Is THIS the Ultimate Edge in Trading?

– Good morning from Positano Italy. Look at this. Look at what I’m waking up to. Oh my god, it’s so bright out. This is my villa the
next few weeks, actually. I’m staying here for
quite a while for once. Look at this. (birds chirping) We’ve got our own little, little cable car that takes us up too. Which is kinda cool but I
just wanna show you this view because frankly I’m so grateful for it. I wake up… Oh the little cable car’s going up. This is our whole little villa. We got like, I don’t know,
15 friends, 20 friends. I’m the first to wake up. But I’m just so grateful for it, you know? Like, I’m from a small
town in Connecticut. It’s pretty crazy that I
wake up to views like this. Most of my friends
still in that small town and the difference is,
not that I was smarter or better at math, you know, I’m not. I just wanted it more. I would, you know, ditch
my friends to go out. This is our guy who cleans everything. I would stay in at night
when my friends went out and I would study. I would study stocks, different
websites, different charts. I just wanted to learn everything. And that’s it. That’s the difference. You know, you apply that kinda
work ethic, year over year, decade over decade, I’ve been doing this for 20 plus years now. That’s how you get views like this. You start to find your angles
and I’ve so many students now and 10 plus years of teaching, don’t feel like you have to
like trade any one specific way. You know I have some students who gravitated towards bitcoin trading. If you watch some of my old
DVDs, there’s a student named Harry Ye, he came to my first
little seminar in Vancouver and he gravitated towards bitcoin. Now he’s making huge amounts,
I mean I see him (laughs) posting some ridiculous games with bitcoin and now he’s living the life with crazy cars and stuff like that. So I just want you to
look at views like this and be like, “Okay, Tim
I believe you, you know, “I think that I actually
can get this kinda life “but it’s gonna take hard work,
it’s gonna take studying.” And that’s what I need you to understand. And whatever view, whatever video of mine, whether it’s views like
this or top students or my charity work or live trades or my mistakes showing them, whatever gets you to,
you know, click, right? That kinda light bulb
moment where you’re like, “Holy shit, like I just have to study.” And I’m not just saying
study anything, okay, like, there’s a lot more but at
first, this is the first step. I need to get you understanding that you have to sacrifice time, you have to sacrifice a little money. You have to really
invest in your education. Too many people message
me and they’re like, “How little time can I study?” “How little money can I put
in to become a millionaire?” And that’s just the wrong attitude. How much time is required
to actually put in to become a millionaire? And how much should you start with? Those are better questions and I would say it’s not
as bad as you might think, I’m not saying invest a ton
of money upfront, right? Like if you join my
challenge, click below, we have a few different
options, at most, at most you’re spending a few thousand dollars on an education that can
change your entire life. Or you can start with one of my guides, you know I have several
DVDs, I’ll post some, links below this. Where you can save big on my DVD guides and I have ton of free stuff too. So you choose your dedication level. But I will say, you know,
the more time and money that you invest in your
education the better and I don’t think that you
can over prepare enough in the stock market. I think that you can really do amazing things with preparation and not enough of my
students are prepared. So this might not be
the most technical video but I just like showing you kinda the crazy things
that you can get years on. You know it’s good to set
big goals and have big dreams and then push yourself everyday
to get to places like this. Like look at this. I’ll show you more but I
don’t wanna wake up everybody, we had a late night last night. Oh the cable car’s going
back down (laughs). Freaking love this. I just need you have the right mindset because too many people think
that they’re gonna get rich following pics or, you know,
chasing chatroom alerts and it’s not, you have
to learn the process and you have to learn what works for you as opposed to somebody else. You know, you might not,
again, make a lot of money in trading penny stocks all at once, you know it might take some time, you might need to study and wait for the hot sectors to prove themselves and then maybe go into
bitcoin trading or trade… You know, I trade a lot of
bitcoin and cryptocurrency related penny stock, so, whatever sector is hot I still trade it. But that’s just me, you know. First you just need to learn
the in’s and the out’s, the volatility, you
know, the trade planning, the risk management, all the boring stuff, it’s not fun to get rich. So I show you videos like this when you’re probably during your journey you’re gonna be frustrated along the way and during your journey, you know, remember this a marathon not a sprint you’re probably gonna have some screw ups you’re gonna wish that
you were not doing it but you cannot quit, okay? You can never quit on education,
you can quit on, you know, learning everything you can about finance. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care even if you
gravitate away from penny stocks to get to views like this,
any time you want, by the way, I’m not celebrating something, you know. I know some people come
to a place like this to celebrate birthday,
anniversary, wedding, nope I’m just here today I’m
filming this, this is a Monday. To get to places like this you’re gonna have to go through those trials and tribulations. You’re gonna have to doubt yourself. But hopefully I can
help you stay the course because several of my top students, several of my most
hottest upcoming students, made no money at first, you know. Mike Huddy, I just did an
interview with him in Greece and I’m gonna post the
link just below this. He just passed $200000 plus in profits after graduating college and he made like nothing his
first year, year and half. But he was studying. This is the thing, it’s not just like how much
money you make at first it’s how much knowledge can
you get, how much preparation. And then when there’s a hot sector, when there’s a good setup, it clicks and you’re prepared. And maybe, you know, you study
a lot there’s a hot stock, there’s a sector play and you
think that you’re prepared but then maybe you miss it. Maybe you think that it’s
gonna go up more than it does and you, you know, you’re too,
you’re too over aggressive. Maybe you think that’s
only gonna go up a little and it overshoots it
and you berate yourself. I can’t tell you how
many students messaged me and they’re like, “Tim I’ve
been studying my butt off, “I thought I knew it all,
I thought I knew a lot, “I don’t know what I did wrong.” Who cares about one trade? Slow your roll, okay? Like any one trade doesn’t
matter, any two trades. It’s a process. How are you gonna do
on your last 10 trades, your last 50 trades, your last 100 trades? You’re looking for progress over time because if you think about this
a marathon and not a sprint then guess what? Your last trade, your last two trades, your last 20 trades don’t really matter. It’s what can you learn from each trade. I’m not saying that each
trade doesn’t matter at all, each trade is a small
part of your education. Whether you do well,
whether you underestimated, whether you overestimated, you’re constantly trying to
refine this process of yours. And I’m showing you views like this because this is what happens when you refine your process enough. I can’t tell you how many
trades I’ve overestimated or underestimated or
missed for whatever reason. But I learn from each one of them and I try to do better on the next trade and whether I have small losses, because rule number one
is cut losses quickly, or if I have small gains or
if I miss the trade entirely, I recognize it and I
store it in my memory bank and it goes into my knowledge account which helps me get
better on the next trade. And then I start judging
how did I do this month? How did do this year? How can I do better next month? How can I do better next year? And it adds up over time,
that’s the beautiful thing. So if you keep studying, if you keep watching my video
lessons and DVDs and webinars, I know this one, this
video isn’t technical but I do need to keep you
on the right track too. So this is your daily inspiration. This is where I’m working from for literally the next two weeks I’m freaking pumped and it’s my honor to be able
to share lessons with you from here even while I eat the
best damn pasta in the world. This is Positano Italy by the way on the Amalfi Coast if
you wanna Google it. It’s one of my favorite places. But I just wanna get
you on the right track because nothing makes me happier then, yes a nice bowl of pasta, but also a more successful student who has the right mindset so. Leave some comments below. Ask any questions, I’ll
try to answer them. And also click some of the links below. I’m gonna post a bunch
of links, utilize them. It’s not how little time you
invest in your education, it’s how can you get best
educated and be best prepared for when there’s a hot stock because there’s gonna be
hot stock or a hot sector. The question is, will you be prepared? Hey, Tim Sykes millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos,
I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.

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  14. In cryptocurrency, the perfect time to get in is always NOW. Reading several comments and watching videos, you get to realize so many people are still waiting for the bottom before buying but in reality, there is no bottom until the asset is actually out of it. Another issue is the bull trap which may cause traders or investors to act on the buy signal and generate loses on resulting long positions and its very likely we are currently in a bull trap and may have a reversal which would break the prior support of $3,500. How can you profit significantly and be safe from false bottoms and traps? First thing to do is, get some more education which is more effective by following a few selected successful traders, mastering their strategies, and copying their signals with their permission of course.The importance of this is, you will learn a great deal while making good profit simultaneously. I used this strategy when i contacted Mr. Mike Gareth after reading great reviews about him in an online forum and after making contact, i started using his signals on a demo account which turned out really educative for me and when i applied his system to real trades, i was making returns of over 300% as profit bi-weekly, 4.8 BTC growing into over 11 BTC in no time. My suggestion is to find such a guide and get rid of emotions which would be counterproductive for you as an entrepreneur. garethmike010 @gmail .com contact him if you need a very accurate guide on how to build a great portfolio and start profiting from cryptocurrency.

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