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(knocking) Trick or treat! Whoa, man, that is not cool. Your costume is like super racist. [VICENTE] Racist? [IAN] Yeah, “Mexican” is a culture, not a costume, and you’re culturally appropriating it. [VICENTE] Actually, it’s not just a Mexican It’s Mexican singer-songwriter and cultural icon, Vicente Fernandez. Winner of three Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards, fourteen Lo Nuestro awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [IAN] Yeah, okay. But still, dressing him up like a Mexican stereotype — all “Ai ai ai!” — is, like, super offensive. [VICENTE] No, this is how he looked and dressed. [IAN] Wait, is that real? [VICENTE] Maybe the offensive thing is you considering a great artist like Vicente Fernandez nothing more than a generic Mexican stereotype. [IAN] Ah jeez… [VICENTE] Yeah, dude you’re gross. Just like your cheap-ass candy. [LAA-LAA] Hi there, trick-or-treaters. I’m sure you’re worried about potentially offending people with your Halloween costume. No one wants to be accused of cultural appropriation or outright racism. That’s why I’m here! To show you a simple loophole: It’s not racist if it’s specific Step 1: Pick a culture that fits your body type. Thanks to those Pilates classes, you’d look damn good in a loin cloth. Step 2: Find a specific member of that culture. Step 3: Research their life and accomplishments. The more details you know, the better. [MAN] Red Cloud’s dying words: “They promised to take our land, and they took it.” Whoa. [LAA-LAA] If you do your in-depth research, you can dress as whomever you want. Because you will be totally prepared to handle moments like this. [RED CLOUD] Trick or treat. [IAN] Come on. You can’t just dress like a cartoon Native American. [RED CLOUD] I am Red Cloud of the Sioux tribe. Otherwise known as the Mahpíya Lúta, one of the most capable warriors the US Army has ever faced. I spent a lifetime fighting for the rights of my people and this is how you see me? [IAN] I’m so sorry. [RED CLOUD] (spits) I wouldn’t trade beads for your cheap-ass candy. [LAA-LAA] Why be a sexy white woman this Halloween when you could be a sexy geisha? [MINEKO] I am Mineko Iwasaki. At my peak, I was the highest-earning geisha in Japan. By the time I retired at 29, I had entertained Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. [IAN] Just take my candy. [MINEKO] What would the sexiest geisha in history want with your cheap-ass candy? [IAN] I don’t even know who I am anymore… [LAA-LAA] Now that’s how you get away with cultural appropriation. So, who are you planning on culturally appropriating this Halloween? Or Purim? Let us know in the comments. Hey, you wanna grab some tacos? (record scratch) What? Vicente Fernandez loves tacos. [VICENTE] He’s right. That’s historically accurate. Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please like it, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel. Make sure you click the little bell to turn on notifications, so you never miss a video. And if you really liked the video, you can even support We The Internet TV on Patreon. Check out the link in the description below.

100 thoughts on “Is Your Halloween Costume Racist? | We The Internet TV

  1. Wait… instead of "asking yourself" ask elders in the community. Elders in the native American communities don't think The Washington Redskins is racist.

  2. Wouldn't it actually required a bit of racism to even acknowledge that the color of somebody else's skin is upsetting you?

    If the white kid wearing the black costume is not doing it out of racism then the one complaining about it is the racist.

    The only truly non racist thing to do would be to completely ignore the color of everybody's skin, as if it doesn't even matter. Because to a true non racist it doesn't.

    So in conclusion, those pushing the cultural appropriation narrative are in fact the racists.

  3. I feel more offended as a mexican off white guilt assholes tat telll other people what is not and what is offensive like if I need you to make my own perspective of offencive Oh sí patroncito necesito su ayuda porque yo no puedo pensar nosotros los mexicanos somos muy sufridos necesito su ayuda gofuckyourself Whiteguilt Boy…. white supremacy don't exist La supremacía blanca no existe get over it

  4. I'm really suprised that this channel isnt Huge. its hilarious and actually balanced… thats very rare.

  5. This is AWESOME!!! 👵🏾👵🏻👵🏼👵
    These freaks are sucking all the remaining oxygen out of the world. They wrecked so much…or would have if guys like you and all the other hysterically funny people like, Crowder, Owen Benjamin and more hadn't stepped into up to take on the little basterds. Ahha! Hurrah! For WTI!!!

  6. Is it racist for me, a white guy, to dress up as a Mexican, while my girlfriend, a Mexican, to dress up as a white person

  7. I figure I'm at least 1/1024th of any given culture so it's safe to dress as what ever I feel like. I also now feel free to check any race or gender box on forms that will give me an advantage in getting a good paying job or a government entitlement. Thanks liberals!!

  8. I was a demon on Halloween which is technically cultural appropriation of the Democrat party… but no one said anything because I was a parent and other Democrats were not sure if it was a costume.

  9. I was going to be a maiko but my fat ass didn't fit in my kimono so I appropriated a medieval dress instead. Haha

  10. Nobody gives a shit.
    Wear whatever you want people.
    Don’t let the SJWs siphon your fun away.

  11. this pc i crazy. but i was thinking that halllowen was supposed to be scary right??.so why people are not wearing scary customers anymore???

  12. I dressed up like an Indian. If anyone complained, i told ‘em I wasn’t an Indian, I was a Village People.

  13. That guy looks really hot in the loincloth. As long as you are sexy (tight body with perfect chest hair) it's okay.

  14. Cultural appropriation?? It's ridiculous that this is the battle some "cultural warriors" are trying to fight.

  15. Nice parody, guy getting offended @ the beginning is "appropriating" somebody else's perceived offense.

  16. Um the guy was cultural appropriating the telly tubby people. Other than that good video

  17. If you like someone else’s culture. Dress how you want, there was actually a video of some guy who walked around in a stereotypical Hispanic costume and asked Mexicans what they thought. They all loved it and thought he was so funny and cool

  18. I went as the penguin from Batman. I'm pretty sure that could offend someone nowadays. Maybe short people.

  19. The whole point of any costume is to dress up as something you are not. It is okay to dress up as a murderer but not go looking like Micheal Jackson? Or Tonto? Liberalism truly is a mental illness. They try to ruin everything including Halloween. Next year I am dressing up like a Grey Liberal NPC.

  20. Wow Lou just made more teens do more research projects than any other teacher or prof in history. And he did it dressed as some kinda good idea reddit fairy.This man needs an award or nomination, I raise a glass, to Lou salut.

  21. Considering Halloween turned out to be a pagan holiday, I think all costumes are fine. They are supposed to be offensive.

  22. My rule of thumb is if you're in blackface it's racist. Why do people not understand this?

  23. Another possible loophole: Ask your accuser of their lineage. If they don't mention Celtic or Gaelic ancestry, tell them that Halloween was originally a Celtic/Gaelic festival and that your accuser isn't allowed to celebrate either. Then ask them how it feels to meet another control-freak.

  24. Dude, it’s fucking Halloween. Caricature whoever/whatever the fuck you want with no explanation necessary other than, “It’s fucking Halloween.”

  25. The comment section only further solidifies what my father told me growing up. He said white people are entitled, privileged, narcissistic, and will never understand or care to understand, the struggles that Mexicans face.

    The movement, that a culture isn't a costume, exists because people of color believe Halloween costumes of ethnicities promotes the notion, that these cultures are sideshows/freakshows/foreign/inhuman/unequal and only exist to be made fun of for White people's entertainment.

    Whether you agree that these costumes promote such notions is subjective. However, the fact that so many white people want to fight back, and refuse to stop wearing a freaking costume confirms what my dad said.

    I don't understand how Halloween is ruined because people can't wear certain costumes. It makes no sense. Why do you want to wear a sombrero and a pancho so badly? Why? And then y'all want to complain that we are the one's who are butthurt. When you are clearly butthurt cuz you can't wear a simple costume.

    Pinche Gringos man. (+)

  26. I'll be whomever I feel like if it offends someone good it means I did it well. Be offended F. U. I Don't Care ❤.

  27. Baaaahaaahaaahaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ohmygah… I cant stop – 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Two years ago a little white girl about 5 years old showed up with her father on halloween….
    both were dressed as Moana… with out a word, I high fived the guy…

  29. I'm Korean and I could dress as a samurai, which is clearly Japanese, and ignorant leftists wouldn't see that as cultural appropriate because they're too stupid to realize not all Asians share the same culture. Lmao

  30. Hard to believe there are really people who think of our world history as basically just the history of white people oppressing everyone else

  31. I didn't dress up for Halloween. Because I'm a white straight man I guess my costume WAS racist, because I'm automatically racist… because I'm white.

  32. The only problems I have with Halloween costumes are the ones that are supposed to be slutty or sexy on purpose. Unless you're literally dressing as a famous whore, you're just gross. 🤷‍♀️
    This is my biggest peeve, especially if you're going TRICK OR TREATING AROUND KIDS??? Club ok. But don't go trick or treating in a thong with your tatas or willy hanging out.

  33. Blacks and Mexicans: please don't dress up as a teletuby next Halloween. Teletubies are deeply rooted in white culture and it is highly offensive to us when you dress up as one.

  34. With all the fake racism who really gives a duck about racism? Racism only thrives because of the Democrats constantly using it to control their voters.

  35. I have to say it again on another Channel, those who are dressing up for Halloween are appropriating or appreciating my culture either way it does not bother me, this is a ridiculous argument especially when it comes to Halloween. People that like to argue about it are doing the things that they are arguing about! The people that dress up as another culture do it because they are interested in that culture.

    By the way I am a Celtic in my beliefs.

    sjw's step 1.
    know what you're talking about obviously in the case of Halloween you do not.
    Step 2. stop being offended on behalf of others.
    step 3. use logic to make an argument.

    be careful if you do all three you might just be a conservative it's okay you can still be a libertarian.

    be careful though if you go to left and authoritarian you might be a Nazi. lol

  36. when I went to college, there was a costume contest at a bar just off campus. The winner was Osama Bin Laden banging a goat. I don't think it would fly today

  37. Who doesn't love tacos? Anyone who claims they don't like tacos is a liar.

  38. I am Irish and I find anyone not of Irish decent celebrating Halloween offensive. STOP appropriating my holidays.

  39. No such thing as culture appropriation, it's called envy or facinaton this is a posotive thing. There is no such thing as racism it is only hate.

  40. Vicente Fernandez's Wikipedia page doesn't say anything about him loving tacos. I think you made that up.

  41. I wish all non-European/Caucasian people would stop culturally appropriating cars, television, the internet, flight, space travel, physics, calculus, and democracy. It really offends me.

  42. I'm sorry, but I gotta know who decided Lou needed to be telletubby (dont care if i misspelled it)

  43. 1 dont dictate to me what I can dress up and 2 fuck your feelings dont give 2 shits if I offend you so piss off sjw nazis

  44. I dont give a fuck if ppl thonk my costumes racist I dont need to research my outfit maybe I will appropriate another culture or go black face.

  45. That didn't the college student who got yelled at for dressing up as Pocahontas. they'll always find a reason to complain.

  46. One can only wonder who the idiots are that gave this a thumbs down because they couldn't handle the truth when it blinds them.

  47. This Shit is stupid ur make an excuse to do black face

  48. So I don’t care about cultural appropriation but the these dumbasses pretending like they did their homework and then down grading the outfit to a sarape was actually offensive. Luckily for them Mexicans don’t bitch and make enough of a fuss for it to matter

  49. Can you culturally appropriate Dahmer? For the cannibal culture? Or maybe Gacy for the clown culture, or is that offensive to cannibals & clowns

  50. Vicente Fernandez has never dressed in that combined serape and sombrero costume is his life. It is an American bastardization of clothing with a long cultural history.

    The Charro (NOT a serape) and sombrero he DOES wear are completely DIFFERENT than what this racist in the video is wearing.

    Please don’t soil Vicente’s good name for your clickbait.

  51. I love it how the guy who get's offended is clearly playing the role of a dirty Jew.

    it's totally accurate tho… they are the only ones pushing this degeneracy

  52. Sjw Halloween 🎃 👻 is no Halloween stay off my lawn and Halloween love the video

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