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Hello All..This is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking to you about the job role of
a Stores Sales Person most of you might not even Know That the stores sales person have strict rules and responsibilities to play on Frankly sales are contident upon the work of the sales man not anything else so ,i will now tell you what are the unseen roles and responsibilities of a stores sales person Most of the
stores sales people
are ones who often have the responsibility for
selling any specific product. Have you ever thought of careers of a store sales person?
Let’s sail through a few hints about stores sales person. A stores sales person invites
the customers in a friendly manner and sells products those customers in a pleasant manner.
The products could be beauty supplies, clothes, other electronic items, cars and lots more.
They are ones responsible to assist the customer in finding their requirement. They also go
a step forward and explain the benefits of the product so that the customer can make
a decision in purchasing the product or not. This category of job doesn’t require any
specific educational requirement but it would be an added advantage if the candidates have
completed high school or diploma. On the job training is provided for the stores sales
person once hired. The store security as well as customer service is the key features to
be known by the hired candidates. As days go by the sales person get acquainted with
the policies and procedures of the firm. Sales person who are assigned in selling specialty
products are instructed as per the product. Apart from educational qualification stores
sales person needs few skills which include listening skills, selling as per customer
needs, knowledge of the product, job knowledge, verbal communication, energy level, dependability,
math’s skill, product knowledge, and more. Almost all retail shops recruit stores sales
person for sales purpose. All top supermarkets, garment shops, automobile showrooms and more
recruit sales person. In that manner Hyundai showroom, reliance super market, top fashion
stores, cosmetic shops like lakme, Revlon and more recruit sales person. The salary
range for stores sales person varies according to the stores they work for. Branded and global
stores offer salary from Rs 8000, whereas other stores start with a salary of Rs 5000
per month. There are many stores that have a good infrastructure and other facilities
for the sales person. Certain stores have unique dress code for
the sales people which are usually the branded garment shop and cosmetic shops. The stores
are completed air conditioned and the sales people are sometimes required to speak good
English along with mother tongue. In the same manner car showrooms are another sector where
the sales person is ordered to dress up neatly as he should look pleasant to greet and explain
the functionalities of the car. Branded stores are something which offers a good level of
living for the individual along with a handsome of salary. Getting as a sales person into
a global or branded shop can be exciting for any individual.
There are many retail shops in the city which can fetch the eligible candidates with a perfect
job in a perfect environment. The salary along with incentives is also provided for the sales
person which boosts them with the service. One can get to know more details regarding
retail stores which recruits candidates and make a move accordingly Guys your hardwork builts a solid career for you good luck we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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