Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

(silence) – (daughter) Mom?
– (mom) Yes, honey? – Aw, I love this commercial.
– (daughter) Dad told me that Cheerios is good for your heart. Is that true? – (mom) It says here that
Cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol and that’s heart healthy. – Oh my god. That girl’s so cute! (loud footsteps) (stirring in sleep) (chuckles) – Oh! (giggling) – (giggling) – (mom) Drew? – (giggling) Who would cereal
their dad’s heart? – Yummy and delicious
for children to put on their fathers! – That’s it? That’s just a Cheerios commercial. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – (Finebros) So what happened
in that commercial? – It was… a Cheerios commercial. – This little girl apparently thinks
that her dad is super unhealthy. – So the girl asked if it
was actually healthy for your heart. – But- oh, I think she
was thinking of literally. Went over to her dad,
went to see if he was sleeping, put it on his heart! – I thought it was pretty funny. – (Finebros) And what did
you think of the family? – They seemed fun. – Funny. – Nice. – I thought they were
actually a pretty good family. – They seem like a normal family. – (Finebros) A lot of people
have gotten very angry about this commercial.
– Why? – Why? – Why? – Why is that exactly? – How do they get angry over…? (confused) But… what? – (Finebros) Do you have any idea why?
– No. – No. – Honestly, no. – (Finebros) Well,
people specifically are angry because of the parents. Do you have any idea why that could be? – Uh… I don’t know. – (Finebros) Is there anything
different about the parents to you? – No. – Wait, let me think. (giggling) – (Finebros) Well, what it is
is they’re angry because they’re mixed race parents. They’re angry because
they’re mixed race parents. Do you know what that means? – Yep. – One’s white and one’s black? – (Finebros) That’s exactly
why people have gotten upset. – Why? – I don’t think that that is fair. – When was this video made, the 1950s?! Nobody– oh, my god. That’s so stupid! – But some people
just fall in love like that. Very important people made laws and stuff, and George Washington
and all kinds of different people who made that free–
you know what I’m saying? Now it’s different now. So people can do that. I don’t know why people get mad at that. – (Finebros) Is it okay for people
to be mad about a mixed family? – No, ’cause there’s nothing wrong with it. – No, it’s not okay! – It’s just the color of their skin. What matters is if they’re nice or mean. – That’s just messed up. There’s a bunch of mixed race families. If people really love each other,
then they should get married. – What is this country for? It’s something that starts with an E… Oh, equality! Okay, so… why do you do that? I mean, just ’cause you see
a gay couple or something, it doesn’t mean you have to say,
“Hey, you’re so disgusting! You’re kissing your own gender!” It’s their path,
so it really doesn’t matter. ♪ (guitar riff) ♪ – (Finebros) Why do you think
people would be upset about that? – I don’t know. – I– I don’t– I don’t get it. I don’t– I don’t get it. – My brain doesn’t wrap around the idea. Ugh, it’s… duh. – Because they think
that their own race is better, even though it’s the same. – They’re racists. It’s just the way they are. They were probably raised that way. – Ugh, because people are just racist. I thought Martin Luther King,
you know, spoke against this and fixed this already. – Unfortunately, it’s still
not over from the past. – People shouldn’t judge each other on the color of their skin,
or their religion, or anything that’s different. You should only judge a person based on their character
and their personality. – (Finebros) Would you ever think
not to marry someone just because of the color of their skin? – I think that that’s offensive. – It really does depend on their heart
and if they really love me! – As long as it’s a person, it’s a person. It’s not like I’m marrying a dog. – Underneath it, literally,
you’re the same people. You have organs– (giggles)–
and a heart. – Where I live, it’s no big deal. People with different races and religions, they all just hang out with each other! But in other parts of the country, it’s more stuck in
the old days and prejudiced. And it’s messed up. – (Finebros) Have you
ever experienced discrimination or racism in your life?
– Mm-mm. – Um… no. – Not yet. I’m hoping that I never will, and I hope nobody will ever. It’s just terrible if you do that. – It’s kind of annoying when people say, “Eh, you’re Asian! That’s not fair. Of course, you could ace that test.” – I have some friends
that’d be racist just to be funny, so just ’cause they do that, I do it back. I don’t find it funny. They think it’s funny
’cause I’m the minority. They say it. I say it back. And then we go on to another conversation. – I know that there is still some racism in other parts of the world. I didn’t think that it would still,
you know, be here. – (Finebros) The comments
on YouTube for this commercial got so bad they were turned off completely
and you can’t even read any comments. What do you think about that?
– That’s just sad. – That’s good then. I mean, they’re protecting
the people in the video. – It’s like the mob mentality
kind of thing. They see the comments, they do it. It’s like monkey see, monkey do. – Nobody likes an evil,
mean, stinking bully. Nobody likes that because
they realize that they don’t want us hanging out with them
because they’re so mean and rude and nasty. – You don’t need to leave bad comments. When you have this big pile
of some mean things, I mean, it hurts your feelings. – Think about those people
who are of mixed races and stuff. They probably feel horrible ’cause of this, and it’s just messed up. – Why would you waste
your time on doing that? You can just watch
another awesome YouTube video. That’s what I do.
I waste my life on YouTube! (laughing) – So you’re wasting your time
going on the internet, going to the comments,
and typing some racial slur for a Cheerios commercial.
– (Finebros chuckles softly) – That’s dumb to me. (clang!)
– (Finebros) Truth! What do you think YouTube can do, ’cause comments on YouTube,
there’s a lot of bad ones. What do you think YouTube could do
to try to help that? – They could say at the end, like always, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” – Censor it? There’s this game I play– Clash of Clans. (laughing) And if you type something
like a bad word, like the F word, it censors it. – The only way you can comment on YouTube is if you have an email. You can probably track that email. They can just warn them once, and then, if they do it again,
ban them from commenting at all. – Public sites, in general,
you can’t control it because of how many people there are there. The best thing thing they can do, if they can do anything at all,
they could just shut the whole thing down. But that would just be sad! This is what I love doing,
and I would hate to see that happen, but that’s really
the only thing they can do. – (Finebros) What do
you think about Cheerios for actually making a commercial like this? – They’re brave. (laughing) – I’m glad they did that. Sometimes, in TV, it’s unrealistic. In real life, there’s families of all races. – They should be doing that,
no matter how much hate they get. Don’t delete it. (laughs) – They probably knew this was gonna happen, but at least they did it. It definitely will get people mad,
but eventually those people will just realize that
it doesn’t really matter. – (Finebros) If someone
who’s watching this, who thinks biracial parents is wrong, what would you want to say to them? – You people are mean! – Please don’t feel that way. It’s really unfair to a lot of people. – Just think of their heart! They could actually be
very good people for all you know. – For any racists,
I think you should just drop it. You might have been taught that way. That’s your parents’ fault. You don’t gotta do everything
exactly the way they have to. – (Finebros) And what about anyone watching that has to deal with racism in their life or have biracial parents
and people give them a hard time about that?
What would you say to them? – Just stay strong, broski. – Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. (laughing) – You’ll get through it! Something will happen. There are lots of people
who support it, so… just ignore them. – Just know that there are people that are trying to stop,
you know, all the hate. – I hope you get through
all of this because those mean people out there,
they don’t deserve anything. – Guys! Do not care what they say! You are you! Stand proud for yourself! Be happy for your family! Tell them, “I don’t care what you say! I am the way I am! And I don’t care if I’m Korean and Asian, or black and white. I don’t care, no matter what!” – I’m really sorry that you guys
have to deal with this ’cause… (voice wavering)
It’s really hard for you guys. (crying softly) – (Finebros, gently) It really bothers you?
– Yeah. (silence)

30 thoughts on “Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

  1. It warms my heart that these kids don't care what race you are and know that it's whats on the inside that matters!! 😄 I'm white and I lived 10 years of my life in Tanzania, East Africa and if there's one thing that it taught me. It's that it doesn't matter what race you are 'cause we're all people!!!

  2. I didn't even notice the color really just saw a ridiculously adorable little girl doing something silly.

  3. I have probably seen that commercial two or three times before this react video and honestly, I was stumped when the Bros were asking the kids what the controversy was. I never gave it any thought. I thought exactly as those kids did and I'm ashamed to find out there are whiny, racist idiots out there throwing a fit over a sweet Cheerios commercial just because the mom and dad have a different skin pigment! Ah the free United States of America: not so united and free.

  4. Seriously? Are we still at this point in the 2010s? IT'S A CEREAL COMMERCIAL. And what's wrong with mixed-race couples anyway? So we still have to choose who we make relationships with based on skin color? WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY'S PROBLEM?!

  5. It's so happy to know that the kids support interracial couples! So proud of them 🙂

  6. wow. Isn't it sad that these kids are smarter then some adults in this world :/

  7. Seeing how articulate and intelligent these kids are really restores my faith in the future.

  8. this literally made me cry. these kids are so great and smart they give me hope for the future

  9. This was a great video, thank you for making this. These kids really have the right idea on this topic and that made me happy.

  10. The wisdom in these kids is mind-blowing. How grown people can actually be acting ignorantly while the kids are oh so civil and smart is beyond me. I like what one of the kids said "you're literally the same person underneath [your skin]". Why can't other people see that?

  11. they didn't even notice there was something "wrong" with the commercial until it was addressed… these kids are the future and it makes me so happy:)

  12. Just gotta say, these kids are some of the smartest people I've ever seen.

  13. when i noticed that they were mixed race parents it made me so happy i just smiled and these kids are amazing i wish everyone was like this.

  14. My first thoughts when seeing the commercial was "Aww, look at the beautiful family"

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