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  2. Great Interview But !!! But offcourse those top bankers have superiors in the shadow like Rothschild and Rockefeller. Brian David Icke would explain you how the system works behind the scenes.

  3. Brian you on the right truck just go deeper into the Rabbit 🐰 Whole my friend. Like you said its alll perception what we see and don't see.

  4. ONE objection. His definition of fascism is dead wrong. The bigger the State, the more you are to the left. Therefore there can be no fascist right. Its a contradiction. What he might wanna say is people in power have no market, politics or ideology beliefes. All they are commited to is how to manipulate the market. Which in turn makes the financial market a bigger tool for those who are playing "the bigger game".

  5. Good interview but I'm not actually interested in modifying and correcting a corrupt market system. The solutions he has is just papering over a rancid, racist, sexist corrupt sore really and truly.

  6. Wow-bit on the bold side that ST like the title one is understood 'probably' by one man…i thought this was 2017

  7. Go, buy James Rickards Road to Ruin book. Today!
    Imo, that kind of books are worth $50,000 of serious analytics and not just $40 book.
    Best $40 you will ever invest and thank me later.

  8. James Rickards is no financial expert. He is never, ever right. Why does he no longer work for the CIA? Because he talks complete crap!

  9. Notice how Jim didn't name the REAL people pulling the string by name. Just their puppets. 42:00

  10. all traders and derivatives ppl should be lined up and shot. They take for granted that they SHOULD be able to make billions doing and producing nothing. NOTHING.
    Aka The Parasites. What do you do with parasites? Get rid of them.

  11. 10% of your investment assets in gold & silver? What do you do with the other 90% take a risk?

  12. "Most investors made money in the LTC fund"…That's because you got bailed out by the government, duh! Especially your gold shorts by the bank of England.

  13. if the system collapsed would you as a store owner take gold are silver for goods "food,h20,bullets,flash light, bread,gas, ECT….. o don't think so seems to me food and supplies are worth much more than gold are silver in a crisis

  14. Let’s examine Jim’s logic. We all know who the elites/illuminati are. Mario Draghi, Christine Laragde…….So obviously, according to Jim, they, not the Rothschild family or the Rockefeller family, run the word, even though they have accumulated more than half of planet’s wealth. It is those two-three clowns, appointed to some positions decide what to do with the entire market. U-hu. What a pile of BS. These people, that is Noble Prize laureates, have 160 IQ, but they are all “miseducated”. Perhaps then they should surrender all their laurels and prizes, reduce the IQ a bit, to like 60-80 level, if after so many Black Mondays and Black Swans they could not figure out that their model is wrong. And perhaps instead of taking professorships with different Universities they should go and work on construction site with their hands to improve their IQ.

  15. I like this lighting and set up.
    Lghting and atmosphere/furniture is very important to make guest comfortable.
    Your show is next level, now. Keep improving.

  16. Excellent interview. FIAT currency is the mechanism by which the controllers(= CENTRAL BANKS with the help from the government) steal wealth from the people with INFLATION and TAXES. FIAT currency is NOT money.

  17. Wow, his view of the world is skewed by, I think, misunderstanding signal and noise, cause and effect. For starters, there are plenty of people who predicted both Brexit and Trump a-priori. You just happen to have one on your show. SOMEONE has to have predicted those things. But do they know what they are doing? Well, he could have made a ton of money in the betting markets on both those shots by betting before the fact. Did he? As for the "well studied" 9/11 insider trading event mentioned in minute 34, it has been very well studied, and it turned out that the options were traded by a large institution doing a long/short trade, nothing to do with 9/11. You can find this on page 499 of the 9/11 Commission Report. What else does he get wrong? He substitutes complex systems (earthquakes) for complex adaptive systems, which is a beginner mistake. So okay, he understands that Myron Sholes doesn't know how the world works, but does he? Are markets terribly inefficient? Is there a coming collapse? In five years, when there is no collapse, you can interview the guy who predicted that; or, if there is a collapse, you can interview the guy who predicted THAT. It doesn't mean either of these people has a handle on reality. It doesn't mean we should all be stockpiling precious metals. It doesn't mean we should believe guys like Rickards when he says the sky is falling, because NOBODY KNOWS. Better to follow Nassim Taleb's advice and be prepared in any event – read Antifragile for a counterargument to this paranoia.

  18. Hi!

    Why do you mention Colombia in the minute 28:59, we hadn't bank lockdowns or ATM's shortages here in my country.

    Or maybe you people in London know something we don't know?


  19. As an ordinary bloke trying to think how to protect his private pension and savings, I, stumbled across the following. I have 40 years of experience in business and management consulting, here in the UK, Recently studying the macroeconomic and world financial climate, I believe we are soon heading into a perfect worldwide financial and economic storm. We, in fact, lemming like, could be about to experience a potentially catastrophic financial crash that could last for years. Potentially, this could be an economic crash greater than 2007/8 and even the Great Depression in the early 1930’s.
    Now for the so-called Western service led economies! The Western nations and Japan are sitting on huge debt to GDP ratios relative to many other countries in Africa, Asia or South America. The US and UK Stock Markets are vastly over inflated and hyped, if you compare them with an actual accounting audited value of the companies they represent.
    The US has lost 10’s of thousands of factories and millions of jobs to Asia over the last 20 years (over 50% of its people are now on Food Stamps with little individual savings!), as has the UK and many other Western nations. The US can barely repay the interest on its $21+ Trillion debt and could be in danger of a default over the next year or two. The Euro Zone is nearly broke (especially Italy Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland with their ECB and Northern EU nations underwriting their borrowing). Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank in Germany, for instance, have suffered huge share value collapses this last year. The French and German Banks are the largest creditors of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal and their governments and banks and will take a huge hit if a country such as Greece starts a domino style default. The Italian banks are currently in a huge financial hole that many think they may not get out of. If the European and world economies deteriorate, they, along with Greek and Spanish Banks, could be the first European financial dominoes to fall and trigger a crisis that could spread worldwide. The ECB keeps propping up these debt ridden Southern European economies with help from the IMF. The Euro, founded on the quicksand of political unity, is the biggest financial European mistake made in the last 200 years: it has little fiscal, financial or federal uniformity. European Banks also have worrying and precarious worldwide derivative exposure which will leave them vulnerable in the event of a collapse in financial confidence. Derivative exposure in the US, UK and Western Capitalist democracies are potentially catastrophic. Banks, including even the Swiss are increasingly offering only negative interest rates for you to keep your money with them!
    Individual household debt in Western nations is huge as we have been conditioned to be largely dependent on debt to afford the lifestyles we think we deserve (houses, cars, holidays etc). Government, public and private and company future pension liabilities are also massive and may not be met.
    Many economically underdeveloped oil producing nations have been in financial meltdown due to the halving of the $ per barrel price over the last 5 years. The knock on effect on their oil export dependent government budgets has caused great hardship and instability. Look at Venezuela, Nigeria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, the Gulf States; even Saudi Arabia, who are 70%+ dependent on oil exports to balance their economies. China is sitting on a huge property bubble and debt to GDP ratio (although they have Trillions of surplus renminbi to ride out a storm). The Dollar is in danger of losing its Reserve Currency crown as Russia, China and other countries including members of the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) are increasingly trading more and more oil and other commodities between each other in their own currencies.
    Yet China, Russia, India and Turkey have been buying and hoarding gold in massive amounts over the last 10 years (more than the physical production in the world) while dumping significant amounts of US Treasury Bonds. This could be the precursor preparation for the coming financial crisis so as to prepare to rebalance financial and economic power in the East away from the West: by going back to a Gold standard currency backing.
    The working age economic contributor profile of the developed Western economies, Japan and China is past its peak with less spending by the older generations to stimulate the West’s service based economies (hence Merkel welcoming big family Syrian and Iraqi families for German factories). Japan’s economy has never really recovered financially since its own crash in the late 1990’s.
    The real estate market bubbles in London, New York, Tokyo, Vancouver, Sydney etc are ripe for a massive property value collapse. It seems to me that we are sleep walking into a world of increasingly turbulent financial, economic and political instability. We could be in for a circa 80% stock market fall during 2017/2018 which might take years to recover from. Inflation could skyrocket, unemployment could rise due to company failures and local and national government cut backs, interest rates could well rise considerably. Property could devalue in the bigger Western cites. The activities of banks, stock markets/exchanges, investment companies could be severely curtailed with weaker banks going bust with no protective government bailouts. Civil unrest would become common and have to be forcibly put down.
    Quantitative easing and low interest rates are the current life support machines that are keeping the dying US, UK and European service based economies alive. In the event of a crash, only the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) of the IMF might bring back some degree of economic and financial stability over time.
    I really hope I am wrong about the potential effect of the above symptoms that are presenting. I do not know, like the majority of you, what the best strategy to adopt is except to spread and rebalance my financial risks and asset mix; not that I am anywhere near wealthy. You may wish to consider getting out of too many equities or Government Treasury Bonds/UK Gilts in your private or company pension; but not all together. Have some cash to live off: Australian, New Zealand dollars and Norwegian Kroner to invest in; and possibly silver and gold(too expensive for me). Stockpile tinned food, pastas, rice, pulses, toiletries, toilet roles and medicines. Think of things that have a long shelf life that you need to survive and can’t get if the supermarket shelves get cleared due to panic buying. Good luck and may our creator protect you and humanity from itself! David.

  20. So by my simpleton standards the little guy is perpetually held hostage?

  21. what is the song or the mix beats he uses from 4:28 to 5:18 ?…where can I hear more music like this?

  22. is that y Western give dumped basically all of their good? so central banks could afford bailing out the banks??

  23. I can't profess to understand all of what was said, but it was fascinating, and captivating to listen to two men, who know what they're talking about.

  24. Something ain't right with this guy. He claims the USA is under emergency law since the 911 false flag, where he claims it was normal to be under emergency law since the USA was under attack. Then he claims there was insider trading shorting aviation stocks and the CIA asked for his help but then he doesn't say who was shorting the aviation stock and had to know of the attacks? He claims it's not a secret society but just several hundred people running central banks etc. But we know of secret societies, the freemason connection with the Fortune 500 companies, NASA, police, military, religions, royalty, banking, media. And then we not even mentioning the whole network of connected secret societies and the compartmentalization within these societies. These people like Jim Rickards are just so used to be doing business like this that they always find excuses to keep these money monopoly frauds going, exposing the obvious frauds and trying to keep a base intact that enables them to start a new numbers game fraud. I've got a very double layered feeling with these so-called warnings, like a robber that calls you before a burglary and then pretends you should be thankful when he hands you back 10% of your belongings. A Stockholm syndrome kind of situation, oh no they are the bad bankers, but we are the good bankers. Plus if he still buys the whole 911 story he is not as smart as he looks or he is blatantly lying, saying the emergency laws/ NDAA/ patriot act etc. are understandable. People should check out the work of Freeman Fly and understand the "hidden in plain sight" revelation of the method symbology and occult language to recognize these banking systems and the universities that are creating these bankers are part of a bigger occult culture creation, that certain bloodlines have been behind the funding and creation of these universities as well as religious and military leadership, government, media, healthcare and form cabals like the Rockefeller, the Rothschild, Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont etc. The private interests behind the central bank and these 128 people Jim says he found to form this network which he believe are a naturally formed group out of shared interest but who if you ask me are under control of these old money bloodline networks. But like I said people in these circles find themselves to be naturally superior and believe they belong and deserve to lead these institutions and wheel this power. Why would they ask themselves if they are part of a fascist fraud whilst becoming millionaires and billionaires and then wen it collapses they wonder why they'll get hung from the neck by the people that revolt.

  25. Is this Guy saying there was a conspiracy before the 911 attack? is that means all those who were buying, were part of alQaeda or have some knowledge of what's going to happen, how? And why they were not been arrested? Is he saying that was in inside job and few people profited from it?

  26. What was wrong? Lol. A PhD doesnt ensure these guys actually care about the greater picture — I would even argue to the contrary! And you need to understand that the greater picture has nothing to do with scientific finesse. It doesnt give you reputation. It's just tedious work as part of the government…..

    Just look at Buffett and when and how he got so filthy rich: all the experts told themselves the market is always right and it's useless to think about whether valuations are correct. That's how stupid PhDs are when they face reality…. they couldnt even imagine that their thinking actually is self-defeating because when everyone thinks the others do the job of valuating stuff, noone will do it…. this all has really NOTHING to do with IQ and everything with government being either stupid, idle, or subservient to PhDs considered possessing the ultima ratio.

  27. yeah, right, replace the owners of the banks who understood less than the regulators what was going on lol. and keep the CEOs in place? haha. good joke. The business leaders were and ARE the problem, their mentality gets replicated by their employees.

  28. Song at 4:30? What is that? it appears to be a remix of belico blackop from honey cocaine, pls anyone tells me what the remix is?

  29. Marshall law wont work! They could only do it to a city or two and only for a short while. The rest of us will hunt down the bankers and politicians and string them up and thanks to the internet we know who they are and where they live. Onlt 10% of us is 30 million and we are armed!

  30. Here is the timeline- -martin armstrong— ECONOMIC CONFIDENCE MODEL
    From an economic viewpoint, the economy turned down Wed. Sep. 30, 2015 on a global scale coinciding with our Cycle of War on the international model.

    We should see the economy turn downward into a steeper recession moving into Tue. Oct. 24, 2017, which is the next turning point on the Economic Confidence Model followed thereafter by Tue. Jun. 12, 2018. Caution is advisable for it appears we should see an overall recessionary trend emerge on a global scale this time.

    The critical political target on our Pi Model will be Mon. Oct. 22, 2018, where typically important political events unfold. Overall, this economic decline should continue into the next low of the Economic Confidence Model which will be due on Sat. Jan. 18, 2020.

  31. Rickards cannot show a track record of making money,
    because he doesn't know how.

  32. James Rickards is a legitimately smart person. However his business Agora Financial is a scam. They still operate under the old system of hiding terms in the small print. Buy his books from a reputable business and do not get involved with his company Agora Financial online.

  33. The end of time is at hand. Evil rules the land. It's another sign of the apocalypse from Jim Rickards

  34. Take way too long to get into your interview. Please shorten you intros.

  35. This hardly an interview but instead one long boring monologue.

  36. Please shorten your intros and get to the interviews. The intros are way too long.

  37. After reading the book of the Currency Wars, I really wondered. I wish there were English subtitles

  38. Jim planting the seed for globalism? WE KNOW WHAT THE SDR IS AND WHAT IT WILL DO.

  39. I've listened to the full talk four times and I enjoy it for the fifth time.

  40. I love Rickards, but his proposed bio is probably not accurate. Best to look into it.

  41. Nothing like listening to a couple of blokes who deal (have dealt) with vast amounts of money, and create nothing of tangible value for humanity! Money, a human contrivance that is totally made up, which people will go to great lengths to gain, and only has a use when you get rid of it!

  42. All this info is great but what the fuck are we going to do about it ?

  43. Well Jim has kept saying for years that the stock market will blow up, so he has been dead wrong! There is only one real genious to interview an that is MA.

  44. Hey your programs are good. But pls rethink about the background music in the first few minutes. Really an oppression on hearing faculty. Thanks!

  45. I agree with him on gold and silver . But only 10% ??? Fuck that . Just like Mike Maloney says people that say put only 10% into gold and silver are crazy . That's wher everything is going to gold and silver .

  46. Plz shorten your intro. Its way too long. Study your YT Analytics. Test short intro. More visitors will stay with shorter intro. Dang Dude, this one is way too lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  47. By the way the night before 9/11 it would have been 9/10 I thought about planes flying into buildings and that's not something I ever think about kind of makes you wonder

  48. 29:59 do you mean Venezuela? not Colombia! in Colombia, you can get your money out of the ATM and banks.

  49. As per usual a lot of Co-Intel-Pro spewing out of Jim Rickards Globalist mouth piece. The majority of Exceptional America's and Crime Against Humanity Ass. nations mercenaries, so called terrorist, don't have the wherewithal to pull such massive insider trading. On the other hand Exceptional America's and Crime Against Humanity Ass. Nations Plutocratic Minions and Globalist Owners do.

  50. Bitcoin isn't backed by anything. The dollar is. The dollar is backed by slaves. All the people who can be taxed against their for their labor are slaves. It is backed by debt, not gold.

  51. Mr. Rickards is a very smart man, but has never been right on any of his predictions.

  52. Today 12/09/2018 Reported on the news, Stocks are heading for the worst year since the 2008 crash

    Just cut to the interview – no one wants to sit for 5mins watching coffee beans and people jumping around.

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