Jurassic Sales Call

So, thanks for agreeing to meet with us about your storage needs. I brought a junior sales associate with me today. This is Michael. Nice to meet you. You too. Well, I’ve looked at your proposal, and I have to say, I’m very interested. Well, that’s great. I’ve had a chance to review your backup infrastructure, and I don’t want to be too critical here, but your platform is from when, the Jurassic era? Roar! Oh, very good. Thank you, Michael. You’re welcome. So, how about we jump into our recommended solutions? Sure. I know our tape system is a bit of a dinosaur, but– ROAR! Okay, Michael. Oh, okay. Alright. Thank you. We were hoping that our… Okay. Michael? It’s okay. …work with you would… Yes? Michael— …would increase the, uh… Michael? ROOOOOAAAAARRRR! ROOOAAR! MICHAEL! ROOAAR! Ahhh! So, do we have your business? No. Facing a Crucial Conversation? VitalSmarts can help. ROOOAAAR!

18 thoughts on “Jurassic Sales Call

  1. HAHAHA What the Hell? I laughed my ass off harder than I had all week. Here we have this serious book. And I expected some common training video on basic faux pas or boring thing about how someone was slightly unprofessional. I didn't expect some dude to go APESHIT in the video!! Well played! lol.

  2. at first I thought this was serious and I was like damb I love it then after that I relized I probably should use this dinasour technique in my mid term presentation for college lol

  3. Michael was trying to avoid a crucial conversation by acting like a Dinosaur! Well done Michael, you got no business! ROARRRR 😄

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