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– Car manufacturers love April Fools Day. It’s a chance for what is normally a pretty conservative industry to let loose and show customers just how fun and laid-back they are. They make fake announcements or produce dumb promo videos
for cars or features– – Excuse me, who are you? – I saw the post for a new host– – No, it’s not for this show. – Oh, oh okay. Alright. Sorry. Guys, follow me on
Instagram @cironephotosucks. Y’all check me out on Twitter,
IG, hit me up on facespace. – Car manufacturers love April Fools Day. It’s a chance for what is normally a pretty conservative industry to let loose and show customers just how fun and laid-back they are. Today is April 1st, so
you’re probably seeing a whole new batch of trite
pranks that fool no one. But let’s take a look at
some April Fools pranks of years past that are just the worst. I am so thankful Donut has never done any April Fools jokes. (hip-hop music) (rock music) Number one. Last year, Hyundai created
a fake promotional video with a title “Inside Hyundai’s
Secret Proving Ground”. You think it’s just a
straightforward promo video showing the i30N Hatchback
drifting around a test course, until, hold on. – [Narrator] Cacao Corner. – Chocolate? Chocolate? Chocolate?! – Hyundai is so goofy that
they covered one of corners on their test track in cocoa powder because of out of all the
materials they tested, cocoa shows the tire treads
and aerodynamics the best. What? You could be using that
cocoa for chocolate milk. Actually I’m kind of over milk. – [Crowd] Nolan! Nolan! Nolan! – I mean, this is beyond dumb. There’s about three more minutes of the video still
hammering the same joke. Oh look! So the team making the chocolate. And here’s the car in the chocolate. What’s the point of the video again? – Chocolate! (rock music) – Number two. In 2011, BMW got everyone’s hopes up with a fake M3 truck concept. They went so far as to
make a working version, and it looks sick. I would totally drive this thing. BMW stated the tiny truck’s
V8 made 414 horsepower and weighed 50 kilograms
less than the M3 coupe. Leave it to the Germans to make a legitimately cruel April Fools prank. If you’re listening BMW,
please make this truck. Small pick-ups are making a comeback, and I think it’d be a
great business decision. Sincerely, me and the rest of the world. (rock music) Number three. Once in a while, car companies
will even do the same prank. On April Fools Day 2014,
Skoda introduced the Yeti Ice. This Czech crossover
was supposedly covered in white faux fur created by engineers working in the Himalayas. You know, where the yetis be at. – Welcome to the Himalayas. – McLaren introduced the feather wrap three years later in 2017. – [Narrator] We call it biomimicry. – This wrap was made of 10,000 unique carbon-veined feathers. While being extremely
technically impressive, that’s basically the same joke as Skoda. – [Narrator] Biomimicry. Biomimicry. – Try better, McLaren. BMW again pulled the same prank last year, albeit a much lazier version. They introduced the X2 in
a new digital camo wrap. Putting a wrap on a car is not a prank. Legitimately disappointed in you, and you should feel ashamed. I guarantee you there’s at least a dozen real versions of this being driven by club promoters in Miami. They probably saw that and were like, “Aw hell yeah, dude, this looks sick.” (rock music) Number four. When is a prank not a prank? How about when it causes the company to actually lose money? I’m of course referring to last year’s tweets by Elon Musk, in which he himself posted
a pic with a cardboard sign reading “Bankwupt” in front of Tesla. Bankwupt. Elon is no stranger to pranks and stunts, but this one was pretty poorly timed. Tesla had just had one
of the worst weeks ever, which included manufacturing
bottlenecks and recalls, and after this tweet,
stocks in Tesla fell 5%. – (laughing) That actually happened? (rock music) – Number five. Not all April Fools pranks
are horrible though. Sometimes, they are very believable. The Jeep grille grill was
an entirely plausible option that you could see on a jeep. And you know Wrangler heads would actually buy this thing if it was real. Hell, I would buy a Jeep
just to have this feature. And I don’t even like being outdoors or grilling or having fun
or hanging out with people or really anything besides
being in my room in the dark. (rock music) Number six. While erybody out here gettin’ goofy, Lexus pulled a downright creepy prank. The Genetic Select program
was a fictional collaboration with 23andMe that used people’s DNA to custom tailor a car for them. If you have sensitive skin, the windows tint to protect you. If you’re nearsighted, the windshield will focus for you. It was an eerily dystopian and somewhat realistic
glimpse at the future. And the worst part of this whole fantasy, you have to lick the steering wheel to start the engine. Ugh. I don’t even know where
my own hands have been. (rock music) Number seven. On April Fools Day 2016, Mini
introduced the hipster hatch, a nod to the fact that
most of their clientele are in that demographic. The outside is plaid like the shirt of a microbrew enthusiast from Austin, the seats are upholstered
with ashid wassed denim. Washed? Ashid washed? Wass. Wass. (mumbling) I can’t say it! The seats are upholstered
with acid washed denim, the stereo has dual tape players with an old school equalizer. The windows are tinted
with Instagram filters, but my favorite detail, there’s only one gear. (bell rings) An homage to fixed gear
bicycles that hipsters ride. Everyone knows hipsters
love having one gear. I should know, I ride one. Gears and beers, baby. (rock music) Number eight. Romanian car maker Dacia made a play on their most popular
model, the Sandero, in 2017. The Sundero was joke car
with tanning bed lights. – [Narrator] Not just
Sundero. Not just Sundero. – Get it? Sandero. Sun. Sundero. The ad ran in the UK where
there isn’t much sunlight, and people love dry humor. Let us know if you’re from the UK and thought the Sundero was funny. (rock music) Number nine. Opel did a funny one year, and came out with a car
inspired by the Rio World Cup. The Opel Astra Copacabana had everything from Brazilian flag colored
stripes on the outside, to grass covered seats,
to a caipirinha dispenser. That’s Brazil’s national cocktail for all you out of the loop like myself. I couldn’t even pronounce
it five seconds ago. The video is very cringey, and has a level of acting and editing you’d expect from a commercial for a local dealership. – Palm trees. – Football. – Respect. – Remember, this was put out by a multibillion dollar company. – Respect. – It was so poorly received, that Opel’s pinned comment
is an apology for the video. I guess they didn’t like the sand. – Respect. (rock music) – Number ten. Here’s a wholesome one
to round out our list of the best worst April Fools
pranks by car companies. BMW of New Zealand ran an ad in newspapers on April 1st of 2015 that
looked like an obvious prank. The ad description said
that if you bring in your old car to the dealership and ask for a guy named
Tom, you get a new BMW. Obviously most people were
too smart to fall for it, considering the ad said in big block letters
“April Fools’ Day Special.” But, one woman named Tianna Marsh decided there’s no harm in trying and actually brought in
her 15 year old Nissan, asked for Tom, and was immediately rewarded
with a brand new Beamer. That’s an April Fools
joke I can get behind. It’s no mystery why car companies do stupid pranks like these. I still can’t get the
cocoa road out of my head. – [Narrator] Cacao Corner. – Respect. – I’m just glad that Donut
has never stooped that low. Right? (car tires screech) – April Fools! (car tires screech) – You know what would
be a really funny prank? If you like this video. (laughs) Oh yeah. Subscribe to the Donut, so you never miss an
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