Joe Biden Faces Backlash for His “Hands-On” Approach to Politics | The Daily Show

Of all the candidates
in the race, the front-runner right now is someone
who isn’t even running yet, the 76-year-old man
with the 12-year-old teeth, Joe Biden. Now, currently,
the former vice president is putting out feelers
to see where he stands, and apparently the answer is
too close to women. Joe Biden on defense after
a former Nevada state lawmaker said he made her feel uneasy
during an interaction in 2014. Lucy Flores
first made the allegation in an essay for the Cut
on Friday, detailing the encounter
with the former vice president at a campaign rally in Nevada as she ran
for lieutenant governor. Flores dues not believe
it was sexual, but she calls it inappropriate. Very unexpectedly
and out of nowhere, I feel Joe Biden put his hands
on my shoulders, get up very close to me
from behind, lean in, smell my hair, and then plant a slow kiss
on the top of my head. Okay. That sounded super creepy. And even though she says
it wasn’t sexual at all, it clearly made her
uncomfortable, and it’s definitely not okay. I mean,
smelling hair is always weird. All right?
I don’t care who it is. Even if you’re
in a relationship. If you smell
your girlfriend’s hair, she won’t say anything,
but in her head, she’ll be like, “Is he a serial killer?” Like, honestly, smelling hair is one of the creepiest things
you can do. It’s-it’s on the list
of creepy things. It’s right after
collecting doll parts and sneezing
with your eyes open. Achoo! Sorry, allergies. (laughter) Like, like, this is my thing. What is it
with America’s vice presidents? Right? None of them are normal. One guy is smelling
women’s hair. The other one refuses to be near
a woman without a chaperone. Isn’t there a middle ground? There’s no
vice middle president? Huh? There’s nowhere between
#MeToo and Handmaid’s Tale? No? Someone in between? And it’s not just
the hair sniffing. Apparently, Biden also gave her a slow kiss
on the top of her head, which, again,
is super creepy, all right? As a rule of life, the slower the kiss,
the creepier it gets. It’s as simple as that. When you greet someone,
you keep it quick. See that?
Not creepy at all. That’s it. Slow kiss is when it gets weird. See that? Yeah. Super creepy. All the slow ones are creepy. All those men out there
doing the slow kiss, don’t do that
to women you don’t know. That includes you,
Omari Hardwick, all right? Busy out here kissing Beyoncé
slowly near her mouth. You don’t kiss Beyoncé
like that. Who the hell
do you think you are? You get in, you get out.
It’s over. You don’t linger when you kiss. Let me tell you something.
Whenever I see Beyoncé, you know how I kiss her hello?
I go… Right? And I do that at home. Then when I see her in public,
I’m like, “Hi, Beyoncé! Hi! Hi!” You have no business
kissing her. (laughter and applause) And if Joe Biden’s story
wasn’t weird enough, just today
another woman came out and said Biden made her
feel uncomfortable, as well. There is now another woman
making an accusation that former vice president
Joe Biden inappropriately touched her. Not sexually, not violently, but, in her view,
inappropriately. A Hartford Courant newspaper reports that
at a 2009 fundraiser, Amy Lappos said
the vice president put his hand on her neck
and pulled her in to rub noses. Lappos tells the Courant she was
afraid he was going to kiss her. What are you doing?
Rubbing noses with random… Like, as if harassment
wasn’t bad enough. Now you have to throw in
cultural appropriation? What is he doing? And I’m already seeing
people online saying, “Oh, it’s just a nose.
What’s the big deal?” First of all, it’s an invasion
of personal space, okay? And also, medically speaking, the nose is the penis
of the face, all right? Yeah. It totally is. It sticks out in weird ways, there’s gooey stuff inside
that gets shot into a tissue, and when you’re…
when you’re young, your mom can touch it, but when you get older,
that’s super weird. “Don’t touch it, Mom.
Don’t touch it.” “I’ve been touching it
my whole life.” “Yeah, but now it’s weird, Mom.
It’s weird.” Let me put it this way. If rubbing noses
was just Biden being cute and being a harmless grandpa, how come you’ve never seen him
do it with men, huh? How come? Yeah. Biden spent
eight years hanging out with Barack Obama
and not once was he like, “Congrats on passing Obamacare. Mmm.” So now,
because of SniffKissgate, Biden’s campaign might be over
before it even starts. And people are freaking out, because, if he doesn’t run, the Democrats would only have
16 candidates to choose from and only six of them
would be white guys. An absolute disaster. But Biden isn’t ready
to give up, my friends. No, he’s gently grabbing
this scandal by the shoulders and he’s doing damage control. REPORTER: Biden issued
a statement saying… (reading): Huh. You know what,
I got to say, that seems like a nice apology. Because, basically,
what Biden is saying is, “Look, I didn’t mean to make
these women uncomfortable, “but I’m willing to listen. “I’m gonna listen real close. “I’m just gonna lean in there
nice and close, maybe just get
a little sniff of…” Bad Biden! Get away, Biden!

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