Jamie’s 40th | Progressive Insurance Commercial

We’re doing karaoke later and you’re
gonna sing. Jamie this is your house? I know, it’s not much but it’s home. Right
kids? Kids? Papa! Papa! You did not tell me your friends were coming. This one is tiny like a child. But seriously it’s good to be surrounded by what matters most, a home and auto bundle from Progressive. Oh sweetie please, play for us. Oh no, I couldn’t…ok. [Jamie singing a beautiful ballad]

9 thoughts on “Jamie’s 40th | Progressive Insurance Commercial

  1. Greatest Progressive Commercial Yet!!!! I live for some quality Jamie content

  2. LOL at the naive comments here. Jamie rented that house on AirBNB and his "wife" is an out of work actress. And everyone fell for it.

  3. So all we have to do is play all the commercials back to back to get Jamie's movie

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