15 thoughts on “Lesson 15: Trend VS Countertrend Forex Trading

  1. Spot on Rob, just trade the direction of the move as long as it last.
    Maybe a little bias with the Larger direction (trend) but that won't
    last for ever and even the pullbacks looking for the sale maybe
    tradable. In our room we've looked at who can make the most, do
    you know what we found? Every Trend started as a Counter Trend!
    Love your stuff Rob!

  2. out of the same force came the light and the dark, we must find The Bendu

  3. I don't buy on the dip…..I am hoping that the buyers get trapped……..that is the essence of life

  4. Before we get into why trend change are so powerful, let’s first break down the components of the structure. Learn how to properly place stop losses with a spread trading plan or strategy. Trend trading is one of the best way to let money work for you instead of working for money.
    Be patient! don't give up no matter what happens, just study more and learn how to work it out with a good strategy. I did my learning with Blended model strategy and it's profitable and perfect for me. Trade with a right plan is a business like no other, .If you are interested check for the link on internet or search Dmitry Vladislav on G+ to join his group.

  5. a good moving average of 365 and a moving average of 160 w9ould tell you the movement of the trend even from the point of conciliation

  6. I identify as trend fluid. Love your videos very helpful how you break everything down

  7. definition of hell – trading against the trend as it keeps going against you, while insisting you are right and the market is wrong

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