a fuss for a while but tough, let them. They WILL be back

  17. Stop selling food to a communist dictatorship and you wouldn’t have this problem. Those who do business with China deserve to loose money for supporting a national security threat.

  18. Donald brought EU to it's knees by negotiating a 0% deal. Poof, And Donald gets it done.
    Trump 2020,2024

  19. Really winning for other countries?.What shut hole are you in? Surely you are not in USA the economic boom has started and if you were here you would know that. There are more people out, at stores, parks, restaurants than I have ever seen. Job openings are everywhere.
    If you think this soybean situation is going to push our economy you are so wrong. There is excitement in the air. You cannot find the world that CNN is attempting to present.

  20. The economy is booming. This farm stuff is one little part of the economy and will resolve fine. You guys are just hoping things go badly. Too bad, things are doing great economic wise and consumer confidence is soaring. Trump 2020

  21. Actually, hundreds of billions of dollars is being repatriated due to President Trumps tax cuts. The GDP is increasing at a fast pace. A 1 % rise is worth millions of jobs and trillions of dollars into our economy. The proposed assistance figures to farmers of 12 billion dollars is small compared to our growth figures and it is a temporary fix for the farmers as they are affected by the trade tariffs.

  22. This dude is saying that our farmers work very hard. If they receive assistance it is not the same as a person who stays on welfare all their lives and then passes the lifestyle on to their progeny.

  23. Better than the brown faced stuttering America hating waste of space 44.

  24. Are you sure that all farmers are republicans? The last president who looked like a shitstain was a leftist overrated imposter.

  25. What say those who insist that those who receive government assistance be required to take a drug test?

  26. Soybean farmers here in Argentina, as well as Canada and Brazil are laughing all the way to the bank. Thank you Mr. Trump.

  27. I am very sad to see all the American farmers have to go thru this due to the short sight of president Trump.

    I bet he did think about this problem before. Most of his advisors are unqualified and short of knowledge.

  28. Even in the future after tariffs gone China prefers to buy from usa coz of fda

  29. Where were all these farmers when China was stealing their brothers intellectual property? Nobody gave a damn then…

  30. CHINA wont buy any soy beans from usa because canada,brazil,argentina ,russia are the biggest supplier of soybeans,pork and meats,fruits, and other agricultureal products like dairy product as well from germeny,french,russia,brazil canada.

  31. How many of these "Farmers" rolled over when Monsanto came ah knocking.

  32. is it possible for Soybean and Corn farmers change their crops? just a question coming from someone who isn't from the US, obviously 🙂

  33. Trump has business over sea's.Is trump going to pay high teriffs fee's.Trump just opened up a golf course over sea's.What's up with that.

  34. They should look for new markets or new products; Trump just lost the China soy market permanently for them.

  35. No worries. Trump will just borrow $12 Billion from China to subsidize the farmers. After all he is a New York Democrat. Deficits do not matter to him.

  36. Wait for tariffs to end. When they do end, the price won't return to what is was and American exports won't be bought as before.

  37. He sounds like a republican pundit. We don't receive aid like people think. We know farming is subsidized and that is aid.

  38. Fuck the farmers…these pieces of lazy shit will be more than happy to take the hand outs…

  39. Lose lose situation for everyone my ass,,, Trump and his wealthy friends aren't losing. It's sickening to see the mentalities that wanted to put a billionaire business man and reality show TV star in charge of the fuckin country. That's 'Merica,,, I do hate that farm, redneck, biker, BS mentality that put this clown in the driver's seat. I'll bet they aren't going to make to their new welfare program out to be as bad as all other programs…

  40. Didn’t see the soy bean farmers concerned or ranting when literally thousands if not millions of people lost their jobs to China in the past. Trump is right on this one. We need to stay the course.

  41. Chinese training its pilots to target the US? Another reason to stop Trade with China they been doing this before Trump entered office

  42. The United States economy is booming. China's is in a state of decline. President Trump promised to re negotiate trade deals. That is what he is doing. We have a better deal with Mexico, the EU and the socialist he'll hole to our north is sure to cut a deal soon.
    The biggest problem has been China. It will take longer to make a deal. They have so taken advantage of us. They have heaps of money these days and much of it comes from the USA. They have manipulated their currency. They have stolen our intellectual property and they have caused the close of tens of thousands of manufacturing businesses over recent decades. They have hacked us more than the Russians including crooked Hillary's server she kept in her basement. So, our secretary of state was hacked by the Chinese for the bulk of Hillary's tenure.
    Donald Trump is doing a magnificent job. Unemployment continues to drop. Wages are rising. Black unemployment is lowest in history. Corporate profits are high. Consumer confidence is high. Trump 2020

    Iowa soybean farmer on tariffs: Farmers want trade, not aid
    The farmers want trade, not aid? How about creating the Normal Harvest Act? It is a a government policy to be enforced wherein the U.S government has the sole right to purchase all agricultural harvests AT A FAIR PRICE. The speculators of Wall Street won't like it BUT THE FARMERS WILL LOVE IT FOR GETTING A FAIR PRICE FOR THEIR HARVESTS. The aim is to create and mainatin an strategic buffer food emergency stockpile against the vagaries of nature and to give conditional incentives to farmers to farm responsibly to avoid the problems of GMOs, genetic crop erosion and contamination, to increase both yields and quality by using means of natural methods such as terra-preta carbon soil treatment and rock dust powder remineralization and according to an issue of Rodale's Organic Gardening and Farming, I can still remember reading that particular Rodale's Organic Gardening and Farming issue that said add 50 metric tons as a soil remedial dosage for severely damaged and depleted soil. All the purchased harvests are cryogenic nitrogen frozen and Tesla turbine vacuum freeze-drying and packaging inside a pre-vacuum prepared-nitrogen packed containers. They can last for more than 50 years and are still viable as SEEDGRAIN besides being used as foodgrain and feedgrain.

  44. Grow something else then and quit bitching about the U.S trying to get a fair deal in trade. If we can’t get a fair trade deal then stop all trade with that country.

  45. As a farmer from the upper midwest i stand with my President to straighten out this trade MESS. About 21 % of my crop is soy beans, which makes me laugh because i won't tough the stuff. Only real men use Whey.

  46. When Trump puts tariffs on steel, the price of steel goes up here. When China puts tariffs on pork and soybeans the price goes down here. Trump does not have this figured out to work fair.

  47. You could thank dumb trump for your problems, he doesnt know nothing on tariffs. China is going to put trump on his knees.

  48. Can't they just give Trump a chance to kill us all. Why all the bellyaching? After all when you are dead you'll be with Jesus.


  50. These anti Trump comments, thinks China is gonna make it through and US wouldn't, deym, you just hate Trump so much that you want your country to suffer. If this trade war is really not going to hurt China, then why do chinese and biased media keep on warning Trump and Americans about how it will negatively affect the US? They only want to stir peoples fear, to pressure Trump to give in to China. C'mon!

  51. That's what happens when you think that your the only country that exists and that other countries can't live without you. You end up finding out that these other countries can turn to each other and make alliances without you. Other countries are now starting to use their own currency and are avoiding the dollar and what is that going to do the dollar and to the U.S economy? Russia wins and that's exactly what they intended when they put pumpkin head in the White House and Trump pays his debt to Russia for whatever favor or whatever their holding over,old pumpkin head.

  52. "……wait it out until Trade discussions are settled"………your Soybean markets are GONE….and they aren't coming back………Do you think that another country is going to INVEST in raising production until "Trade discussions are settled"….NO WAY……China has already found your replacement.

  53. Since Africa is home to 1/4 of the arable land on the planet ..those who will see the opportunity will make a killin …Trump is good for the rest of the world

  54. It’s short term pain for China but this only lead to an invincible country and long term lost for US. Just see how many low wages jobs that Americans want to do.

  55. People knew who Trump was,he was and is a shity businessman, a conman and a crook. But they wanted that conman and now he's ditching the country just like his other bad investments!


  57. Trump says he loves his country and he is a patriot. Well, why didn't he ask his family, his relatives, his pets, his senators, and all his supporters to eat soybeans every day? The Chinese can stop eating soybeans from the US, so why can't the Americans start eating their soybeans every day?

  58. Soybeans will be bought by other buyers in other countries an d then routed to china at a slightly higher price. This happens all the time. It's the same way china gets their honey to American markets.

  59. JUST THANK THE PRIOR ADMINISTRATIONS AND RHINO / DEMOCRAT SWAMPS THAT GAVE CHINA THE RED CARPET THAT IS KILLING OUR U.S.A ! THATS A MAJOR PROBLEM because past administrations HAVE NOT EVER levied Tariffs against CHINA for printing and manipulating their currency on the backs of American BONDS and U.S. Citizens aching backs. Also other 3rd world countries buying their stuff. WHY SHOULD THEY GET A PASS ( we will have another depression because U.S.A wont be competitive world wide with a mass CHEATER like CHINA ) China is such a mass promoter in genocide , environmental infractions & spreading their borders out claiming international waters, but hey since the DEMOCRATS love the EAZY PEAZY by getting consumables CHEAP. It will continue to bump up CHINA, and DEMOCRATS have never been about life or CHINAS HUMAN life infractions, or CHINAS environment bleed over, I GUESS THE PAYOFF FITS THEIR MONTRA ( Dont let a CRISIS go to waste, just become a ANTI american cheap China product opportunist ) As long as we get real cheap stuff and cut our own throats – ( MAKES ME PUKE ) its the whole reason people / FARMERS are PREPPING. As long as the countries POOR = MIDDLE CLASS continue buying at WALMART and other places like AMAZON , TRACTOR FARM SUPPLY and HARBOR FREIGHT, your just HELPING the CHINESE communists and DEMOCRATS take over our Country monetarily and Ethically. Be a real PATRIOT, promote U.S.A goods. ALSO THE GOV. SHOULD STEP IN TO HELP THE FARMERS WHO SELL TO CHINA.WE NEED MORE TARIFFS ON CHINESE & INDIA GOODS or our country will fail just like in 1929'S DEPRESSION. GOOGLE, Walmart, Amazon, bangood FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE etc. need to close for good. Bring back previous forced closures of Mom and Pop stores that the OBAMA admin forced out. We are edging to P.O.N.R. with people supporting CHINA whos altering currency ,horrific human sufferage & genocide / environmental crimes vs US American Bonds and our economy . WAKE UP AMERICAN PEOPLE ! Where the hell are the values that Made America Great ? MAKE SURE YOU VOTE TRUMP IN 2020. CHINA and UNITED STATES DEMOCRATS are TODAYS NAZI REGIME, watch these videos. MARK ZUCKERBERG SUPPORTS CHINA 100% GOOGLE AND CHINA and last but not least WHERE WE ARE HEADED IF YOU DONT VOTE FOR TRUMP IN 2020 U.S.A BUSINESS'S WANT MORE TARIFFS

  60. Hopefully, Iowa farmers negatively affected by Trump's tariffs will not be stupid enough to vote for Trump in 2020. I told a rabid Trumpster at a Taylor, Mi Walmart in December 2016 that Trump's tariffs on China would negatively affect our farmers. He didn't care. He said to me 'I want to make sure all of the products we buy are made in the USA'. And he hollered this to me very loud!

  61. Yes i heard that too. Trump wants to take over whole food supply.

  62. Why do Farmers (Gamblers) keep growing any overabundance of no one buying crop (Like living in a desert & complaining there is NO Water) GROW: KUMQUATS. Plenty of advance warning written on every wall – If No one is buying soybeans at a profitable price (STOP Growing them!) Farming has always been a gamblers game with more losers than winners If you can't play your hand holding the wrong cards get a new hand ~ Farm Aid – Bail-Out?? Welfare ~ NO!! Not winning at poker get off the table. Sell the land & allow builders to build HOUSING (Housing Shortage) … But CRY Boo-Hoo in Hand-Outs W.T.F. (NO!) TRUMP Stop trying to fight a war with soldiers unable to suit-up & arm themselves … We are at WAR, China is the Enemy when they are not our partner … GET-IT If not GET-OUT! Go fill pot-holes in highways (Plenty of Jobs) Just, you can't do yours (Why should the Tax-Payer pay for farming gambled Losses) What's next We Take from the Farmers that do well to offset the losses of the farmers that SUCK … Sounds Like a Democratic Venture … If (Hypothetically) 10.000 New Teachers enter the market for Teaching this year with near No teaching jobs to fill … Do we deduct from the teachers doing well to pay the "no need for more" teachers left unemployed? Farmers unable to move with the ebb & flow are not farmers they are "no need for more" teachers … Get a new job, not government hand-outs!

  63. American tariff is paid for by the Chinese. So then Chinese tariff is paid by the American. What's the problem?

  64. The US will lose business from China. Because of China has learned a lot from this trade war. They don't trust each other anymore. China is buying soybean from other countries for now and the Chinese government is working on growing their own soybean. China knows this trade will come to this stage. I tell my friends that I admire the Chinese government that they always have plan A, B, and C. Don't forget, the Chinese used to have a hard life. Once they start working. They work like ants. No other countries can beat them. Their history has proved just that. The way I look at it. It's a matter of time. The farmers will lose soybean business for good.

  65. This is the time that all Americans must stick together, put your country first . For without
    a country , one will have nothing! This farmer is truly an American !!

  66. Trump has chosen the right path! Face China head on, such evil nation China must be subdued ! All farmers must follow this farmer's path, put your country first ,!!

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