JB Peterson and Akira the Don: Meaningwave/Lofi

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  1. 1:35:00 As someone born and lived more years than this young man in the UK. I find his assessment of the aspirational nature of the nation not my experience. Perticularly when the meta narrative that creates victimhood and entitlement, via intersectionality come out of the US

  2. "I'm engaged in an experiment in ridiculous hyper-productivity and… zone inhabitation.'

    a.k.a. 'Crushin it!'
    The Don, Bard of Meaningwave. (Must be something in the genetics of Britain? Bards, thick as flies over there!) +100!

  3. The interview we've all been waiting for. lol

  4. I have been looking forward to hearing a conversation with JBP and a musician. Very interesting.

  5. I would love to explain to you why chords are satisfying to ones ear. I work as a sound artist and am open to have a discussion about how and why you like chords. Pick any piece of music if you like. All the best JBP

  6. The answer to the question "What would happen if someone entered in that zone and refused to leave?" would be: Max Martin.

  7. Thank you Dr. Peterson! I have never heard of Akira the Don before watching this conversation. His music and philosophy are fascinating. I found his conscious attention to the pulse of culture through music to be absolutely mind blowing!

  8. This is the next video after the cancellation becouse of you wife Tammy, Can you please tel us, how she is doing?, is she well?, i hope she is !

  9. 35:45 – Akira says the end result of the objections of 'cultural appropriation' is that people are only allowed to write autobiography. I thought this was a great observation.

  10. Amazingly uplifting ,interesting and helpful conversation! Thank you both so much!

  11. This is legendary. I met Akira last year in London and we were backstage together. Absolute legend, very humble and nice guy.

  12. The only reason I clicked on this is in the hopes that Jordan would speak about Alan Watts. That’s all we need need.

  13. Doctor Perterson have you ever considered that Lucifer is the angle of music.

    Ezekiel 28:13 – Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: THE WORKMANSHIP OF THY TIMBRELS AND OF THY PIPES WAS PREPARED IN THE DAY THAT THOU WAST CREATED.

    14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

    15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.

    16 By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering CHERUB, from the midst of the stones of fire.

    The reason I ask is that the comparison of "spiritual experience" is conflated with the real spiritual experience of the Ruach of Elohim.

    Do you consider this as something worth speaking on? Because the angel of light comes as light; however, is not the light.

    And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. – 2 Corinthians 11:14

    Thus, a conclusion could be drawn that music, when transcendent is, in fact, Satan masquerading as the angel of light and the experience and emotional state of being, is similar to a spiritual transcendent feeling but at the end of it all it misses the mark, or what we would call sin, translated from the Greek.

    What do you think?

  14. Wow… I haven't finished listening yet, but what a conversation. Thank you to both of you for lighting up my thoughts and clearing up my brain.

  15. This is just great. For me particularly, as Akira sprouts so many of those references that are signpost/nodes i try to navigate by… and because he is further along this marvelous, integrated productive fulfilled styled of life. Very inspirational, esp. In combo with JBP.

  16. The music at 1:12:00 is the late Hong Kong diva Anita Mui's signature hit song — the Cantonese lyrics are the Prajna-Paramitra sutra.
    Sort of a 'full circle' moment. Thank you!

  17. Thank you Dr. Peterson, for having Akira on… didn't know about him, now I have a favorite artist. Also, yes. children have made me better. Before children I was a worthless $hit who somehow graduated high-school with a 1.9 gpa. After kids, I got my associates, bachelors and masters with honors (in a usable profession)… life is better with kids.

  18. love alan watts, would be great if you could speak about him more.

  19. Holy shit, really great one!

    The points about work really got me. About the change in myself i was noticing after 3-4 years of work as a software-developer, how that started to define me as a character, in contrast to my younger years.

    Even just doing a hobby like game programming for about a month, changed me as a person already.

  20. I enjoyed this soooo much. These two have to do something similar again. Please.

  21. This interview was far more interesting and insightful than I thought it was going to be. Pleasantly surprised.

  22. listening to "Stand up Straight with your shoulders back" hahaahahha this is just plain awesome.

  23. I could write a book about this interview. I might have to, hardly anyone looks at my music on Youtube.

  24. honestly I think we can draw parrallels between Akira's music and bards of old who would tell stories through song.
    Also Dr Peterson will you ever cover Homer's The Odyssey? It's my favourite.

  25. Jordan's fundamentalness is fundamentally rubbing off on people.

  26. Mr/Dr. Peterson, i want to help, soo. Some time ago you were telling -children who lost a parent at young age usually have higher IQ-. can help to understand why, and how to make it with out big lost.

    basically – under extreme condition, or highly unusual circumstances. person brain go in "active state". aka -remamber this, so it never happend again-. you get almost eaten by a lion, you will always remember how lions look, smell sound e.t.c. and never get our selfe in situalion like that. Try remember something from long past, most likely is something really good and bright, or really bad and dark. i like to give more information, evidenave from my own life.+ a study of brain activity under extreme conditions was incorrectly performed. please email me for more information. i hope it help some people. i hope it help all people.

    Best regards.

  27. Such a fantastic conversation! Most artists, in my experience, don't really know how to express themselves very well in a regular conversation, and most of them seem to have very little knowledge about anything that extends outside their profession (yet many of them take up a lot of space in the public political discourse, for example). The Don in contrast seems very down to earth, well informed on a lot of diverse topics, extremely well articulated and knows when to talk and when to listen. I enjoyed this very much, thank you for sharing!

  28. Thank you Dr. Peterson for speaking with Akria. I enjoy your works and listening to you on all types of programs and podcasts. I am happy to see these worlds come together. I often listen to Akria's meaning-waves featuring you. I find I can really understand your message when hearing it in different forms. I know this will most likely go unread, but you are doing great work and Akria is doing great work. To see you two have a conversation means a lot. Thank you both for this time you devoted to this and allowing us to peek in via podcast.

  29. I've been waiting for this day the same way I've been waiting for avengers endgame.
    DJ Akira x Dr. Peterson

  30. Taking metered speech and setting it rhythmically to music:

    Scott Johnson and Laurie Anderson we’re both doing it in the 80s

  31. never knew the great Dr Peterson would have a full-length conversation about MINECRAFT hahaha

  32. A wonderfully inspiring conversation. Akira is new to me. I love his perspective.

  33. I'm a big fan of JP- never heard of other guy but will look into – humble intelligent guy- I'm a artist & dabble in hip hop & love finding artists doing it for the love & not money & popularity Amazing- art my therapy

  34. Correction: at 7:20 "we're all walking around with things in our pockets that are better than what they made Space Odyssey with". Sorry to be a film geek, but your phone is nowhere near the quality of the cameras and lenses they used to film Space Odyssey. Other than that faux paus, I dig how this guy created his own niche in a way that's meaningful to him and others.

  35. Old JBP quote: "I don't think I can be considered a traditional conservative because I rate highly in Trait Creativity".

    This video walks that talk.

  36. Beautiful!

    Jordan Peterson – Tom Kenyon has done great work with what Sound does for the brain.

  37. I'm a simple man. I see Jordan B Peterson, I click the video.

  38. I would just like to say thank you to you and Dr Peterson for what you are doing . like many others you have helped, I was addicted to drugs and and deeply depressed. My most meaningful relationships were falling apart. I was on the verge of loosing my will to go on , cry alone at night and than I heard wattswave from there I was turned on to JBPwave and it has helped me more than anything . I am in tears right now typing this because my life is for the first time beginning to change for the better as a father ,son,and friend to all of my loved ones … Thank you so much .. I hope one day when i have come a little further to my goals i can give back like you and Dr Peterson have and hopefully thank you guys in person and give you handshake and a hug ..

  39. Please get James Maynard Keenan on the show, I think his understanding of life and music and philosophy is.. I don't even know.. Superb..

  40. Can someone buy this man a better microphone the earbuds don’t do him justice

  41. The perfect background soundtrack to this interview
    ( Listen to ~ 20% volume )

  42. Judaism had it figured out long ago: 1. Create a tight close community based on race and not beliefs 2. Compel others in the community to date, elope, and raise kids with the same people in that community. 3. Buy, don't rent. This is why Jews are prosperous. Christians will let anybody in their religion and they ostracize those who don't believe. As a result, Christianity has a zombie infestation.

  43. Akiras work has been a joy. I love that you’ve had a real talk with him. Huge fan of you JP

  44. You used a pretentious condescending tone of voice. You literally said in a disdainful tone that a lot of strange things must have happened in his life recently.

    Stop being a twat

  45. Lmao I can't believe this video. You actually made a video on Akira? That's just amazing.

  46. On the topic of verbal speech patterns being rhythmic and melodic, there's no better example to me among your videos as Mr. Dyson in the Munk debates. That man's cadence has me focused on every utterance although I didn't really agree with him.

  47. So cool to see these two having a conversation. Keep the creativity flowing, as well as the quest for meaning. May your adventures be many.

  48. At what point is JBP going to sue the f#ck out of this guy for stealing his content?

  49. The great thing about Akira is that he stereotypically looks like he'd hate JP but is repsonsible for exposing his message to people who'd never hear him otherwise

  50. Akira and Peterson were instrumental in stopping me from killing myself and they didn't even charge me for their help. Keep doing the good work, gentlemen. You've earned my deepest respect. ♥️

  51. I admire Peterson!

    ..But there are so many contradictions, BS and self-praise with this DJ guy (beside some obvious truths, ok). Sorry, can’t take him seriously.

    While Peterson talks interestingly about music etc, this guy is talking about things like DJ transitions that move people to tears (yeah, right) and 6 year olds playing computer games. …eh ok?

    Please interview real/educated musicians instead of half baked amateurs, who live in their own phantasy bubble of narcissism.

  52. I trust JBP's advice so much, but ever since I reached the age that having children was a possibility my "Socratic daemon" in my head has screamed at me to not have children. I'm now 37 and the voice is just as loud and clear with the same warning. I think I'm fucked

  53. His music helps me to brainwash myself in becoming more disciplined, clean my room, stand up straight, make something beautiful etc…

  54. what a wonderful conversation. Akira is so well spoken and level headed. My one criticism is that Jordan should let his guests talk more.

  55. How interesting… two people are an odd match. Akira is interesting and articulate and JBP seems to miss the mark a little… for the first time. Still a good video.

  56. dont talk down on yourself man, and yes it is new, when your mother and father or your teacher said hey if you need to remember something turn it into a song, when you connect it with music, it develops an pattern if magical enough can penetrate even the most aggressive egos and personalities reaching deep into a person so you can integrate the meaning of the words in an emotional format

  57. Joran is looking like a deep fake on this video. Maybe his camera is just too good tha it looks fake

  58. I use Akira to work out. Motivating music is… motivational.

  59. had no idea this happened lol accidentally clicked while listening to some Peterson wave

  60. Glad to see you doing podcasts – Some feedback would be to have a better camera angle not so zoomed in!

    – Ant

  61. Gen Z is pushing back on Nihilism the exact way Nietzsche predicted – they find their own meaning, not given from somewhere but chosen

  62. Great conversation, anyone interested I would recommend listening to Brian Eno's (a pioneer of ambient music) talks on the meaning/value of art in our society, mostly available here on youtube. And his music.

  63. So refreshing to listen to Akira speak with such genuine enthusiasm and excitement about his child and his optimism for the future. Love the music he's producing too and it's really opened me up to listening to a genre I'd ordinarily write off.

  64. music is all about cycles. if we understand those cycles we can understand more complex cycles of the universe.

  65. So what exactly is the connection between JBP and Akira? Doe he like his music and uses it now and why did they make a collab?

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