Just Plain Racist

Every fifty years or so we seem to go through
a racial upheaval in this country. Fifty years after the founding was the Missouri
Compromise, which just sort of kicked the slavery can down the road a bit until the
ultimate clash in the 1860s, the Civil War. But it obviously didn’t end there. Fifty years later, in the 1910’s and 20’s
was the golden age of the KKK. This is when most of the Confederate statues
were put up. Another fifty years went by and we had the
Civil Rights movement, with Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, and the Confederate
Flag. Before the 50s and 60s, the Confederate Flag
wasn’t really a thing. And here we are again fifty years later, with
Black Lives Matter and Neo-Nazis. So how the heck did we get here? Before we get into current events, it’s
important to take a step back and look at the overall picture. Neo-Nazis and the KKK have existed for decades
but they’re much more prominent and have much more support now, and something must
have caused that… and it wasn’t just Trump. So first, let’s define some terms. The big picture is xenophobia, which is the
fear or dislike of anyone different from you. Under xenophobia is racism, sexism, and islamophobia. These are all different, but they sometimes
overlap in the case of Islam, because it’s often coupled with racism against Arabs. Even though, as I’ve covered before, there
are Arab Christians, Arab Jews, and Arab everything else. But unlike disliking a religion or ideology,
racism is a dislike of a biological group of people. Yes you heard that correctly. Race is absolutely biological. It’s as much of a social construct as planets
are. We use certain physical characteristics to
group together and define them. So let’s define race. When talking about human beings, it is a group
of people with a shared set of common physical characteristics. Physical characteristics. That is darker skin, different shaped eyes,
you know what they are, okay? Let me be clear, there is no data to suggest
that race is connected to intelligence, criminality, or any other behavior… it’s entirely physical. Though different races do have different likelihoods
of different diseases (Such as Cystic Fibrosis, more common in white people, and sickle-cell
anemia, more common in black people). This doesn’t mean that any race is better
or worse than any other. It just means that we are different, and these
differences are biological and genetic in origin. There is no white gene or black gene or Asian
gene, it’s a set of common characteristics – not universal. There are black people with blue eyes, there
are white people dark skin. It’s as biological as your hair color…
your natural hair color. We’re all human, but we’re all different,
nobody is better or worse, but we’re different, okay? So can we… look there are many ways to fight
racism, but claiming that race is not biological or that it’s just a social construct is
not one of them. But, calling things that aren’t really racism
“racism” also doesn’t help. Like stereotypes. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and that reason
is Cognitive Ease. We all do it, every single one of you, including
me, no matter how hard you try not to. When you first meet someone, you try to figure
out what they are, whether it’s their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or whatever. And then your brain brings up a set of characteristics
about that group. For example, you find out that they’re Jewish
or Muslim and your brain brings up the fact that you probably shouldn’t offer them bacon. There are Jews and Muslims who do eat bacon
– but most of the time, they don’t, and that’s why your brain brings up that fact. Most stereotypes are harmless and just help
you interact with that person. Some of them are harmful, especially when
they incite you to violence or bigotry. But most of them are just kind of funny. That’s why they’re usually the topic of
jokes. Having stereotypes is not racist. Think about this, when you are correcting
or calling out someone for having a stereotype… do you call out the person who says that all
black people are drug dealing criminals… or do you verbally berate the person who makes
a watermelon joke. Odds are, most of the time, you’re talking
to the watermelon guy. You’re making them feel horrible, and possibly
defensive, for something that literally everyone does – when they’re not really the racist
you should be calling out. Maybe you think the jokes are harmful, and
okay. But thinking that all stereotypes are harmful
simply isn’t… because we all have them, because it is socially and evolutionarily
advantageous to have them. Speaking of which, racism isn’t learned. What did he just say? Racism isn’t learned. Hatred is learned. Racism is… innate. A common saying is that no baby is born racist…
well… that isn’t true. Babies understand morality as young as three
months old. At six months old, they show a bias and preference
for people with similar tastes and views as them – regardless of their morality. It’s as simple as liking a stuffed animal
that prefers the same food as them, even if that animal is a jerk to other stuffed animals. I always link my sources down below, but I’m
also going to link to a few videos which talk about these experiments, including this stuffed
animal one. And I know that sounds ridiculous to equate
this racism, but it shows that we have an innate, unlearned, base programming bias and
preference towards those who are similar to us – and this bias only grows as we grow. By the time we are able to recognize ourselves
in the mirror, we will start to show preference and bias towards those who look like us. Babies as young as 15 months old show racial
bias, or more specifically in-group racial bias. They will self-segregate and choose playmates
of the same race as them. And since babies understand morality and fairness,
they will also completely throw that out the window and prefer adults who unfairly distribute
toys in a way that favors their own race. And this is across races, by the way. Since three-month, six-month, and even fifteen-month
olds don’t yet have the language capacity to learn hatred, this shows that babies have
an innate racial bias and racial preference. And there is an evolutionary reason for that. Back in the day, other groups and races, people
who don’t look like or act like you, probably had a different immune system and different
pathogens than you. So it was advantageous to stay away from them. Now that obviously that isn’t true anymore
– but for tens or hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, it was true. And patches to our innate, base programming
takes longer than fifty or a hundred years. Now these are babies, so we wouldn’t really
call bias or preference “racism”, it’s just weird, funny quirk. But we would definitely call it racism if
they were an adult. And the thing is, these weird quirky preferences
extend into adulthood. You may not think you’re racist, you may
even be violently opposed to racism. But here’s an example. You are told to take a seat – there are
four chairs. In the far right seat is someone of your race,
and in the far left seat is someone of another race. Almost always, without thinking about it,
you will sit next to the person of the same race as you. Is that racism? Or is that just a vestige of the same racial
preference that we might laugh about in babies? There are many legitimate ways to fight racism,
but saying that racism is learned, isn’t one of them. Hatred is learned. Having those thoughts, and preferences, and
biases, is natural. It doesn’t make you a bigot or a racist
– unless you act on them. It’s the same with sex. When you see someone attractive, you might
initially have thoughts that are… best left as thoughts. They are natural to have. But if you act on them… that’s when we as a society have to step
in. The thoughts themselves are not wrong, and
telling someone that they are a terrible person for having them doesn’t help. That makes them defensive, rather than open
minded. We need to teach that it’s okay to have
these natural thoughts, and here’s how to overcome them. Not that you are a terrible person for having
them in the first place. Likewise, coming up with new terms like Microagression,
in order to say – “You’re not really racist, you’re only a little racist” – doesn’t
help either. This only muddies the water and makes people
who aren’t racist defensive. Or “cultural appropriation.” Many of us were brought up and taught to learn
about and appreciate other cultures. We would have days in school where we would
dress up and celebrate some other culture’s holiday. And that’s great! But now, we’re being told that we can’t
eat certain foods or dress in a certain way because it’s not part of our heritage, and
that’s cultural appropriation. You can’t celebrate diversity and multiculturalism
and be against cultural appropriation at the same time, these things are at odds with each
other. And when you do that, it makes people just
throw up their hands, say forget it, and retreat into their in-group, where they won’t be
told what to do or how to think. And things like Black Lives Matter don’t
help either. The movement itself is fine, but let’s admit
that’s a terrible name choice. Because while not it’s intention, it implies
that black lives matter more than any other race. Which is why some white people get defensive
have a problem with it. It means that black lives matter just as much
as every other race’s life… but that’s not really a catchy hashtag. Which brings us to White Privilege. White Privilege is obviously a thing, however
it’s likewise a terrible term, so white people have a hard time seeing it. When you tell someone that they need to “check
their privilege”, their first reaction will be defensive – what white privilege? It kind of implies that they get something
extra, like a monthly check or a discount at Walmart. When they don’t feel like that – they likely
fall into one of two categories. They either just went through several bouts
of unemployment and financial uncertainty during the recession, so when you say they
have a privilege, they think they must be exception to that privilege – they obviously
haven’t had it easy. Or, they’re well off and feel that they
worked hard during college to get to where they are, so clearly, they don’t have privilege
either. A good example of what is meant by White Privilege
is that cops are far less likely to shoot you. You may think that that’s the norm. And it should be. You might think that white people don’t
get anything extra, they get “base level” – the problem is that minorities get treated
like… less than that. So if you understand that, you can understand
what White Privilege is supposed to mean. As I’ve said, the problem is that that’s
not how it comes off, it comes off as white people being the problem, because they’re
getting something extra that they shouldn’t. So to people who have already retreated into
their in-group and every time they look outwards, they’re being told they’re part of the
problem… well… Look, I don’t need a psych study to prove
this, we have a larger sample study than we could ever hope for here, and guess what – Trump
won. And while not everyone who voted for Trump
is a racist, not everyone who voted for him is a white supremacist, many of them roll
their eyes at social justice. Many of them are tired of being told what
to say and that they are the problem. Of course, political correctness and social
justice are not solely to blame, but, if they were working, he wouldn’t have been elected. So we ignore them as a contributing factor
at our own peril. And obviously, the KKK and the Neo-Nazis have
existed long before Trump, but they are oddly more popular than you would expect if social
justice was working. So you end up with things like the UnitetheRight
rally this last weekend. What did you think I wasn’t going to talk
about this? Let’s make one thing clear, this was not
a spontaneous grassroots demonstration. This was a planned rally by white supremacists
and Nazis. Yeah, technically they’re not Nazis – they’re
not members of the German National Socialist Party. So fine they’re wannabe Nazis or Neo-Nazis. It doesn’t matter, this isn’t some leftist
name-callling. When you do things like this, or carry flags
like this, you’re a Nazi. And these weren’t just some fringe group
who showed up un-invited. These were the guys who got the permits to
hold this rally. So if you were just there to defend our history
or whatever, as soon as you saw those flags you should have just walked away. But I digress, if you want to know more about
the rally itself, I’ll put a link to the Vice News segment down below. Consider it required viewing. They wanted to show that they aren’t just
some internet meme, and that they have real numbers and a clear message. They even say that they want to use ethnic
cleansing in order to create an ethno-state. It will make you angry, and it should make
you angry. This wasn’t a rally to defend a statue,
even though that was the stated purpose. I’ve discussed this before, but the topic
has come boiling up again. It’s time to drop the Confederate stuff. As I’ve discussed on this channel several
times, the Confederacy existed for one purpose – to keep slavery. That point isn’t in dispute. It actually makes me quite angry to see people
defending Robert E Lee by saying that he abhorred slavery, by using the same quote that I – you
know what, here. This is a popular meme on facebook. And by that sentence, yeah, it sure sounds
like he disliked slavery. But they’re cutting off the next several
sentences, like “I think it is a greater evil to the white than to the colored race. The blacks are immeasurably better off here
than in Africa, morally, physically, and socially.” It goes on and gets worse, link to his full
letter down below. But, he was very pro slavery. Or they’ll show this one. Yes, Grant owned slaves through his wife’s
estate. You know who else did? Robert E Lee. He owned his own slaves, and then a few years
later inherited more through his wife’s estate, he eventually freed them in 1862 – in
the middle of the Civil War. But I also really enjoy this meme, because
yes, there is a Lenin statue in Seattle, but the people there have been complaining about
it since it went up. But it’s on private property, so it’s
much harder to take down. Unlike the several Lee statues which are on
public property – and that’s part of the problem. These statues went up in public places mostly
in the 1910’s and 20’s, during the hayday of the KKK, as signals to black people to
know your place… at least, that’s how they saw them. As I said in the beginning of the video, fifty
years later, during the Civil Rights Movement, the Confederate flag became a thing. Obviously, it existed during the Confederacy,
but it kind of went away for almost a hundred years, and as you should know, this isn’t
the flag of the Confederacy. This is. This is the “stars and bars” – so what
the heck is this? It’s the Confederate battle flag and naval
ensign. Similar to this, actually. Do you know what this is? It’s not just the top corner of the US flag,
it’s the naval ensign, or at least it was until 2002. It’s what was flown on the back of ships
to tell everyone that this is an American ship. If a picture tells a thousand words, than
this says a lot more than just “The Confederacy.” It’s a symbol of what the Confederacy stood
for – and no, not states’ rights. Slavery… and white supremacy over black
people. There is a reason why the Neo-Nazis were walking
around looking like this. That’s a nazi flag… Pretty easy to figure out what it is and what
it means… I don’t really know what this flag is…
but this seems a little out of place if it’s just a symbol of states’ rights right next
to the Nazi one. This used to be a Hindu symbol for thousands
of years. Then some jerk in the 1930’s used it and
completely changed its meaning for everyone forever. If I were to get a tattoo of this and tried
to tell everyone that it’s just a symbol of good luck, nobody would believe me. So even if, up to this point, you believe
that this flag stands for states’ rights or southern pride… that’s not what it
means anymore. Some jerks have taken it and changed it. It’s just plain racist. And if pictures say a thousand words, then
a 3D statue in a public space says a million. It’s not just a monument to the person,
it’s a monument to what they stood for. What are they remembered for? The argument that removing statues will erase
history is dumb. First of all, they aren’t destroying the
statues, they’re simply putting them in museums. But even if they were destroying them, that
doesn’t take them out of history books. You haven’t seen a Hitler statue, yet we
all know who he is. Likewise, the “where will it end” argument
isn’t valid either. Nobody wants to take down statues of Washington
or Jefferson. They were founding fathers and presidents. They were slave owners, but that’s not what
they’re remembered for. Martin Luther King was an adulterer, Gandhi
was an extreme racist and weird pseudo-pedophile, but that’s not what they’re remembered
for either. What is Robert E Lee? A Confederate general. The argument that they were rebels, traitors,
and losers, while true, doesn’t help either. It’s not a statue to them losing. And there are statues to historical losers
everywhere. This is a statue of William Wallace, if you
saw Braveheart, you know that he lost. But that’s not why he has a statue in Scotland. It’s because he’s a symbol of the Scottish
national identity and fought against English tyranny. There are many legitimate reasons to remove
Confederate statues, but bringing up that they lost the war isn’t one of them. So what is a Confederate general statue for? If you said the Southern identity, you need
to ask yourself what that means. Because unlike the Scottish, the Southern
identity is rooted in racism. Thinking that the Civil War was over states’
rights or southern pride, is all part of the Lost Cause myth. I’ve mentioned it a few times in the past
but I’ve never really explained it. I’ll put a link to a few blog posts below
by people who grew up believing in the Lost Cause, one of which is by Rhett from Rhett
and Link. If there’s enough interest, I’d be happy
to make a video about it. But it’s a myth. A Robert E Lee statue is a monument to the
Confederacy, which stood for slavery, white supremacy, and… little else. That’s why these statues have become Neo-Nazi
holy sites, and I wish I was exaggerating, but that’s what last week’s rally and
many upcoming rallies are centered around. Look, we all thought this type of racism was
dead and gone, or at best, a small fringe. We were wrong. And in our ignorance, they’ve gained strength
and convinced people from the middle to at least quietly support them by saying that
their cause is to preserve history or defend freedom of speech. I will not say that silence or doing nothing
is as bad as carrying a nazi flag, because it’s obviously not. But I don’t think that we can sit by and
simply watch this on the news or read about it on facebook anymore. What can you do? I don’t have the answer to that, every person
has to find that out on their own, I just made a video though, so… I’m doing my part! And the next time someone tells you you’re
a terrible person for laughing at an innocent racial stereotype joke or that it’s just
a symbol of southern pride, hopefully now, you’ll know better. So what do you think about these rallies,
is it hate speech or just free speech? Let me know down in the comments below, and
don’t forget to appropriate that subscribe button.

100 thoughts on “Just Plain Racist

  1. What do you think about these rallies? Is it hate speech, or just free speech?

  2. minorities are not more likely to be killed by police. we have these statistics available to us.

  3. That black flag has something to do with Celtics. White Nationalist usually have a fondness for Celtic and Nordic cultures.

  4. in japan, religious institutions can still get away with using it as a good luck symbol

  5. Microagressions are a thing though, as cringy as the word sounds.

    The phenomenon that the word basically describes is that the little nudges, maybe even subcontious nudges, such as white women trembling when they are in an elevator with a black man, or even when a service industry worker looks at black or white, darker skinned people as if they were criminals, can indeed be fairly damaging when they add up over a lifetime.

    Being constantly bashed like this makes, for this example, black people feel like they are trash, it creates anxiety, and could even work to make them feel like they are supposed to be criminals. When someone does it, it may not seem this bad but it really is, especially if weird looks and gasps and such is happening constantly, and not just like a one off. It takes a toll on a person.

    I dont think anyone should be shamed for this too much though, and it even occurs if you are aware of this concept. However we should educate people about it so that they become more aware of their actions and how the other person might perceive it.

    That being said fuck "cultural appropriation". I mean stealing/exchanging cultures is the basis of any civilisation, not just modern ones either. Mixing cultures and using other people's cultures should be seen as something beautiful, not as an imperialist show of force.

  6. Robbert E Lee sure wasn't the worst egg in the basket, but he was a racist. To think that anything else was the case is nothing but naive. None of the sides where really against slavery, one side's economy was just heavily dependent on it.
    Robbert E Lee was one of the better men on the southern side of the war, but that doesn't make him worthy to be celebrated.
    Robbert E Lee was a great officer and strategist, I guess you can give him that. But it is not as if people go around celebrating Mao for that. I mean the Chinese does, but that is expected.

  7. this man is prejudice to southerners and is slanted toward the left moderate my as

  8. Would like to add that the Hindu symbol for good luck was also found in Europe thousands of years ago. It was kind of international

  9. Im the opposite of you. I like the slogan "black lives matter" but i dont like all the movements actions

  10. I mostly agree with you on all your videos but you seem to be a little left biased in this one, rather than your usual center of the spectrum views

  11. just because some people (the KKK and other hate groups) use the confederate flag, doesn't mean that everyone who flies it is racist.

  12. the statue of Silent Sam here in North Carolina was torn down by protesters, very unfortunate.

  13. I've watched at least twenty of your other videos so far, and this is the only one that I don't like. I can only hope that two years of further research, and the newly released documentary about Cambridge Analytica have affected your perspectives.

  14. "There are Jews and Muslims who eat bacon"
    Well, maybe not pork since it isn't halal or kosher. So, it is less of a stereotype and more of a religious belief

  15. 14:30 Thor's flag, basically means the same as the Nazi flag, only swap Ubermensch with Cool White Vikings.

  16. Swastika wasn't just used by the Hindu's, it's a LITTLE bit older than that.
    … As in it's seen in one way or another in every civilization going back up to, and beyond, where technically "civilizations" didn't exist yet.
    That cross predates pretty much every symbol we've found with any level of complexity in it.
    (And i still firmly believe that it's not racist if not used in that context. Feel free to believe otherwise, i'm of the opinion that you're wrong. Symbols do not carry meaning. Meaning carries meaning.)

  17. The social construct thing- it’s not people saying that those phenotypical characteristics don’t exist, it’s saying that the way we grouped people based on those characteristics was arbitrary, and for social reasons. I really recommend White Identity by Thought Slime, who goes through it pretty well.

    Obviously, specific phenotypical characteristics tend to occur in people who came from a certain geographical area. But there is no hard line separating those people from any other people- it’s more of a gradient. And that’s another reason why people say race isn’t biological. Because those genetics that cause those characteristics change slowly in a gradient over an area- no hard lines.

    And also- what is white? Who is white? Well, that changed over time, and it had nothing to do with learning more science- it’s purely social. Irish and Italian people used to be considered not white. But they are now, because the social conventions changed.

    Also in regards to genetic diversity, there’s more diversity within people from Africa than there is between people living in opposite sides of the world. Which makes sense when you consider human migration.

    All race is, is a social construct to group people who come from a certain area, based on the shared phenotypical characteristics the people of that area tend to share. The very idea of dividing people based on those characteristics is a social construct- that’s what people mean. And social construct doesn’t mean that it’s non existent or even that it isn’t really important. Money is a social construct- but that won’t get me out of paying rent tomorrow.

    I hope that helps to clear things up.

  18. What monument has been moved to a musuem. I'll wait. Also, how were they traitors? Do you even know the definition of traitor? The minute you put neo-nazis and Confederate monuments together you lose your credibility. The nazis tried and did killed millions. The Confederacy didn't and the majority of southern men didnt own slaves nor were they fighting to keep slavery. Read a book buddy. You know, a thing with a front and back, sometimes comes in hardcover or softcover and has pieces of paper in between them. Those pieces of paper including words that make sentences and paragraphs .

    I'd love to see your sources for this bullshit video.

  19. However, to prevent cultural appropriation one must understand the meaning of a certain aspect of a culture not just wear and engage the aesthetics of it. For example, you want to wear a 'qipao' dress, wear it at an event that celebrates China's victory over Japan during WWII or any other Chinese related events, not at prom.

    It's better to be against cultural appropriation (because to me it's part of 'liberal racism') than not to defend a human's dignity of cultural identities from misrepresentation or misuse.

  20. While I don't believe in keeping the statues relevant and open or agree with their meaning, Americans fought and died for what their interpretation of the Constitution allowed. So I'd say remove the statues on the personal basis of the person its modeled after, if it is just a memorial to the average Confederate Soldier then it is right to let them keep it if we still hold statues of Union Soldiers

  21. Tl;dr- “microagression” and “cultural appropriation” are sociology words that describe things that some groups of people do, not civil rights words that define aspects of discrimination.

    (Obviously sociology can and should inform civil rights, but misused sociology just makes people confused)

    I think the ideas of microagressions and cultural appropriation are overstated and miscommunicated outside of their intended fields of use. They’re tools for trying to understand the structure of not just racism, but sociology in general. They aren’t “things white people do wrong” in the same way that eating and resting doesn’t make someone a bad athlete.

    “Microagression” is just the idea that lots of little things can add up to a hostile environment – it might not be overt aggression like hate speech or harassment, but when everyone is making you an outsider or belittling you these small aggressions hurt all the same.

    “Cultural appropriation”, similarly is just the idea of adopting something from another culture into your own. Burritos, sombreros, and the word “pajamas” were all culturally appropriated – no one to be taken seriously argues that you shouldn’t be allowed to eat burritos or wear pajamas just because Spanish speaking peoples introduced them to us.

    I hope someone could see how being able to describe a toxic environment characterized by lots of small acts of meanness or to describe the way one culture receives and understands aspects of another culture can be important when discussing racism. I’ll explain briefly either way:

    Microagression – with respect to race, a microagression is a small act of racism – there’s nothing wrong with a joke at your friend’s expense about how they must like watermelon, but multiple strangers starting off by telling your friend where to find watermelon when he’s only asking about where he can find eggs starts to become a nuisance. Take it a step further: your friend is one of only a few black people at his work place. For an office party he bakes a cake. Before he reveals what he brought, seven of his ten coworkers suggest individually that it must be watermelon, without bringing up his race. Nobody addresses these comments when they see that he went to the trouble of baking a whole cake for everyone. This happens every time he cooks something to share with his coworkers – every time he puts the work in to cook something in his own kitchen on his own time, watermelon is brought up by the majority of his coworkers instead of the other things he’s cooked.

    This isn’t harassment, it isn’t hate speech or hate crime, it isn’t even overt racism. But over time something like this kinda wears you down and makes you uncomfortable in one way or another. Naming this kind of interaction a “microagression” is how sociologists describe the ways people can hurt each other without meaning to. One of the main focuses of using the term is to investigate reasons why women or minorities are underrepresented in things they have equal access to on paper – black college students are way less likely than average to go for a science, technology, engineering, or math degree. It’s not because they can’t do the work – they made it to college just fine and perform comparably to the average in all the classes connected to those fields. Is part of the reason that black people feel less welcome because of an unwelcoming environment – an environment where people microagress against them more often?

    Note that this is a question, not an answer or a statement. Again, “microagression” is an idea that it a tool to describe certain social patterns, not like the single great bastion of hate holding all of racism together. It shouldn’t be very prevalent in conversation beyond recognizing that it happens and therefore respecting it when someone asks you not to do certain things that make them uncomfortable.

    That’s it. To most people it’s a justification for respectful and mannerly conversation. Don’t get confused just because someone gave it a name.

    “Cultural appropriation” – How can one culture borrowing something from another prevent good interracial relations? That certainly sounds like the basic ideal of the “melting pot” philosophy, which most people see as good. There’s two sides to this:

    1. Culture changes as it’s absorbed by others, and people forget certain important parts of that culture
    2. Not all parts of other cultures are adopted equally, and the adoption varies from total incorporation to hostile, stigmatizing rejection

    Let’s take it piece by piece:
    1 – some people are losing parts of their culture as it is absorbed into another i.e. cultural appropriation is erasing/overwriting parts of a culture. Basically, this is the equivalent of a school teacher misusing a meme to try and be popular with the youth. A 53 year old man talking at a pep rally about how the football team will “pwn” this season and how he hopes the rally will “rustle everyone’s jimmies” before the big game because “Harambe would want you to support your school’s team” is just kinda gross. The guy has the basic idea about meme culture – rustling jimmies does mean people are agitated. It doesn’t mean that in a good way, though.

    But who cares, right? It’s not like meme culture matters that much – except that this can happen to much more important things. Dream catchers are kind of a special thing to the Ojibwe Native Americans, as well as to the OTHER Native Americans who received (culturally appropriated) the idea and use of dream catchers from the Ojibwe. So when a teenager with no idea what a dream catcher does or really is gets a tattoo of one, a corrupted, mistranslated version of the culture is being appropriated. I hope it’s kinda obvious what the difference is between people adopting one of your spiritual practices and people just kinda spreading misinformation about what it is. One is acceptable, good for everyone, even. The other is confusing and uncomfortable for the adopters and the adopted, respectively.

    2. What’s the big deal if you appropriate some things and not all of them? It’s not like you can just become a member of another culture completely, so obviously you can’t appropriate the entire culture. The thing is, there’s a difference between adopting parts of a culture and segmenting parts of a culture into categories like “desirable” and “undesirable”. For example: innovative music is desirable; smoking marijuana is undesirable. This is how you get jazz and rock being super popular music genres founded by a primarily black community before being adopted by a more white community, but “jazz cigarettes” (something that marijuana joints were called for a while) are so dangerous they need to be regulated and prosecuted more strictly than heroin, cocaine, and meth.

    No one to be taken seriously will argue that jazz or rock “belong to black people” and so white people should be banned from performing and listening to it. No one to be taken seriously will argue that white people should be encouraged or forced to smoke marijuana. But the disparity between what and how things get appropriated is a problem sometimes.

    So to sum up, cultural appropriation is a part of discussing racism because it contributes to or manifests as racist ideology and hate speech. No one wants to take away Chipotle, rock music, or fried rice – but at the same time people don’t want to lose their family history or their religion, and people really don’t want to see things they made be taken for a spin while other things about them are attacked, mocked, or discriminated against.

    Cultural appropriation, the act of adopting something from another culture into your own, is just another way that we talk to strangers and learn about each other. It comes up because you can do those things in a rude or mean way, and because people don’t want to be treated rudely or meanly. That’s nothing that needs a big deal made of it on it’s own, so don’t get defensive or on edge when the topic comes up.

    Racism is not ever going to just stop or disappear, which is why people study and describe it. That gets screwy when people describe it poorly, though. “Cultural appropriation” and “microagressions” aren’t really new ideas, they’re just things we named relatively recently in pretty narrow fields of study. They’re a part of how we all interact with everyone, not just how racists act racist. Don’t get spooked by these words just because they’re new to you or because they’ve been poorly explained. They’re ways to talk about stuff a lot of people care about – and hopefully now you can talk about them too.

  22. Southerners bastardized even tea.
    They call any tea that doesn't have 5 pounds of sugar as unsweetened like it was sweet in the first place.

  23. They're called dog breeds and not Races for a reason. I think the more accurate term "ethnic background" is a lot more appropriate. Since the term human Race was specifically designed to imply that people of different ethnic background should not inter-marry so-as to preserve some vague notion of "blood purity" …a notion as old and perverse as the myriad of failed, heavily-inbred monarchies that litter the annals of human history.

  24. Just as the video put it: racism is one of those things that's natural to have, but not societally viable to act on. Stereotypes are part of that natural thing. The only harmful ones are the ones acted upon that are, err, bad (e.g those blacks must be gangsters) or the false (dem blakcs r dummer).

    *N.B I'm assuming that a higher percentage of black people in the USA are gangster or gangsta when compared to everyone combined. Which is a bad stereotype. I'm a hypocrite.

  25. Woodrow Wilson was one of the most openly racist Presidents we ever had. That's when all those statues went up and the KKK peaked.

  26. My only defense for statues is historic value. I'm surprised he didn't mention that as being of value, being a channel about history.

  27. Why is it LGBTQ12A+ or whatever it is now
    There are only 2 genders
    Homosexual marriage is good
    Transgender people are fine
    LGBT is a fine term, it gets the point across

  28. I enjoy most of your videos, but white people aren't less likely to get shot by police. That's just incorrect. According to statistics.

  29. So if racism isn’t learned and it’s in fact biological, then how do you explain interracial relationships, if we are naturally racist then I find my half-Samoan girlfriend inferior to me because I’m white. No, that is false I love very much, and you ask ANYONE in an interracial relationship they find their partner equal to them. So you asserting that we are all naturally racist, and yes you did mention that some are more racist than others, is not true. Yes there are racists, but how do you explain people finding others races other than their own more attractive than their own.

  30. The blue flag with white stars is not and never was the US naval ensign. The US naval ensign is the same as the US national flag, the Stars and Stripes. The ensign flies above the fantail of naval ships when in port. The blue flag with white stars was the naval jack which flies above the bow when naval ships are in port. At sea, neither ensign nor jack are flown. Instead, when under way, a steaming ensign is flown from the main mast.

  31. And if the statues are taken down, great insights of the past would not be shared as often. You would not be discussing the history of these statues if they were taken down. It would be a shame if this history gets put away in a museum, so to only be remembered in historical discussions between children on a field trip.

  32. The Neo-Nazis could barely get 500 people to attend a march and couldn't even get the protection they have a right to. They wetter physically attacked and the bay majority of the media and the legal system de facto approved. The President was condemned merely for mentioning violence against them. How are they powerful?

  33. Usually couple worth racism against Arabs? Citation needed. Oh and hating Islam is not a phobia because fearing a religion that literally orders my death is not irrational.

  34. "We have a problem on the left."
    – Sam Harris.
    The understatement of the century.

  35. Race is a biological group of people. Even though there is no clear distinction between races and there are no clear categorisation of such and how people define race depends on where and when you live and throughout US history it changed numerous times….but, you know, completely fundamental biological characteristic, like species

  36. You fail to mention the equal amount of Union statues in the North honoring their own dead? Very clear bias against the South like many people these days, the South lost a third of their young male population, show a little respect..

  37. First they came for the nazis, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a nazi.

    Then they came for the nazis, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a nazi.

    Later they came for the nazis, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a nazi.

    And then they came for the nazis. And then I learned I was a nazi.

  38. Well yeah, racism is to a degree innate because similarity bias and tribalism are. Yes, it is natural to have such thoughts. We need more people saying stuff like that.

    There is, however, a trait called “identification with all humanity” that has been a recent target of study. It would probably be good to see how we could spread that in our culture like how other traits are made more and less common in different cultures.

  39. I wish you'd reference some of the claims you make. You sound like your pontificating otherwise.

  40. Islamophobia is not real. If you are not afraid of islam, it means you are just ignoring the bloodthirsty inhuman brainwashing machine that's approaching! All religions are bad, but islam is special because it was written from scratch with the intention to create mindless war gorillas out of men, slaves out of women, total disconnect with nature, and it was never in history a part of a civilized society, or even had contact-adaptation or communication to a civilized society, and thus had ZERO adaptation to human elements of freedom, happiness, wisdom!

    YouTube, if you delete this comment too, I will go berserk on social media against you! I lost my home to islam, I need to be heard! This is NOT a bigot cowboy speaking, I know islam as much as their sect leaders!

  41. Actually they DO want to take down statues of Washington and Jefferson. SOOO the "WHERE WILL IT END" argument is valid because the left will never be satisfied.

  42. I was living in Charlottesville when all of this happened. The torch party marched past my window. I saw the car attack the next day. Being there was really scary, and this video coming out soon after the attack was a moment of clarity and relief for me. I still come back to it occasionally to relisten to calm down. Thanks for making such thoughtful and empathetic content.

  43. 6:56 lmao no, people just sit wherever they see a free seat. Where tf did you get that from.

    I like your video but most of this is just mental gymnastics. You’re getting studies that aren’t connected and then trying to add connections between them. Like trying to use babies to explain everyone is naturally subconsciously racist

  44. 11:27 AKCTAULLY

    You were right when you said they are Nazi wannabes. The Nazis were a German Nationalist Party in the 1930's and 40's. They weren't fully racist to just other than white because they hated the Italians. Not to mention that they even liked the Asians which weren't a white race but a race of they're own. They only like races of people that carried Aryan blood (If you don't know what that is, look it up.) They loved the Irish, British, and French yet they went to war. Why? Because Britain and France didn't like the idea of Nazism and so they only hated Britain and France was because they knew they were the ones who won World War 1 and ended the Second Reich aka the German Empire. The Nazi Empire aimed to revive the old German Empire much like how Fascist Italy wanted to revive the Roman Empire. Sadly, both failed to revive dead Empires.

    I highly, HIGHLY doubt the "neo-Nazis" are actually "Nazis" because, sure they were carrying Nazi flags and did the Nazi solute, but that doesn't make them Nazis. You could call them that if they were to aim to bring back the Nazi Empire and not to only look like foolish morons, but other than that, they are only Nazi wannabes. neo-Nazis are really just Nazi wannabes. The Nazis died out because of the Soviet Union winning the war against Nazi Germany. Now, people in GERMANY who want to bring back the Nazi Empire are Nazis SIMPLY because they want to bring back Nazi Germany. Sadly, that will never happen. Germany is a Democracy, and they learned their lesson to not give random people Dictating power even if the economy begins to plummet again just like during the Great Depression.

  45. 2:05 – Um, yes there is. Quite a lot, actually. Dozens of IQ test surveys, adoption surveys, criminality and victimization surveys, and much else all dispute that claim (not to mention a ton of history, like invention, literature, philosophy, and much else going back thousands of years). You can down play the data or devalue all the evidence or point out, rightly, that individual characteristics are more relevant than racial differences in assuming a person's criminality and intelligence, but you can't just say "there is zero evidence" and move on.

  46. 9:43 That's wrong too. Several huge studies demonstrate that police are actually less likely to shoot black suspects in specific real life cases for entire cities, training exercise studies, and in aggregate crime studies comparing their death rate by cop with their criminality in deadly crimes. It is also the case that black officers are just as likely to shoot black suspects as white officers. In fact, these studies all indicate that cops are biased to kill white suspects, relative to black suspects. This may be do to any number of factors, but you are wrong in any event.

  47. 15:35 Yes. Yes they do want to take down monuments to Washington and Jefferson. I should also point out that, while the confederacy was formed in very large part to maintain the slave economy, the confederacy was only necessary to be formed because it was becoming increasingly apparent that the national government was superseding its original charter and interfering in state affairs on a more consistent basis. This was proven true when the Union refused to allow the confederate states to leave peacefully well after they seceded by effectively blockading Charleston harbor and not relinquishing Ft Sumter.

  48. So, meaning is something you determine? Thanks. I will remember that the next time I look at anything and give you a call to find out what it means to me. Read a few volumes on the topic and you may change your mind about whether or not the common soldier or their, honestly, reluctant leader (Lee) deserves a memorial in their honor for their battlefield honor, not that a minority of them owned a slave or two. You may also appreciate the fact that your argument would also rule out statutes to the Union, Grant, or Lincoln, as they said and imposed very racist laws and precepts and, more importantly, only freed their slaves because it was economical to do so. What the south needed was more industrialization, not to lose a third of its men defending itself from Lincoln's personal little concept of what the Union was.

  49. I really relate to that first part….

    I feel the people who are quick use the racist card are the same people encouraging these extreme fringe movements…

  50. I generally agree with some parts of the video especially about “learning racism” and the difference between that and hatred. I don’t agree with saying Most of the people who voted for trump are a racist. I do agree with the confederate flag becoming a racist object (I didn’t think so at first but as the video went on I understand and agree with you). I agree with the stance on cultural appropriation, and micro aggression. I think generally white privilege is a thing. Not really in America but in the world It exists. Nazis aren’t a thing becoming larger again. These are just my opinions. I don’t think anyone is gonna read this but if you did not thank you for listening to my opinion and whether you agree or not have a nice day.

  51. Also equating Lenin with confederate motherfuckers is an affront, Lenin sought to empower the working class, literally the opposite of what the confederacy stood for

  52. Though I agree that the genuinely toxic 'sjw' cultural trends helped trump get elected, it seems also like the Republicans were getting extreme much before then. Maybe there is a plurality in america who really couldnt deal with having a black well spoken president and chose his opposite. Microaggressions and some black lives matter discourses may have delegitimised the canaries but the explosion had been going in the coal mine for ages.

  53. the saddest part is that I learned about the Lost Cause myth is US history class in 6th grade. Virginia is pretty laid back

  54. You had me until white privilege and your simplistic viewing of confederates when everything before was elaborate. You also put no context IN Robert E Lee's quote, you only put context OF it.

  55. Wait are you saying that most people have rape fantacies about people they're attracted to?

  56. On your cultural appropriation point, I am against a specific type of cultural appropriation.

    I believe when many people use the term (at least in my experience) they are referring to when a culture is appropriated, but then corrupted or changed in some way that makes it not actually celebrating that heritage.

  57. You got one thing wrong here.
    Islamophobia isn't a thing, it's a word invented by the muslim brotherhood to associate criticism of islam with racism.
    Check your sources.

  58. I agree complete EXCEPT for what you said about BLM implying mattering more. This is mostly nitpicking but "black lives matter" really implies "black lives ALSO matter"

  59. Technically, something can be both a social construct and a biological thing. All social constructs really are are ideas that are generally accepted among the society as a whole or even multiple societies. When someone asserts that "race is a social construct" they are usually arguing our understanding of what is considered one race or another is influenced by society and societal norms. Race is biological but the categories we create surrounding race are in effect, societal. For example, someone can be both genetically Black and Jewish, white and black, etc. There genetic traits that can be somewhat looked at, but it is the society that decides the significance of those traits. Still love you video and your work, man.

  60. I agree with most of your premise, however we have to be clear that hate speech, is protected free-speech. As long as it doesn’t cross the line to direct crimes, including violence.

  61. What am I doing? Well, I've made a couple of vows.
    1. If I see discrimination, I will not just make empathy face. I will speak up.
    2. I will not watch any form of entertainment where an African American man's character is violent or carries weapons, etc.
    Also, after his description of Confederate flags, and the naval ensign, does anyone else think that flag looks like it's got a message. As in NO to America? They were trying to secede from America. So that kinda tracks. I don't mean that's what it's used for today. I mean do we think that the person who created that flag during the civil war had that intention in mind?

  62. the word racist and the word racism is now a joke. you all have the progressives to thank for that and all of us who think this is all BS thank you for buying it hook, line and sinker. crazy times ahead.

  63. A believe that the confederacy was to protect the souths rights not just slavery and my issue is that Robert E Lee statue being taken down is the equivalent of book burning not that it will be erased just that you are taking away a symbol of knowledge and also there are alot of people who want to take down the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials

  64. Anthropologists: Race is not a genetic thing, it's a social thing based on victorian psuedo-science to segregate physical features to make a hierarchy of 'better' races

    Biologists: There's no such thing as races, at most we're clines but even that is reaching, genetically we're too similar and the vast majority of common genetic material in one place can be found in the most of the world's population due to a 'bucket passing' like pattern.

    Race is absolutely a thing. A social thing. We should simultaneously cement the idea that it is a social thing based on material conditions and history (culturally taught discrimination, generational wealth, lack of normalisation, etc) and at the same time dispel the idea that the word 'race' as we use it in biology, or have used it in race-science before we even knew what DNA was, has any basis in genetics of physical characteristics.

    The sooner the myth of 'race' being a physiological thing is dispelled, and we understand that it speaks of a social interaction between humans based on perceived (not measured) physiological traits the better, hell, the word 'Race' doesn't help with that, but I guess we have history to thank for that.

    I honestly get your point, arguing about it wastes time, pretending 'human race' doesn't exist even as social issue is bad but being on the same page of what race means historically, what most laymen understand when they think of the word and whatnot, it really does more good than harm to dispell the idea that Race isn't a real genetic thing, because as far as the experts go, it doesn't

  65. Wait, so Robert E Lee as a renowned military commander was not celebrated for his tactical ingenious and how he managed to defeat the enemy while he was inferior in strength in several occasions, but for remembering a certain economic system?

  66. That black flag is an Odinist flag I believe. They're white supremacists trying to create some kind of viking-style Aryan religion with the Norse pantheon.

  67. I let “watermelon jokes” slide as long as they aren’t harmful, but i never tolerate homophobic jokes. There are plenty of people who are actually homophobic, compared to actual sexists or racists. I think we’re not quite out of the stage where jokes can still be interpreted as bigotry; once lgbt+ rights are secured in more places and the number of anti-lgbt+ people decreases, I’ll be fine with jokes. Just not yet.
    Great job on this video, it’s one of the most descriptive and insightful videos about this topic on YouTube.

  68. Interesting video. But the experiment with babies, if anything, proves you do learn racism…like how could you miss that? The more time goes by, the become more biased towards people similar to them. That is learned behavior, like the way they learn fears and likes from their family. You keep trying really hard to prove a point my using examples and sources that seem to prove the opposite. Also your point with "most stereotypes are harmless" is baseless, it's just a blanket statement you make. Your personal perspective and bias tainted this video a lot. It's obvious when you claim that saying that BLM implies they matter more, that's your bias assigning and implicit message to something that clearly doesn't have it. And yes, I watched the whole video and I'm a subscriber, I think you need a more varied perspective when making a video on a subject you are not fully grasping.

  69. Race may be associated with biological characteristics BUT there is still very much value in recognizing the many psuedo scientific myths and societal beliefs that people tie to race, ie. the social construction of the "race" as we know it for some of the reasons you did mention, like the belief that race correlates with intelligence– it doesn't.

  70. 14:27 That, to me, looks like a stylized Thor's hammer (Mjölner) on a black flag. Likely just cultural appropriation. Leave my history alone, you dumb fucks! (Scandinavian). You're about as "viking" as I am Japanese. Fuck off.

  71. 14:26 That's a mjölner, or Thor's hammer. I genuinely hate how these people take something they most likely have no relation to whatsoever and ruin the meaning of it.

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