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  1. I respect Mr. Peterson and his knowledge. His telling of the Egyptian mythology is pretty accurate, no complaints there. In my research, however, I find that he gets two important issues wrong, and these facts should be entered into the record, so that the whole story is told.

    1. The ancient Egyptians got their religious mythology structure from Sumeria and Babylon via migration and merchant travelers; this is a historical and academic fact. It was probably a well-known fact until the (first) destruction of the Alexandrian Library's texts in circa 49-45 BC by Julius Caesar (who was from Rome, which is interesting in-itself). This fact is worth noting, because the Bible outlines this same process, as I have briefly presented above, in the Old Testament, and since modern historical studies support what the Bible says, I will go with those two sources for my personal stance on the subject, although I still respect Mr. Peterson's presentation and view point.

    2. If anyone did originally apply these same story elements to Jesus Christ, then it certainly was NOT the Holy Bible, because things happen within the Egyptian mythology narrative that don't apply in any way, shape, or form to the history of Jesus Christ, as presented in the Gospels. Furthermore, isn't it odd how all these stories and myths are being applied to Jesus Christ in a way that seems to threaten his words, as written in the Gospels?

    Why not threaten Zorastra or Ahuru Mazda or Siddhartha or other "christ-like" figures with these stories as ways to undermine their religious writings? I think the answer is clear: there is no one like the Lord Jesus Christ, and while these wild, mythological stories may apply to other "messiah figures" more closely in outlined narrative and elemental structure, it is interesting to note how little of the Egyptian mythology elements can actually be attributed to the life and worship of Jesus Christ. (eg: Jesus' mother was not from the underworld – but Horus' mother was. The devil has not chopped God into many pieces – but Set did that to Osiris.) There is a whole list of counters to the Zeitgeist theory that says Horus equals Jesus, and I would encourage you to seek the "other side of the coin" in any subject you study – this subject being no different. I think that Jordan Peterson himself would at least agree with that last statement that I just wrote. I have the list of counters in my own possession, so save your trifle arguments for one who is ignorant of such matters – I don't have the time to educate you on the finer points of this subject, on youtube.

    2*. That's not all! – It seems to me that it is truly interesting that the Roman Civil War of circa 49-45 BC was fought – not mostly in Italy – but mostly in Africa and in EGYPT, and that the Library of Alexandria (which may have contained the proof text for these mythology elements and their application) was "accidentally burned and destroyed" by a Roman general-turned-emperor. The whole thing smells fishy, if one were to ask me about it.

    — This is my point: Respect, read, study, and honor the Holy Bible, and by all means – watch Jordan Peterson videos, study everything you possibly can – and let the two sides of this issue remain distinct and unique, so that you can come to your own conclusions after reading and viewing them both in the light of honesty. * Please note: I still admire Jordan Peterson for his knowledge and his willingness to teach others about important issues.

  2. I just came across this, and wow!!! The plucking of the eye compared to viking culture… how does vikings and Egyptians compare so closely

  3. there are meany gods….. but
    only 1 God yahweh and Jesus is his son!. can yahweh have a son . absolutly

  4. Could it be that all these false gods are just fallen angels, Lucifer in specific who is playing this whole thing out, because he wants to be like God (KJV Isaiah 14:12-14)? If it were true, that would mean that our universe is shaped like a triangle, since astrophysicists measure it by triangles, and that's why the pyramid is built… to copycat the "true" all knowing and seeing God. The only book that reveals this is the bible. Something to thing about.

  5. Clearly something new about Jesus coming and decided to perpetrators coming before he came not after.. this is why the Egyptians were killing baby boys and a virgin girls, anticipation for Jesus or Moses or Abraham, as it happened plenty of times, this is why Moses mother put him in the basket to save him from the royal death sentence on all Hebrew boys.. they admit to be trying to kill a prophecy coming.. you idiot

  6. Jeez, no applauds from the class. Oh snap, they were on their cell phones.

  7. And, so…
    This Empire of the USA is near its end…
    ISIS=the social breakdown
    versus the old white male patriarchy…which will survive…
    …(says an older white male…😉)

  8. Ahh- the classic mythicist take. Horus and Isis have very little parallel with Jesus.

  9. monotheism is a story copied from someware like the story of the flood, genesis, tower of babel, etc

  10. Metaphors or not. Discussing the concept of any god is impractical to anyone’s daily life.

  11. The word Satan is not derived from the god Set. Satan was originally a Hebrew meaning adversary.

  12. This comment section is full of people in awe of this guy or people trying to say something smart to prove they fully understand what he’s trying to say.

  13. What always blows me away is the similarities between the Egyptian story and the Aztec creation story. Which either is a comment on how powerful the collective unconcious is or some evidence that the ancient world was more interconnected than we think.

  14. JP is one of my favorite thinkers, if not my favorite thinker, of this era. He breaks shit down and puts it into perspective so gracefully and sternly. He’s just as excited and fascinated about the information he teaches, as someone on the receiving end is. And that’s what makes him so likable and inspiring.

  15. Peterson has some odd view of political reality and sees it in all old stories. He clearly doesn't understand this story

  16. I want to hear an answer directly from Mr Peterson…but god = good…when we realize the divergence at the invent of the printing press alot of problems are solved….god=gõd…gõd phonetically is good…the internet kills god and kills good but brings back gõd..in fact we can get rid of the double oo words and go back to õ

  17. I was aware of the parallels between Horus and Jesus, but it didn't occur to me that the Jews were in Egypt… and that that might be the reason how the story of Jesus came about.

  18. Brilliant! Give that man a round of applause. Religion is sooo up its own arsed, ruining the civilised world.

  19. it reminds me of the story teach a man to fish he will fish for life but include him to the values to society it creates a friend that helps you. so helping others is helping yourself

  20. So he's saying humans use eyesight as their dominant trait. He has a way of making simple concepts sound very profound

  21. Auset (Isis) was not 'the Queen of the underworld'! She did not 'find his phallus'. She turned herself into a bird & searched the Earth to find & gather her husband's pieces. The phallus was the only piece she couldn't find & commissioned Dhwty (Thoth) to create him another phallus, represented by the obelisk. Heru (Horus) did not give his father an eye, it too was created by Dhwty.

  22. CAN ANYONE SAY…? Jupiter = Osiris, Saturn = Set , Venus = Isis & Mars = Horus..!!! ‘’Worlds In Collision’ & ‘Earth In Upheaval’ written by Immanuel Velikovsky. 1950’s :PEACE:🕊❤️

  23. Comment on the ad at the beginning. An overweight woman in a ill fitting gown puts on a girdle and the rolls get smoothed out. Made me decide to skip dessert instead of squishing fat into my clothes. Thanks!

  24. I wish he was a storyteller like RR Martin. Could you imagine the stories he could compile

  25. Seriously this needs more attention
    1: acknowledge the tradition and rules around you are flawed (even in “the best” society or culture)
    2: figure out what’s wrong with it and remove the malevolent factors at whatever inevitable cost to yourself
    3: return to the structure and give that insight back to yourself, (or others but in my case it’s myself) ,knowing the intentions of the structure are simply a necessary cognitive thing humans have unknowingly created to help themselves live

    It’s the evolution of understanding
    Fucking insane

  26. It's always a pleasure to think that when we are dead and meet The Creator finally, he just says : "You were just a mere puppet instrument in my simulation and you have failed me agent! for that gonna erase you once and for all" xD xD!! Finally the peace! While unfortunate living are under tyranny of Technocrat oligarchy.

  27. I like JBP but he needs to brush up on his Egyptology. Set is not proto-Satan. The Coptic Christians may have co-opted the name, but Set was the embodiment of Chaos, while his brother was Order. Everything in Ancient Egypt revolved around the idea of maintaining Ma'at, or Order in the face of Chaos. Also, Isis doesn't find the phallus. She had to fashion one from gold and breathed her magic into it, then became pregnant. Also, the Gods absolutely could die, that's how Osiris became the God of the Dead. He did a great job twisting the mythology to explain his own point.

  28. He should know he thinks he is one. Say it bent over like that boos man.

  29. You're not realizing
    When it comes to God the concept of God it's a black man only white people at the foot of the Caucasus didn't believe in God and was given a choice believe or die they took on the beliefs of Judaism Christianity and Islam

  30. Thank God for he sees all now that Jesus took sinn away I say to you Satan you only talk when you have no permission my answer no no no

  31. Yep. Every culture has stories with these similarities.. Heads of families, Royalties, histories of land, countries, ideologies. Amazing realization of same in Greek Gods Egyptian Gods Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Philosopher Kings the Eye Awareness see inside and outside Awesome…

  32. Humans in past and even now prefer to understand narratives that was how philosopher Kings Seers Masters taught the mysteries of Life and Universe. We are story making meaning making machine 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  33. I would love to see him have a talk with Mark Passio. It would be interesting to see how that would work out.

  34. Close, he hints that this 'vision' is on something external.

    The true meaning of this (and goal of Life) is to see through the surface layer, into the underlying reality.
    When you see this clearly, you are then fit to lead.

    Past civilizations knew this, and we've only strayed from it because "Set" was in control for so long.
    When you have clear vision, and are unified with the spirit you are then worthy of being Pharaoh.

    However, true Pharaohs are hard to come across.

    They often do not want to be Pharaoh, and false ones (of Set) know how easily it is to deceive the spiritually blind.
    Thus, the incompetent tend to be elected.

    Thanks for the upload.


  35. Actually it only dogs that have better sense of smell (anosmia) than humans. (Land living creatures)

  36. religious unicorns and gandalf will sure benefit from knowledge like this… i have to tell Frodo

  37. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but roughly speaking Osiris slept with Seth's wife (don't remember her name), (BTW Anubis was born as a result of this relationship). So I don't see how is it wrong to punish Osiris for this kind of betrayal, I even wonder why his wife wasn't tortured. I mean I don't see this as an act of malevalense more like Osiris is either infant who can't diffirinciate his wife from Seth's wife, or he did it on purpose and anyway got his deserved punishment.

  38. This explanation of Ausar & Aset couldn’t have been any more pathetic please stick to Zeus and the other copy cat Greek gods crackers like to worship lol sad we can’t have any history untouched by devils

  39. Read “The book of coming forth to day by night” in that book you will find the very first story/idea of resurrection or immaculate conception

  40. This is such an inspiring speech, i knew what he was telling and i reconized i have read somethings useful incredible.

  41. Isis is a Greek translation of Auset. Show some respect to the people you claim to understand.

    White people can call Miriam, Mary and Yeshua, Jesus.. and Tut-Ankh-Amen.. King Tut.. And Africans.. Any thing they feel like!!!
    But if you say any of his words wrong they get all grammatical on your ass.. Damn hypocrites.

    Auset is not the GoddessQueen of the underworld. Where on earth did he conjure up that notion? It's not in any temple we know of..

    Auset represents the seat of the emotions as seen by her crown if you know her glyph. and understand the narrative concerning Ausar.. Who the Greeks call Osiris.
    The seat of the emotions.. The place were thoughts are given birth. The nurturing of the child representing the Will.
    It is the Will that goes on to defeat Chaos and imbalance – Heru vs Set (Horus vs Set)
    It is the devotion of Auset that re-members and erects the fragmented consciousness (Ausar)
    It is the sorrows of Auset that was ritualistically performed to re-awaken the dormant consciousness..
    Liken to waking a sleeping giant.
    Anyway.. that's enough.. purse to swine..
    Do your own homework and stop regurgitating others vomit..
    Makes me sick to see… and many love it!!!
    Jordan Peterson was born when?

    These narratives are how old?

    And Hollywood has made how much from them?

    And he makes how much from them?

    And many are blowing smoke up his ass!!!

    You should be bowing down to the people who gave us these age old narratives..

    Talk about European male phallus cult worship in full effect.. Man get off his dick or closet it for petes sake!!!

    We all know what Sparta and Greek culture was all about..
    They had little understanding of Ancient African culture.. What little they did know Herodotus mentions..
    The Egyptians had thick lips and woolly hair and burnt skin.. Wow.. Super intelligent being he must of been!!
    That Ethiopia was were the Gods went to holiday.. their favourite place apparently.
    So wait.. Your Greek guy is telling me that My country was where Your Gods loved to chill out… Who woulda thunk it!!!

    And what about the prodigious old Egyptian priest, who told their wise man Solon.. You Greeks are always children..
    There is no such thing as an old Greek. For you have no tradition that is hoary with age.. In other words… You a bwoy!!!
    Africa is the name the Greeks called the continent.
    Quick test to see how much racism the institution has fed you.
    What was the name of the continent before it was carved up in 1845.. when we were apparently freed 1830 and they paid each other millions in compensation!!!
    So Africa is fortunate enough to have everyone tell her story for her.. How lovely!!!
    White people are the only people in the world who have that superiority complex that allows him to define everything outside of himself in terms of colour.
    All in fear of what would rightfully happen if he got caught out by his perceived perils.. the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow.. What planet does these guys come from?

    So he came to Africa and called it the Dark continent and that is as far as his limited mind would permit him to see things.. Age and Stage,..
    Even though he was the alien and foreign guest.. He assumed to tell us that everything he found in Africa belongs to him, can be defined by him,
    oh.. for the sake of preservation dear boy…. You know these natives are savages.. what!!!
    Charming.. help yourself to all my savage goods, including the savage women, men, gold, ivory, rubber, intellectual property, etc.. Make yourself wealthy from my legacy..
    Ask if they have white privilege and they will spit blood like you attempted what he did to your fore parents.. anal rape without consent..
    Funny that!!! NOT!!!

  42. Osiris and Isis gave birth to Horus, hence, osiris, isis and horus are mere powerful mortals not a God or Lord or Elohim or Primordial however Set is a Primordial: why would a Primordial struggle to gain position of a mere mortal be it Osiris or Horus? This story is base of all religion and they claim Satan:Saturn:Surtur:Set want to overthrow but whom?

  43. My dream is to one day marathon Neon Genesis Evangelion with Peterson and discuss it with him. That would be a real trip.

  44. Peterson speaks truth from non bias facts. Literally my favorite author / spokesperson to this day. Very well explained on maintaining one subject without loosing train of thought. Excellent!

  45. You can disagree with his opinions. But this guy is a genius. Wish I could be in his class. Maybe it's becoz I'm ignorant about many ideas, but most of his ideas seems original.

  46. Wow. I love this guy. This is like poof! Your eyes open to a new epiphany every time. 👍🏻

  47. I hope no one paid to be there, because that was just sad. If you want a good life story about the old gods then watch stargate sg1 and there are many more animals that can see better then us.

  48. Such an impressive display of a lack of understanding of not only the faith of ancient Egypt, but of nearly every concept he touched upon, that it borders on profound. I am in awe. A quintessential western philosopher.

  49. I believe Zet does see and very realistically crudely deep from a malevolent point of view. After the fight with Zet now Horos lost the eye of idealism and in fact gains a shadow eye from Zet into realism. Horos offers Osiris (tradition and heart of the people) an eye to aspire to an ideal vision. Society is were ideals should be born and lived as having idealistic leadership could land society into a radical world unfit for all of humanity.

  50. "It isn't good enough to be the best at a dominance hierarchy, what you wanna be is the best at the set of all dominance hierarchies"

  51. Jordon Peterson although obviously a brilliant mind I believe he is balancing on the edge of insanity
    It’s like he’s got so much information that even his great brain is wrestling to make sense out of the world

  52. Setek's (SETH) function was destroy matter that had outlived its usefulness. Osiris was the god of creation. Setek was the embodiment of chaos and Osiris, order.

    Neither is inherently good or evil instead it is a dualistic pair that is both necessary for life. Horus was the fusion of both, so he could fight setek hand to hand, unlike Osiris, yet he also contained many more attributes setek did not.

    If u follow the history of ancient Kemet, you will see that it was divided between lower and upper Kemet. Setek ruled one, Osiris ruled the other. With the unification of upper and lower Kemet , the king of both was Horus. And that is why the "Pharoahs" – Greek word and not what they were called, were called "The Horus".

    I have taken the time to uncover the true history, not one rewritten by someone with an agenda

  53. He struggles to say Set because he is demonizing Set and bastardizing him by calling him seth. Peterson is a small hat and it shows.

  54. can we please download his consciousness somewhere because this guy will die one day, and with him all this intellect.

  55. Why does it happen man, just why. When he speaks truly or deeply, I shiver. Like something in me know it's true.

  56. Imagine reaching a certain level of intelligence, where everyone believes that you're right all the time.

  57. You can always tell a good story teller/teacher by their ability to dumb down a subject and make you relate and feel it on a modern-day level hence the lion king reference. Incredible stuff. I could sit and listen to this man talk for hours.

  58. "Let us make man in our image" I'm reading a book titled, Classic Mythology. Type in: The Exodus Decoded – Simcha Jacobovici. enjoy

  59. There is only One God . Who is three. You don’t understand how God works without stop. You don’t understand how he measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span . “Whom did God consult?” “And who made him understand ?”

    “To him then will you liken God , or what likeness compare with him?

    Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

    Set is a myth .

    You speak in generalities like you inform God , when you don’t.

    There has never been a more willfully blind narcissist than mr Peterson

  60. Sept = satan / Seth
    Osiris = willfully blind / tradition
    Isis = chaos / malevolence
    Horus = eyes / hero / falcon

  61. The dead staying in control too long… have you met the American legislative branch?

  62. Letting Jordan Peterson talk about Egyptian and Christian culture on the background while I subjugate Octavian, Anthony, and Jerusalem in Total War: Rome 2 Egyptian campaign is a cool coincidence.

  63. Order is demolished, what would you expect? Chaos emerges. Thats ISIS. -Jordan Peterson 6:31

    Thats as true in the past as it is true today.

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