Ken made the sales go 350 percent up [Happy Together/2019.10.03]

Ken, I hear you worked a part-time job at a hamburger joint. Yes. You were so successful in selling burgers that you became Employee of the Month. – Really? / – I always loved to sing, so even though there were customers, I’d turn on an instrumental recording and sing. – It’s what I did. / – At a burger joint? Yes, songs by FTISLAND which goes… (“Love Sick” by FTISLAND) I’d sing songs like that or songs by VOS. (“In Trouble” by VOS) Like this. You’re such a good singer. You’d sing that when customers order sets? It’s not when they’d actually order. – I mean… / – Seriously? They had to order sets. What if they only ordered a burger? Was it just for the sets? Yes, the sets. Especially, those who’d order burgers with Korean beef. – Not for the lesser cuts. / – No way. Never for just burgers. Never for cheese sticks either. The sales went up 350 percent thanks to him. – Yes, that’s right. / – It went up? Yes, 350 percent. You also claim that all the girls in school liked you. Really? I started to sing when I was in elementary school. – He’s good too. / – Do you remember “Rustic Period”? – Of course. / – I got hooked after watching the series. The main theme song was “Wild Man” by Kang Sung. (Of course, we know it.) I was hooked on that song so I sang that whenever I could while in elementary school. When the bell for recess chimed… (I’d be a wild man) (His singing abilities are on full display.) – Are you performing a musical? / – Hold on. – It suits your voice though. / – I’d go around and sing that all the time. Doesn’t he create a situation… – where he has to sing? / – It’s like a musical. – He talks one moment. / – He sings in a musical style. We’ve never had a guest – who sang this much before. / – He’s like a jukebox. (Park Hyoshin) (Bobby Kim) (Kim Kwangseok) (Kang Sung) (Showing off his singing abilities is a habit.) If only we could mix Kijoon and Ken into one person. (Half Kijoon, half Ken) – You’re right. / – Right? – Exactly. / – They’re polar opposites. I was quite popular back then. – He’s such a good singer though. / – He really is.

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