Joaquin Phoenix Is Trying to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

-Last time you were
on the show was years ago. I wanna say it’s six years ago and we had a little bet
or something. Do you remember this? -Yes, I do.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
‘Cause we both had kind of addictions,
bad addictions. -Mm-hmm. Yours was worse than mine. [ Laughter ] -No, no, not that addiction. [ Laughter ]
Alright. Yeah, not that one, no.
-Sorry. Yeah. -No, I was trying to kick soda. -Right.
-I didn’t wanna drink any more soda.
-Yeah. And you were tryin’
to stop smoking cigarettes. -That’s right.
-And then, we had a bet and you said, if lost, -[Laughing]
-you would come back on the show.
-Mm-hmm. -And here you are. [ Laughter ] What’s up?
-There you go. -Are you still smokin’? -You know what?
It’s so weird. Listen —
[ Laughter ] -Come on.
-No, no. This sounds like a setup,
but I just watched my first session of this
hypnosis to stop smoking today, like an hour ago. -Really?
-Yeah, not kidding. -I think this is good stuff.
-Yeah. Great. [ Cheering and applause ] -Hypnosis,
that worked for my dad. He got hypnotized.
-Did he? -Yeah. He got hypnotized
and that was it. He never smoked again.
-Yeah, it’s actually — It seems like it’s very easy
to be a hypnotist. -Really?
-Yeah. You just have to be boring. [ Laughter ]
That’s literally it. -He just bored you?
-Yeah. [laconically]
They just talk real slow, [quieting]
like this, the whole time. [ Laughter ]
And you just drift off. It’s amazing.
-But do you try to mess with him?
Do you like look into his eyes and try to like reverse? Make him smoke would be the way. [ Laughter ]
That would be the ultimate. That would be
the ultimate trick. Make him addicted.
-It’s all online. He’s not there.
-He’s not there? -[laughing] No, he’s not there. -Oh, it’s a video? -Yeah, I was watching it
on my computer. -Oh, jeez, well, who even knows
if he’s real or an actor? [ Laughter ] I’ve read, in many things, that you don’t enjoy
doing talk shows. And I find that, uh — [ Laughter ] I find that — find that hard to believe. -Yeah, me too.
-Right? I think you’re great
on talk shows. -I love it.
-I think you love doing it. Look how much fun we’re having.
-[mumbling] Yeah. I know, yeah. -Dude, [Both change accents]
it’s like a dance party.
-I know. I know, like me and you are
like hanging out together. Ohh, I mean — [ Laughter ]
Just like — It’s like whatever,
man, you know? -No, this is really enjoy– No. Whatever. It is what it is. [ Laughter and applause ]
[ Sputters ] -How could you say that?
[ Cymbals crash ] This is insane. “It is what it is.” -‘Cause I wanted to say
something positive and, as it was coming out,
I said, “That’s not truthful.” So, then, I wanted to be honest. [ Laughter ]
-Why? But you’re an actor! Can’t you act like
you like talk shows? -I really do like
coming here, man. -You do?
-Yeah. Thank you. -There you go.
-How was that? [ Laughter ]
-That was good. We got it? We get that? Check the gate? It was good.
He was good on that. But, why, because you don’t like
the questions about the movie or talkin’ about you? Is it pressure? -I like talking about me. I like being under lights. I like a lotta people
looking at me. [ Laughter ]
I like hearing my voice projected.
-Maybe it’s you need a desk. You wanna be behind a desk?
-Maybe that’s what it is. -You’re too exposed.
-Yeah, maybe that’s what it is. -I’m protected by a shell. I’m a like a little hermit crab. [ Laughter ] I crawl in here and hang out. -Yeah.
-Do you want me to ask you questions down here?
-Right. No. [ Laughter ]
It’ll be boring for them. But, see, I’ve got nothing. -No. What do you mean,
you’ve got nothing? You got tons of stuff.
-I mean, I don’t have the shell. We gotta talk about “Yoker.” -Sorry?
-“Yoker,” your new movie. It’s that foreign film.
-Are you a mind reader? [ Laughter ]
Seriously? -No.
-When I was driving up here, I was saying, “Le Joker.” -Ja Yoker. -Il Yoker.
-El Yoker. [ Laughter ]
Right? It’s a foreign film. “El Yoker.”
-Yes! [ Laughter ]
-Did you do that? You sent that vibe out to me. I caught it.
-Literally, when I was driving up the West Side Highway. I’m not even kidding. Because thing is,
when this first premiered, it was in Venice
and then Parees. -Parees.
-Parees. -Yeah.
You pronounce it Parees — [ Laughter ] [changes accent]
You — I-I-Italy. Uh… Paris. You do “Yoker.” When they they yell, “Action!” You turn into Yoker, yes, no? -Well.
-You’re on the 20th floor. [ Laughter ]
19, 18, 17. -There’s a fire!
There’s a fire! Run! -I watch your interviews
and I love them all because I don’t know what’s real
and what’s not real, but it makes me laugh. [ Laughter ]
‘Cause I know you a little bit. A little bit enough
to know what’s funny. You know, you do a thing
in “Joker” that I think is — You know what my favorite part of the movie is?
-What? -When you don’t get the joke. -What’s the joke? -When the Joker
doesn’t get the jokes. -Oh, I don’t get the jokes. -At the comedy club.
-I didn’t get it. You get all the weird — You think you’re —
You’re such an outsider. You think that you’re part
of everyone else. You’re like —
[ Panting ] And you just —
you wanna get them and you’re laughing
at all the wrong things. -Oh, that part, yes.
-That’s my favorite part -Okay, okay.
-right there, yeah. -[laughing] Yeah.
-Yeah. You gotta see the movie.
You’re gonna love it. [ Laughter ]
It is unbelievable. [ Applause ]
You’re great in it. -There’s two parts
in the comedy club, so it’s understandable
that I would be — -You performing
and then you not performing. You not performing,
you observing. -Yes.
-And taking notes and jotting. -Mm-hmm.
-The jotting scene. -Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-That’s what I love the best.

100 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix Is Trying to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

  1. guys the whole movie plotline was a setup so talkshow hosts wouldn’t have him on

  2. I think he was the best joker in a sense that he shows way more emotion, and just the way we approached the Role, and just the built up to becoming the joker. Really amazing performance

  3. Just watched Joker and i got to say, Joaquin cured my depression with that movie
    Thank you Joaquim ❤

  4. Joaquin is such a good actor like im over here thinking that this man will be the same way as his character but then i remember it was just his role

  5. Can’t believe I am saying that but this interview is so much better than the one on Kimmel

  6. Alright. Going to fuck up his head and have him stuck in his joker character XD. Jk guys. Just a prank

  7. 1:38
    Jimmy: "I heard you don't like doing talkshows…"
    Joaquin: death-stare
    Jimmy: sweating

  8. I wish Jimmy would have done a game with Joaquin, like emotional conversations he would be good at.. or just something fun! The interview was kinda boring

  9. The best way to quit is to just quit. I tried the nicotine inhalers and cutting down and only smoke when I drink. Went on for years trying to quit. It never worked. The problem was that I was 'trying' If you really want to quit, you just stop buying or asking people for smokes and quit cold turkey, after 5 or 6 days you'll be good. Been off the death sticks for 5 years now.

  10. This movie is about society, politics, the ongoing war we have with people who committ certain types of crimes… ANY young adut (16+) NOT should, but NEEDS to see this movie…. The message, the symbolic nature, and the themes it pulls are so pure and raw…. it's eerie. Oh yeah and you get to see a biopic of the Joker and how he got to become…. MASTERPIECE. Safe to say it has a definitive lock in on the "Best Actor In A Leading Role" category as well as "Best Picture". Those are the two, 100% nominations this pheneomenal cinematic educator and adventure have…. would not be surprised to see it grab the "Big 5" and more.

  11. I'm so in love with this man…I am in great debt with him, his stunning performance(s) made me cry and reach things that have been buried in my unconscious for decades…I must say thank you to this marvellous human being. And he is also vegan! ♥

  12. Weird how Fallon is probably the most artificial of the talk show hosts. But this is probably the most genuine conversation I've ever seen on a talk show. Just 2 dudes catching up

  13. Me: He doesn’t like being on talk shows??

    Watches the joker

    Me: oh crap…

  14. What's this thing about Italians? We don't call him Yoker, we say Cocker. Fallon like to mock Italians but he seems not really good doing it, for us is just kind of stupid. Remember that usually when people mocks Italians like that, they look super stupid to us.

  15. I've watched a bunch of Joaquin Phoenix interviews and this is the only one I saw him very comfortable.

  16. Ok so Joaquin is just the best guy :
    beautiful, vegan, he even try to stop smoking .
    He has a beard!

    Come on , what's your secret?

  17. What do you get when you cross a good actor that lost 15 pounds for a role hm?

    What i fucking deserve (Oscar)

  18. i feel like everyone should keep in mind fallon is a HUGE River Phoenix fan, the man has utmost respect for Joaquin

  19. Can someone deepfake the Joker Murray Show shooting onto this video?

  20. I feel like i’m seeing the Joker there… i sawer like the interview scene again….. is it just me?

  21. This interview was so much better than jimmy Kimmel. He just feels so upset and uncomfortable with jimmy kimmel

  22. you could tell they were actually having a decent time together god it’s so refreshing

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