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From Comedy Central’s World News
headquarters in New York, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah presents Ladies Night. The highlight of the
night was obviously Oprah Winfrey when she won a Lifetime Achievement Award and
her speech her speech was one that made many people feel like maybe Oprah wasn’t
done achieving things just yet. It is not lost on me that at this moment there are
some little girls watching as I become the first black woman to be given the
same award. For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to
speak their truth to the power of those men but their time is up. A new day is on
the horizon. Nobody ever has to say “me too” again. Yes we can! I’m not the only one who had that
feeling? Yeah, yeah it feels like this is Oprah 2020. Come on. I will say I can
see how Oprah seems like the perfect opponent for Donald Trump.
I mean she’s everything that he’s not. She’s black, she’s a woman, she likes to
read. They’re the complete opposite, like I bet if we looked into it we’d find out
that Donald Trump once repossessed 100 people’s cars. I get a car, I get a car, I
get a car. Ladies, look under your skirts, it’s me While the Senate was shutting down the government, the
people was shutting down the streets with the second year of the women’s
march taking place in cities around the world. We turn to Desi Lydic and Dulce Sloan. It’s the one year anniversary of the women’s march and you know Donald Trump is pissed off because it’s the two things he hates
most feminism and exercise. Women across the country took to the streets today as
they did a year ago to demand equality justice and social and political change.
The marches took place from coast to coast. There are over 250 marches planned
around the world this weekend: Seattle San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix, Washington,
New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco goes on
and on and on. It is through human dedication and effort that we move
forward. That’s right, women be marching. Women be marching. Sorry, I was on the one and the three. I
know I know you always are but what do you say? Best and worst things about the
march? Mm for me I feel like the best thing was just seeing hundreds of
thousands of women marching all over the world. But the worst thing did you see
the line for the bathroom it looked like they were selling iPhone 11s in there. I
couldn’t find my pussy hat from last year so I just put on a pair of pink
underwear upside down which is actually more accurate. You know what really
made me proud oh remember last year, some people were talking about “but what
exactly are you marching for? what are you trying to accomplish?” Well this year
women said “here’s what we’re doing we’re grabbing men by the ballots.”
Organizers have dubbed it power to the polls. It’s a push to get women to
register to vote and to run for office in November’s midterm elections. We’re
really encouraging people to go vote in November of 2018. Kelly Fowler marched in
last year’s rally and was so inspired she decided to run for state office in
Virginia and won. Last year I marched. Then I ran. Then I won. Now we can
sexually harass our interns and cover it up for decades. Woo equality My guest tonight is an actor who plays Zoe
on Grown-ish. Please welcome Yara Shahidi You’re also engaged in politics in a way that most young people aren’t. As you said you are
turning 18 and because of that you are really excited to become a part of the
voting process which is not normal for most young people. Do you think that’s
the sign of the times we’re living in? Yes I mean it’s always been who I am.
I’ve always been excited to vote and like when I was four I had asked my
grandfather if he’d be my roommate in college because I was already looking
forward to being when in college yes. I’ve been one to plan ahead. Yeah
that’s way ahead. I mean I think being 18 it’s like okay cool I’m an adult and
everything but I can finally vote and I think what’s really exciting is that I
will be able to vote during midterms and midterms determines how we redistrict
and being able to vote while we figure out how we are redistricting means that
in 2020 we’re gonna have a few things figured out hopefully Do you
think do you think enough young people will come out and vote I know you have
an initiative that you you’re trying to inspire young people to come out. Yeah so
it is called 18 by 18 for obvious reasons
but I think a really big part of what this election proved is just how young
people vote and also with everything happening in Virginia and Alabama we see
that people are not only willing to vote for first-time candidates but they’re
first-time voters finally coming out right and a lot of the issue that I
personally see with how we educate this generation is as though we don’t have to
have a political opinion until it’s time to vote and so we are
inherit this system that we have no idea about and we have no clue how it
properly functions and so we theoretically vote based on ideology
with no backup for why we support certain ideologies and really no
correlation between how our passions translate into policy change and
so to be able to create a platform in which it can easily spell that out and
for us to be able to truly take control of this political system I feel like is
really important. This past weekend was the Miss America
pageant and here to give us her thoughts is Michelle Wolf everybody. I love
pageants. You know I actually wanted to get into pageants but then I realize
getting into Miss America is super hard. There’s like tons of qualification I broke like three of those
rules today. Besides I don’t really have tiara hair. It would get lost. You know I realize it’s actually easier to become president than it is become Miss America You know what the qualifications are for president? 35 and born here. That’s the search terms of a sad lady on a profile. My type,
well at this point also for 35 and born here or I don’t know not dead, I’m
flexible. Wow I I honestly had no idea there were so many qualifications to be
Miss America. Oh not to be Miss America that’s just how you get into the
competition. Once you’re in the door you still to do all this crap. Miss New
Jersey Couple things: yodeling ventriloquism? Wow us women keep finding more creative ways to die alone. I know people think pageants
are sexist and they are, but they also take time at the end of the competition
to ask the contestants really hard questions. Last month a demonstration of
neo-nazis white supremacists and the KKK in Charlottesville, Virginia turned
violent and a counte protester was killed. The president said there was
shared blame with quote very fine people on both sides. Were there? Tell me yes or
no and explain. I think that the white supremacist issue it was very obvious
that it was a terrorist attack and I think that President Donald Trump should
have made a statement earlier addressing the fact and a making sure all Americans
feel safe in the country that is the number 1 issue right now. How crazy is that it took the president
four days and three tries to give an answer to that question and Miss Texas
nailed it in twenty seconds? This is how little faith America has in its women. They have to be prettier, more talented and smarter than the president just to
get the job of waving for a year. She’s stuck in a parade like “glad I solved
that Nazi problem they won’t even let me drive.”
Here’s my suggestion: let’s switch the president with anyone from Miss America
I even take that weird ventriloquist lady as president cause right now all we
have is the dummy. Michelle Wolf everybody. You’ve been on a journey that
has been one that I think you’ve shared with many people in America and that has
been the journey of a curvy woman trying to find her place in not just in
modeling and in fashion but in society and the world. Yeah I have been told I’m not
good enough because of my thunder thighs I’ve been told I wasn’t going to get
covers of magazines because I was too curvy too loud too tall too outspoken so
many different things about me that weren’t good enough and the more I
persevered and the more that I said “oh really? Well I’m gonna keep working hard
because that’s the kind of family that I come from I don’t take no for an answer”
and I finish what I started then you can have whatever you want as long as you
know that your dreams are attainable. You had to work hard against an industry
that in many ways told you you didn’t belong. How does how does modeling deal
with that paradox because it feels like one it’s like modeling goes like this is
what modeling is right and now there are new voices coming forward saying no this
is not what modeling is should be about. I hit really low times in my life where
I thought I wasn’t good enough I was in a terrible relationship where my
boyfriend chased me around the kitchen with a butcher knife and I still stayed
with him because my confidence was so low and it’s in those moments that I
share with the reader and I let them know I was just like you. I hated who I
was but you can have whatever you want and I had to explain that to the people
in the modeling industry and I think explaining myself telling my truth and
really truly who I am is what got me to where I am today because now people want
to hear from models we’re not just silent pretty little girls anymore.
We’re big bold women who have something to say. When I heard that we were gonna do a
year-end special I was like we have to do a song. Oh like when I said that Hey
Desi we should do it you’re in song you were like good idea Dulce. Yeah exactly.
And I knew that it had to be about women because this has been such an incredible
year for women. It was terrible. This year has been terrible for women. It was a
no-brainer to get on board this project. I wanted to be part of the solution not
the problem. Men have been creepy a long-ass time and I want to be here to support
women like the underwire bra and just lift — I’m doing it too. Are you gonna cut
that right? Please. Is it good? It’s great. So amazing. I’ve been writing some lyrics and working just together. Just her. Just her. Oh my God, Dulce? incredible voice.
Just a talent. I haven’t heard anybody this natural since back when I discovered
Luther Vandross. You see on that piano? She learned that today. Self taught. That’s some Prince level (bleep). We should
be honored to be in the presence of a musical genius like this in our lifetime.
A vocalist…This guy bragging about me again. You know I think the key is
treating your voice like it’s an instrument like any other instrument, a
guitar, an electric guitar a piccolo. I’ve been singing my whole life
from the time I was a little kid and Dulce has been singing for… I just
started today. Well lucky for you I am a professional so I will get you up to
speed. This is gonna be a powerful song for women and black women. Yeah, no that’s good, that’s good. It’s just a little more like ah. Always end with ah. That good? Yeah
that was great. You ladies ready to lay it down?
You ready? And here it is, the world premiere of Song for Women 2017. This is for you ladies. 2017 starting this year marching hand in hand to show that pussy-grabber with the terrible tan. Everywhere I look the ladies
resisted tried to stop Lizzy but she persisted. All around the world we’ve come
so far Saudi women sitting at the wheel of a
vehicle. PM, chancellor, all we’ve reached, South Korean women even getting impeached. What a year for women. It’s why we’re singing. Finally see us women. What a year for women. Wonder Woman set records at the movies. Who knew you could direct when
you have boobies? All the charts Cardi B spitting the fire. Beyonce had twins, that’s double Messiah. Megyn Kelly went to NBC from Fox. $17
million for show that sucks. Women all over taking care of each other and showing some love to our sisters of color I can say that right? Nope. What a year for women. It’s why we’re singing. Finally see us women in this year of women. The old Harvey Weinstein can’t come to the phone right now. Why? because. This is the year we all stood strong. No one wants to see your nasty ass dong. Back off all you producers and actors. You’ll end up in the trash like The O’Reilly Factor ‘Cause when you look at the patriarchy Hold up. DJ Mansplain is here. Ima tell y’all
what really happened this year. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
nobody likes a surprise penis. But maybe you asked for it. It’s kind of on you. We
men are dumb, we can’t control what we do. Too many men this year acting like
stalkers it makes me so sad. I got a daughter. And that’s all the time I got to mansplain Time for the hook, yo ladies, hit that refrain. Oh no we’re not doing that. Get the (bleep) out. some help you
Yo Hillary Clinton, take us home. What a year for women. It’s why we’re singing. Keeping it feminine in this mess we’ve been in. Our lady dicks are swinging. This is the sound we’re bringing. What a year for women. The state of Alabama elected a
Democratic senator for the first time since 1992 and this happened for a few
reasons. Ideological divisions within the
Republican Party, suburban moderates turned off by President Trump. Oh and
apparently some people don’t like accused kiddie touchers. Also but there was one really huge factor that you can’t ignore. Doug Jones was able to pull off
this stunning upset with the help of a special coalition of voters in Alabama,
African-Americans. The biggest factor was huge African-American turnout for
Alabama’s election. We turn now to our very own Dulce Sloan everybody. So Dulce
big turnout last night by black people Not just black people. Black women Did you know 50% more black women voted yesterday than black men? In fact 98% of black women voted against Roy Moore.
98%. The only thing 98% of black women agree on is no Roy Moore, Idris Elba is fine as hell and do not get our hair wet. So this happened
because of us black women. Wow you say you say us but did you did you vote in
Alabama? No I didn’t. But do you have another
black woman on this show you can thank? So on behalf of all black women, I’m
thinking a victory lap you know, but these titties don’t run. You know just
say people are saying thank you to black women you know online you saw it. It must
be nice to see black women’s contributions finally recognized. Yes! And you’re welcome white people, you’re
welcome. But let’s be honest. We didn’t do it for you. We did it for ourselves. No
black woman cast her vote going “this one’s for Scott!” So if you really
want to thank us how about y’all change the laws to make it easier for us to
vote or sing our praises by giving us raises or at the very least cancel
winter. You know only white people like snow.
Those are fair points Dulce. So let’s move on and analyze last
night’s election. No, black women don’t have time to analyze, we got to get more done
fix net neutrality, health care and binge watch Empire. I’m out!

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