Leaked Video of SJW LOSING IT Blows Up In Her Face

100 thoughts on “Leaked Video of SJW LOSING IT Blows Up In Her Face

  1. I have a chubby hula girl i allways get complimented on it which i got from a Hawaiian women

  2. She saunds as if she is drunk I hope the driver still has his job though

  3. Wow, I didn't know we suddenly had a new continent, I gain new stupid knowledge every day. TIME to bring out the dirty blankets and machine gun fire, we have a NEW world to explore!

  4. Oh man she’d completely lose her shit if she saw the one my uncle has on his truck dash. It’s a blonde haired woman in a grass shirt but only the boobs move 😂😂 (if you want one, he bought that one at a souvenir shop in South Carolina)

  5. I would have drove her ass to a shitty part of town and kicked her ass out of my vehicle.

  6. Funny thing, If you go to Hawaii and walk into any gift shop that's one of the first things you see. If they hate it so much why would they sell them there.

  7. Like er ma gaawd.


  8. Curious how she's doing today? Her twitter is still hacked lol.

  9. Lyft driver or not, I would have immediately kicked that bitch out, and gave her good her verbal thrashing before I did.

  10. I can confirm she is a bitch, her daddy should have kicked her ass when she was growing up.

  11. I would have asked her what kind of beer or liquor she drank and if she drank anything that didnt coincide with her ethnicity I would have chewed her ass out and thrown her out I mean come on people that deserve some likes right there am I right, that's actually some very funny rhetoric LOL

  12. how about eisntein bobblehead?..im offended by you disrespect…a fortune cat..offended for all the cats…and so on and so forth,,, just drive your own freaking car then..and don't use lyft,uber etc. anymore…what's wrong with the world..omfg!

  13. shes acting like the joan of arc of the Hawaiian people yet she doesnt know hawaii isnt a continent ☠️

  14. Aren't you sjw scum. Phillip?? Weren't you shaming Nick sandman for smirking while wearing a maga hat?

  15. Anyone who agrees with her must be retarted literaly your a joke of a human

  16. Was that chick fucking wasted or just stupid? Probably both honestly, if she's a CEO of an alt porn site, I'll watch elsewhere, now GOOD DAY SIR.

  17. Who else watched this the day of upload and you've been watching Phil for so long that Youtube is now recommending 3 year old videos???

  18. Oh my fuck. Even though she's theoretically correct she's being an entitled cunt about it. This is why people hate having conversation about cultural appropriation. Sure it's important to discuss these things because not everyone knows, but that's just it… NOT EVERYONE KNOWS. It's not a nazi flag, it's a junk store tchotchke. Be nice. Or, I dunno, write an educational article and share it and advocate for better education in public school so they know, and advocate for people of color in your congressional district, while also helping lyft drivers unionize and make a living wage like people who actually care about social justice do.

  19. She’s not a feminist she’s mentally unstable and extremely focused on gaining attention online, which is easy: abuse drama. I’m a feminist and she is a nothing but a nazi.

  20. Hawaii is a United State not a 3rd world country so not relevant

  21. Geez…..we sure as heck.don't want those people here. We just want to live our lives. We have enough problems with the high cost of living. We don't need this stuff! 🙁

  22. I can’t believe this nasty whore attitude like she’s actually someone of importance 😂😂😂

  23. " becaaauuuse, liiiiike- you are eeexpoliting the hawaaaaaaaiiiiiiin cooooooontineeeent………………" she is truly a douche-pickle who deserves all she gets.

  24. I'm in Hawaii and im a local… BITCH NOBODY EVEN CARES ABOUT THOSE!!!

  25. Continent of Hawaii Was A Superior Race Civilization , Girl was right , The Superior Race should not be with us human peasants

  26. Passengers are not allowed to film in ur car. It's private property.

  27. She bullies the fuck out of anyone if you disagree with her. She's legit an evil person.

  28. Lol old Philly D because it's 6 am and it popped up on recommended, why not? 🤷😂

  29. Really rude , entitled she should look at herself first , stop judging this man dear.

  30. so a feminist who owns a porn company eh? cause that makes sense

  31. Unsubscribe to her channel folks…Nobody deserve that…

  32. I honestly hope this crazy bitch gets just the worst form of cancer. Just so she can suffer.

  33. Um is she hawaiian? Cause if that's a massive problem in hawaii why is it sole there. Like for real she's the bitch in this situation. And that lyft driver is awesome for remaining professional under pressure.

  34. Her voice is so Valley and shrill,
    ( i'm sorry i have to say it ) I'd have to shove a salami down her throat!

  35. What the hell has a polited guy ever do to her?? Was she expecting more things from him like more better services?? Smh people!

  36. I’m from Hawaii, born and raised. And honestly a Hula Girl on their dash board doesn’t bother us at all, it’s not cultural appropriation. Who is this girl? Is she even Hawaiian? Doubt it…. or she would not even care, also she’d know that Hawaii isn’t a continent cause we don’t have the best public schools, but they teach Hawaiian studies to all kids in intermediate school (middle school in the main land), my son has knows Hawaii is a state not a continent since he was 5yrs old, come one. She was horrid to him, he was nothing but nice to him.

  37. I’m 2 yrs late on this, but I’m guessing I’ve never heard of this girl cause this ended her career… what an idiot!

  38. the lady passanger that called her sad deserve a thumb up she is so right

  39. What a nasty human being she is. And that voice of hers is so ridiculous and annoying af

  40. If you speak English and you don’t originate from Britain and Britain only then you are committing an act of CuLtUrAl ApProPrEaTioN

  41. why hasnt anyone put a bullet through that airy head of hers. that driver has patience and a half. good on him. coz i would have driven her into the woods tear her into fuckn bite sized pieces and use her for fishing bait

  42. This is why people think feminists are bad people, because they confuse feminists with SJWs.

  43. She obviously just wants to pick a fight- these idiots get their thrills doing that and posting online. If it wasn't the doll, she would have found something else to be outraged about

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