KAI has great ideas! He must be a genius! [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.10.07]

So I found some things like that. But the Chiswick neighborhood doesn’t have a particular thing that’s symbolic. But the brewery there makes England’s oldest beer. I’ve seen that sign a lot. We passed it a lot. I even took pictures. (A brand of popular ale beer) – You like it, don’t you? / – Yes. I see it a lot nowadays. And there’s the Chiswick House. It’s a famous garden. It’s in “1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die.” (Borrowing ancient art vibes, it emphasizes nature) (And was the first romantic era building) I like this one. If it was in the top 100, then no. But we’re in the 13th division. 1,001 and 13 have some connection. There’s hope. I’m surprised there are 1,001 total. Normally, they do 1,000. So it’s just as pretty as the number 1,001. (Why are you nervous?) When I make a logo or an emblem, I’m most comfortable with drawing animals because it’s symbolic. And my drawings don’t look cool. They’re cute. Because they’re very rounded. I can make it look cuter if it’s an animal. (He prefers drawing animals) So if Chiswick has a symbolic animal we could use… There are lots of geese. There are geese. Oh my gosh. (A flock of geese used to roam the stadium) – Hey, goose. / – Hey, goose. Where are you going? Where are you going? I can draw geese pretty well. – That’s good. / – If I think about it… You’re already preparing? If it’s a beer symbol… Wow, are you drawing it right here? (Starts without hesitation) Beer. It already looks great. (Huh?) (Already loving it) He drew a circle. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It felt so cool when I saw it too. I can see all the drawings in real time. It’s so nice. – That glass of beer becomes a goose. / – That’s cute. It’s a goose. It’s not a goose. It’s a beer glass. Did I get too excited? (Embarrassed) – This cute style… / – With the bubbles flying. Is Choi Hun’s cartoon style. I think it could be playing soccer. Wow, I like this. – This is a rough sketch. / – Those bubbles… are like clouds from Chiswick stadium. (They are?) (I don’t think so…) (He’s not buying it) Man. With the character in the middle, there can be a shield around him. (How to fill in the sides) Like the Chiswick House. – This works. / – The Chiswick House is very famous. We could use it instead of a shield. Right. Like this. The Chiswick House shape… Just the frame. As soon as I saw it, I thought that would be good. Draw it like this. Then we can put beer inside. I think it’s a good idea to have beer. Since it’s the only thing that originated in England. Even if you don’t draw like you did before… A small cottage on top of the beer. (Here?) Can you add a goose in there? A goose would be good. (Good idea!) (Easily drawing it) The goose is so cute. It’s cute. That looks like a duck. (It is?) Are geese different? (Bye!) – We found the London goose. / – The London goose? The London goose. It needs to have a character to be meaningful. (Quite a different vibe) That’s good. That’s great. I can feel it. (What can you feel exactly?) I mean, the goose is right up at the top, so it really brings it to life. (Really?) What about baby geese below… – That are looking up? / – Watching from below. How about the geese trying to climb up? He’s excited. Don’t put the goose up there. Put the goose in the triangle. – In this triangle? / – Yes. (The goose found its place) And add another so he’s not lonely. Can you put it in the back? He’s drawing so easily. That’s just right. It’s so pretty! (The geese family expanded) (The emblem is taking shape) Is the Chiswick House part finalized? – It’s good. / – Yes. Chiswick House and beer are great. When beer is made, is it put in a wooden barrel? How do they make it? It doesn’t have to be a cup. Don’t they make it in barrels? Kai is a genius. Oh, no. – It feels so different. / – It’s wonderful. This has awesome vibes. Kai, you’re amazing. (The emblem has taken a huge step) Wow. Let’s just do what Kai says. It’s so clean. I think it’d be nice to just leave it like this. – You feel a bit of history. / – Yes. You’re doing well today. Can we put a phrase on the top? That brewery is famous for the sign that says, “London Pride.” That has two meanings. It means our team is related to Chelsea and that we’re the pride of London, which the brewery represents. I think we can get a lot of brewery sponsors. So how do we expand the London Pride symbol? Wouldn’t that be good? Like 1 or 2 choices. We’ll leave the details to the artist. What do you think of these things? I like animals very much. I would like to add the goose. Actually, I really want the goose in it. The good thing about animals is that if the team goes up really high, merchandising will be easy. (Merchandising, nice) What did he say? (Truly astonishing) – We need him. I chose well. / – Wait. He’s creative, and he’s realistic too. I didn’t think of any of that. I think the goose has to go in. The thing that bothers me is the “Rovers” part. How did you put this on? I don’t think we should put it on the roof there. One of the coolest things about soccer fans… – Is the neck scarf. / – The neck scarf. – That looks cool. / – A scarf is good. Why did you say neck scarf? I didn’t know what to call it. – A scarf. / – A scarf. – I haven’t heard that in a while. / – That’s good. Like this. Teams write it like this a lot. It’ll be perfect if we write “Chelsea Rovers” there. Oh, this is good. – That’s very good. / – That’s a lot better. (Pleased) With “London Pride” above. It’ll be perfect with “London Pride” written above. You’ve never had a client like this before, right? It’s more comfortable… – Than me thinking it up all by myself. / – Really? We’re not trying to, but it’s cool that we’re agreeing. Seriously. That’s so cool. (Finally completed emblem rough sketch) I think it’s done. That scarf was a great choice. It’s simple on both sides of the columns. This was just 5%. It’s the best emblem I’ve seen recently. It looks great. Well, let’s give the artist a round of applause. (Thanks for handling such talkative clients) Great emblem, and like Siyoung said earlier, can you donate it to us? Just tell us your answer. I’ll take you to the best Indian restaurant near Hapjeong station exit 2. And I’ll give you membership to Chelsea Rovers games. 1-year membership. (We’ll take you to the new VIP seats) – What about the plane ticket? / – The ticket… He has to pay for that. That’s more than the games cost. To see all the games with a 1-year membership, it’ll cost $50,000 in flight tickets. Let’s applaud. (Thank you once again) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (What does the final emblem look like?)

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  1. Kai's so cute here. He looked so well-rested during the time they filmed this.

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