Jordan Peterson’s Ultimate Advice for Students and College Grads – STOP WASTING TIME

100 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson’s Ultimate Advice for Students and College Grads – STOP WASTING TIME

  1. No wife no family because the women are riding the cock carousel
    No job no career no responsibilities because of affirmative action and illegal immigration
    so what do you want people to be motivated about doctor
    Come out of your hightower 'start leading crusade!

  2. I first watched this video with a 1.71 college GPA back in November. I’ve climbed to a 2.84 in 2 semesters and have become a better/more productive person in every aspect of my life. It’s something i think about as the turning point in my life. Proof is sort of in the pudding here. Listen to the man and follow through and you really can accomplish amazing things.

  3. From 8:04 to 8:24 really hits my heart, because I spent my whole life denying God — not because of the biblical narratives, but really because of the moral responsibility. There's something so degrading about being responsible enough to refrain from certian pleasures while noticing that my being is inherently flawed. It really takes a lot to appreciate some 'Heavenly' grace because of natural inclinations that only leads to temporary desires I'm spiraling down to a spiritual death.

    Its not until now that I've realized that if I focus my efforts & responsibilities on the appreciation of the blessings in my life, i will tend to understand how to love myself, the people around me, or even God Himself.

    This is so humbling.

  4. only few questions: what in our society is actually called productivity?
    does it fit to the imaginations of what productivity SHOULD be?
    how is society organised in this context?
    isnt it this "productivity" of the society, that kills all life on this planet in full awareness of it?^^

    so, is this self-optimisation in this society an expression of our pure ideology?
    is jordan peterson an ideologist?

  5. My doubt is, is this the way to be successful or is it this the way to be a capitalism slave, employed in a company where the owner is relaxing playing golf at the Bahamas and you working with all your schedule and shit,
    like a workaholic, with no free time, no holidays, just to permit to your boss doing that life!?

  6. For me what motivated me is the price tag of what it would be if I was being paid for time-wasting…. not on my time matey!

  7. No one is watching something on you tube they don’t wanna watch, well maybe this video, I cannot listen it to the end

  8. You can take a man out of youtube,
    But you can never take youtube out of the man.

  9. What is a waste of time man? spend time playing music then become professional.Spend time playing sports then become athlet. People spend time clubing and dancing they become bardenders or pro dancers or managers. Do whatever you want. This person spent his time talking all the time never worked in a real company guess what…he become a youtube persona playing the Messiah Counselor.

  10. I think Jordan has been following me around for years taking notes.

  11. can confirm. ever since i made a realistic yet productive schedule they day before.(with a 5 minute gap on each specific activity). i have been more productive than i have ever been.

  12. motivate your self to become a better slave, if you like doing something that is not productive you shouldn't do that cause its "wasting your time", so get to work and earn alot of money for people who already have millions or billions, suck it up cause some billioner needs another yacht or a mansion cause his wife took his first mansion in divorce

  13. As long as you know you are a mess, accept, surrender, wait until you have the will.
    Be sure that someday your mind will have the upper hand. This is how it works.

  14. I obeyed for long time, I became a doctor, now can I play video games ?

  15. I have points though, in a corrupt society like where I am from this might bring adverse results. So this works may be in USA. Being smart or hardworking is pointless where I am from.

  16. The thing is "wasting time" merely refers to using time for yourself, to take a break, to not run after the money. This is very important time. You are not a machine that can work 24/7 so waste some of your time or you will get sick!

  17. Awesome!! Mind blowing!! Excellent!! Thank you for posting this video.

  18. Part of this condition is not-looking. If you get them looking then you can stimulate success.

  19. Never seen such a nonsense.. Nobody is able to work more than 10 hours a day with his brain. If you study more than 10h you may even get sick. The poor man his whole live is only work 🙁

  20. Just remember you will never come back to this moment this very second so what were you doing in that moment

  21. How many hours do humans need to devote to mindless activities? Not 50 hours but maybe 30. The mind needs down-time

  22. But if I didn’t waste time on YouTube I would never have watched this video.

  23. Things i learned
    1. Dont waste time
    2. Don't underestimate the little things it makes a difference in the world

  24. Why he said that the once the population reach 10Billion it will decline rapidly ? Anybody have any clue 😧

  25. I hate this development in society that we are forced to be effective (earn money)in every aspect of our lifes to be able to compete with people who work their asses of no matter how senseless or even anti-social the outcome of their job is or who start this life which is made more and more into a competition with much more money from their birth on. this bullshit ruins us all.

  26. I'm waisting my time watching this video about not to waisting my time xD

  27. and … what is the prize at the end of the tunnel Jordy? immortality? i will lay here, relaxed, until immortality invented.

  28. "What would do the person I wish to become?"
    If you read me : focus on the big toxic thing in your life.
    Cut the time you dedicate to it by half.
    Choose a thing to do you always wanted to do.
    Then leave toxicity and embrace all obstacles that lead to your goal <3
    Me: i told myself i don't wanna be a 40ys old man complaining about a stupid job and I applied to a school i always wanted to apply to : an art school it totally improved my life imo.

  29. There are always such meaningless ASSHOLES who dislike such meaningful videos. And I think this is the best way i start writing.

  30. After hearing this I deleting youtube. Yeah right nobody deleting nothing

  31. wow those last seconds were overwhelming… and im not his exgirlfriend

  32. All I watch is YouTube! I need to STOP STOP STOP! 😭 its making me cry on realising how much life I'm missing… I NEED HELP TO STOP THIS! I dont have many hobbies, my mom says she's broke and we cant do ANYTHING, I want to get a pet ferret but I dont know how to get the money,I might give up on drawing because it just gets me upset (because it's bad), my body is to weak and unmotivated, I like video games but my mom's internet on the ps4 had the password changed by someone else and the only games we have now are fortnite and Trove… I also like swimming but we dont have a pool, I like playing on trampolines but we also dont have that, I like painting things but we dont have any good paint, I love going on Adventures but my mom is too "broke" (even tho we wouldn't even go anywere when she HAD money)


  34. Currently I am wasting my time during watching this video, no one can movitvates you, it's come from inside

  35. A thorough, clear, concise and actionable summary:

    1. Daily Scheduling

    a. Schedule for the day you want (to be very efficient).

    b. Negotiate with yourself the best balance of opportunity, enjoyment and health.

    c. Does this plan care for me?

    d. What junk can I eliminate?

    2. Schedule Review:

    a. How accurate was my plan?

    b. How can I improve its accuracy?

    c. Did it improve me?

    3. Scheduling over time

    a. Set goals for yourself (in all aspects).

    b. Modify your goals as you develop.

    c. Keep a routine (for health and productivity).

    d. Improve things within your sphere of influence.

    4. Your Influence

    a. Writing (and learning how to) strongly develops how you think, discuss and influence.

    b. We are all nodes in a network that influence and effect each other (and therefore matter).

  36. There is an infinite amount of time in the world, so technically nobody is wasting time

  37. While i agree with most of it, i don't believe that watching a youtube video occasionally is a bad thing. Look if you are working let's say 8 hours a day as a software developer you need sometimes this 30 minutes watching youtube to relax and get everything out of the way.

  38. 제발 누가 한국어 자막좀 만들어 주셨으면 좋겠습니다 ㅠㅠㅠ
    Please make Korean Subtitle!😭

  39. Dropped out of college. Make jack for money. Curious to try certain things but I've seen multiple failures by many friends and it cost them big time. A few got lucky. Had one friend who was going to quit his job because they wouldn't give him day shifts initially. They called him back the next day and offered him a promotion with an 8 dollar per hour pay raise. Wtf. Thats not supposed to happen.

    When the recession hit in 2008, I lost my job and then my car. Started walking 5 miles one way to apply for jobs. Nothing. I only ended up getting a job on a whim from a friend about a year later. So luck was on my side for that. I guess hard work MAY pay off. But there is a healthy dose of luck with it when it comes to the job market.

  40. At 9:00, what is that book Gular de Capellica he's talking about? Did I say that correctly???

  41. I myself fucked my life, I failed in college and my friends are making a lot of money and I am unemployed and having a great competition to get 1/3 of what they are making

  42. It’s so arbitrary and sarcastic when you watch video about stop wasting your time while you actually wasting your time

  43. Woa woa woa 6:43 I want to hear more about that passing statement. You know the mass destruction part.

  44. Alhamdullilah, i really appreciate this advice, I'll definitely change inshaAllah

  45. My father should pay attention to the idea, "You need to pick a time to get up. Whatever time you want."

  46. I'm pretty (100%) sure that's one of Jordan's lectures that had music and some video footage placed on top of it, this is the kind of video that Peterson mentioned at 0:26, just watch his lectures.

  47. I post this under all videos of this type (though Jordan would probably tell me it is a waste of time) – WHY can we not get these motivational speech type videos WITHOUT the horrible and distracting "inspirational" music blaring in the back round???

  48. I watched this video on speed 1.25 that's what I call efficient !

  49. Yep, realized this after my first year of college. Imagine how much shit I could of done if I didnt play video games all day in high school

  50. Binge watching, this motivational videos, is infact, time wasting. Because you sitting and doing nothing.

  51. All these obvious advices come from people who have never actually had any serious problems with time waisting.

  52. You had to waste time on youtube to come to this video and get yourself to stop wasting time on youtube. Joke aside, I'M QUITTING YOUTUBE FOR A YEAR THANK YOU JP 🙂

  53. 가질려고하는 시간은 여자의 시간이며 과거나 외부에 종속된 시간이며 만들려고하는 자의 시간은 자유주체의 의지의 시간이다.그기에서 과거나 외부에 종속된 시간은 진정한 시간이 아니다.시간의 낭비이다.진정한 시간은 의지이다.

  54. Does the world need more highly productive people? shouldn`t you give priorities to your mental health and good relations?

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