Keanu Reeves Watches His 1980s Coca-Cola Commercial

100 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Watches His 1980s Coca-Cola Commercial

  1. Kenny's eyes are like black dots you know
    It makes it have a bizzare feeling

  2. My Dad's writing partner Rod McBrien wrote the Coca-Cola jingle for this commercial. Good memories.

  3. Next, please make him react his 16th century works!!! His progress is unbelievable👌👌

  4. Keanu Reeves and Peter Stormare in the same room… I am jizzing in my pants.

  5. I can't live with the fact that Keanu Reeves will die in my lifetime…let that sink in

  6. Who doesn't love Keanu Reeves??? He's simply the best all around! ♥️

  7. Does no one ever talk about him in Babes in Toy land??? He sings kinds SONGS!!!!! HOW IS THIS NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT!

  8. i have bottle of coke right now… And drink it… i became not John Wick but JOHN WACK!!!! Damn it!!!

  9. Todos gostam desse cara …….é difícil não gostar dele rsrrs como isso é possivel kkkkkk #alllovekeanu

  10. so they got money from coka cola to do this or what? coca cola knows reeves are hot atm, and to put cocs cola with reeves on prime time like this.. oh well

  11. Wait is that Deter Stark from the lost world next to Keanu Reeves

  12. Keanu Reeves, Johny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio should be in one frame. 90's legend

  13. This man old enough to be my dad is it bad that he’s the only man I want 😂

  14. Keanu Reeves. Contributing to obesity and diabetes in the USA. God bless him

  15. my mom's friend dislike him and even said she is not interested in the john wick trilogy. i asked her why and she said he always tries to be cute.. i believed her until i visited their house and saw keannu posters.. man…

  16. Constantine and Lucifer ! There should be a sequel ! It's due ….

  17. And now i am craving a coke but im too lazy to get out of my bed

  18. what da hell is the Devil doing next to Constantine? And the Devil is a nihilist? He doesn´t believe in himself?

  19. Me- Can I gey free subscriber?
    Keanu- Absolutely
    Thanks for Subscribing ❤

  20. Message for Zoubir Faouzi who commented about t shirt and suit….Uh? This was already a style in the 1980's like Miami Vice. So it is already OK for you to wear it but with pants and not a transparent speedo or glow in the dark speedo. Stay safe and don't be a hypocrite offline and online.

  21. Keanu is so cool and funny… he should be person kids are looking at, and wanting to be a like… just normal person and yet very successful.

  22. There's no reason at all to dislike him & there's every reason to love him. Im-😍

  23. James should do the "Acts Out His Film Career" with Keanu!! 😂 🤣

  24. Its amazing to watch Keanu being uncomfortable in front of crowd and even James as the host. But as soon as he turns to Peter Stormare he gets way more relaxed. He literally has a switch, for people he trusts and appreciate, and those who are just audience who sees him as a star and not as a private person.

  25. Peter Stormare is to me like Keanu Reeves to all the others 😍😍😍😍

  26. Why'd that guy rub his leg down like that lol… awkward mannerisms afterwards too lol

  27. I'd like to slap the chump in the nihilist shirt. In fact… I'd like to slap the three of them.

  28. Dayum for such a cool guy that beard is a joke bro.. more holes than swiss cheese

  29. Cool cat Indeed. Dig most all of work. Also good to see him laughing telling stories..

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