Jay Park Explains His Tattoos | Rapper’s Ink.

– My parents hate me getting tattoos. This one time, like my mom didn’t speak to me for three days. I was like, all right, I’m
done and then, I got a tattoo on my leg and she would just
not speak to me for three days. (mellow music) In Korea, you know,
tattoos are kind of like, still not accepted fully,
just because you know, back in the day, only
people who got tattoos were people in the mafia. Obviously, I’m not in
the mafia so, and then, I’ve kind of like, proved
myself to be a good guy. They live in the house I bought ’em, so no complaints there anymore. Ever since high school, I
kind of just, I wanted one. I met this rapper, his name is Dok2, he had a lot of tattoos. I, yo, where did you get the tattoos? He’s like, yo, I get from
this female tattoo artist and so, I was like, yo, introduce us. Shout out to Sun Le. And that’s when I got my first tattoo. AOM is Art of Movement, my B-Boy crew. I mean, I be rapping with
my B-Boy crew super hard ever since high school. So, I was like, yo,
I’m get AOM right here. Follow up tattoo, it was,
birthdays in my family. So, it’s like, my mom, my
dad, my brother, and me. Yeah, there’s like a lion on
my chest, like a lion heart. The one I probably like the
most is the one on my head. You know, I like it the most
just ’cause it hurt the most. This tattoo was the first time I actually regretted starting a tattoo. At first, everybody’s
like, oh, you got a tattoo on your head, you’re ruining your life. But, after a while, everybody’s like, oh, shit, that shit looks dope. I think people just have to
get used to it, you know? It’s kind of corny, but
it’s like a compass, for like, to follow your heart. But, also, like, the Seattle Mariners. Some Jordans. Jordan Cements. And then, the rose that
grew from concrete. You know, the Tupac poem. Benjamin Franklin with
a skull, what it’s like, the purpose of this is
like, loyalty over money. Where I got that is a battle rapper. Is name is Hollow Da Don. I think there’s some shit
on the back of my arm. What does it say? Like, live free. I don’t see that every
day, so I forget sometimes. I don’t have any Korean tattoos, but I have the Korean flag right here. And this little caricature of me. All the tattoos I get though, it all represents something very positive, what morals I have, or what’s
near and dear to my heart. I wouldn’t just go get
like, some, you know, an ice cream cone on my
cheek or something like that, you know what I’m saying? Your face is kind of what
people recognize you by. It’s almost like getting plastic
surgery, or something like, if you kind of like, switch up your face. Personally, I wouldn’t. No disrespect to Gucci Mane,
but personally, I wouldn’t. This is Jay Park, with All Def Music and before you get a
tattoo, make sure you shave. (laughs)

37 thoughts on “Jay Park Explains His Tattoos | Rapper’s Ink.

  1. i love the concept and Jay Park is great but why tf was the vid filmed like that, this a dollarstore GQ Tattoo Tour

  2. Cool, first interview where Jay actually talks in detail about his tattoos

  3. I always wanted to learn more about his tattoos 😂 thanks for uploading this! 😀

  4. yo its crazy…i been a fan for so long that i know his different eras of music from the tattoos he had at that time lol.

  5. I love his tattoos so much. i wish he showed the ones in his hand an fingers too


  7. Date Birthday family is so cute..
    I hope he put date marriage in his right hand 😂😂

  8. jolly rancher blacks are pathetic the moment someone says something token nice even if they are robbing you of your intellectual property revenue and creating poverty for your families future. By taking money off the pride identity your ancestors worked for that the music culture and genres represent. And feeding his own foreign community and family and business whilst blacks starve and beg in their own culture. Suicidal

  9. –make sure you shave. Me smiles 'hears his laugh' can't stop replaying his laugh'

  10. “I like it the most because it hurts the most.” I should get it tattooed someday😍

  11. He is one of the sexiest Asians. The tats make him even more sexy.

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