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  1. Can you make a vid about the VPS and how to set it up and use it? Thanks.

  2. Rob, thanks for all the info. I am having a problem w/ the math. Your examples are:
    10 pips w/ 7 mini lots and your answer was $7. Isn't Nate actually correct w/ $70? Mini lot pip value = $1, # of pips 10, # of lots 7.
    10 pips w/ 5 micro lots. Micro lot pip value = $0.10, # of pips = 10, # of lots = 5 for $5.
    10 pips w/ 20 standard lots. Standard lot pip value = $10, # of pips = 10, # of lots = 20 for $2000. Please point out the mistake I am making.

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  4. Great explanation sir! i waited for a long time for exact edu.

  5. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ why you wanna trade if you dont know simple math PEOPLE/“TEACHER”?🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. How much would be a safe % to leverage of your total account if you were trading with 1:100, 1:500, or 1:1000 leverage? There is a lot of talk about risking just 1-2% or maybe 5% of your account, but wouldn't all of this depend on your leverage? Or maybe I'm confused. Let me know!

  7. but i been trading for years and .01 lot sizes always nets 1 penny per pip, i understand this guys trying to be professional but i know im not missing something.. am i? is he counting the pip as the 4th or the 5th decimal place?

  8. A standard lot costs (or controls) $100,000, hence, a I have to control $2 million to make $200? Thus, I need to leverage my $20k by a factor of 100x to make $200? That seems a lot. What am I missing?!

    By your calculations doesn't winning 20 pips on ONE standard lot equal $200? TWENTY such standard (i.e., 100,000 unit) lots would seem to equal $4,000. Again, what is it I'm missing?!

  9. Are you talking about the number of pips made INSIDE EACH INDIVIDUAL standard lot, or a total of pips made by way of all the standard lots available?

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  12. You are great at explaining pips and what they are worth. It took me 5 videos to finally feel comfortable on how to properly calculate pips

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  14. Hey Rob! Awesome lessons. I am just beginning to lear forex now. Those are really helping. Greetings from Brazil.

  15. Can help me find the answer?? Because I don’t know about stock market, than I deposit my money to the broker market. But after I get the email because my account not active to do tradings, than the person call me for automatic account, than my account became lost, $3250 less than 2 weeks became $82 actually what happens?? This my wrong or I got scamming??

  16. Your calculations are wrong. In the final example, you said that 20 standard lot gives you a profit of 200 usd. How so? Shouldn't it be 2000 usd? Like 20x10x10=2000.

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  18. 7 pips mini (1)lot = $7
    5 pips micro (1)lot = $0.5
    20 pips std (1)Lot = $200

    7 pips mini (10)lot = $70
    5 pips micro (10)lot = $5
    20 pips std (10)Lot = $2000

    7 lot mini (10)pips= $70
    5 lot micro (10)pips=$5
    20 lot std (10)pips=$2000

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  20. Cracks me up, thinks he knows when hes talking big lots and he has to ask for confirmation and still gets it wrong.
    Selling something??????

  21. I'm new and practicing my pip count but I need help on my demo I bought at , .01 and 1.2220 and I increased my money by 1.2615 how many pops? Is it over 400 pips

  22. I just started iml academy seriously speaking I really understand trade

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  24. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the lecture and most importantly not creating followers but learners. 10pips on 20 standard Lot , when each pip is =$10, after a second thought I got this. (10X20) $10 =$2000 Thanks Rob.

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  26. please Sir what kind of Screen are you using for the lecture and what brand or make? thank you

  27. This guy may have once been a good trader, but he has become a marketer for people like NOFT. Do NOT buy the naked pairs! piece of crap indicator!

  28. Could someone help me? I noticed that in this video that when describing compounding profits by increasing amount per pip size a discrepancy. In that video, (And every other one I can find.) It shows that a full lot is worth $10 per pip .50 is worth $5 a pip and so forth down to the micro lots. However, it doesn't seem to work that way for me. I trade with Oanda and use MT4. I use 50:1 margin. (No not all the time. I try to only trade 1-2 % of my account.) When I trade one standard lot per pip it only counts as $1.00. .50 only counts as $0.50… etc down the line. Am I doing something wrong with the settings or something? Thank you for any help in advance!

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  30. Only You can help :-/

    If we have standard account or 1000$ account and start trade 0.10 so how much pip i get i think per pip value is 1$ or 10 pip value is 1$ (if i start trading with 1.00 so i get 10$ ) i hope I'm wright and you can understand so you can corect me

  31. It’s broad as can be. Alec did show me a thing or two. Very remunerative trading is. Trade forex it’s mind blowing

  32. 7 mini lot – the answer should be $70 (NOT 7) right?

  33. I found this video very educational, thank you. I will start from the first video now and watch all the way till the end.

  34. Thanks Rob, I see there's a bit more involved, I opened a account here in Canada getting excited, wish I had a tutor for a few days, keep it coming, have a great week..

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  36. my gosh are you ok ? 20 stnd lots ,if you make 10pips? how much will you make? 200dollars? hey how 2 stnd lots ? you are cheating newbies here. rubbish video

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  39. Mistake about 9:00 or so…
    Rob isn't changing the pip value to reflect the number of lots
    1 micro lot (.01) = .10 per pip
    5 micro lots (.05) = .50 per pip x 10 pips = $5
    1 mini lot (.1) = $1 per pip
    7 mini lots (.7) = $7 per pip x 10 pips = $70
    1 standard lot (1) = $10 per pip
    20 standard lots (20) = $200 per pip x 10 pips = $2000

  40. If Pip's value depends on how much the lot size is so if I gain 10pips for 7 mini lot ( 1 mini lot is $1 so 7 mini lot is $7 ) shouldnt it be 10pips x $7 ? Im confused with your computation sir

  41. People love this?! I trade and this confusing. The lowest value is (In USD) .10 cents per pip if you choose the .01 value. You'll profit/lose about $5.00 every 4 to 24 hours in my experience. You can raise the price per pip in .10 cent incriments. You can raise it to $1,000.00 per pip if you have around $100,000.00 in your account. It's all based on what is in your account. No offense to this channel. If you like this video and it helped you, then good. If you're at this level please don't trade with real money. Practice in a demo account until you're ready.

  42. 7:52 There is a correction

    7 Mini Lots at 10 Pips – 7 Mini Lots x $1 x 10 Pips = $70

    5 Micro Lots at 10 Pips – 5 Micro x $0.50 x 10 Pips = $25

    20 Standard Lot at 10 Pips – 20 Standard x $10 x 10 Pips = $2000

  43. You’re wrong the standard lot at the end you’d make 2000$ if you made 10 pips from 20 different standard lots. 10x10pips is 100×20 lots is 2000$

  44. For the sake of consistency and keeping things from getting confusing I would avoid saying "0.10 cents" to represent 10 cents. 10 cents is $0.10 not 0.10 cents.

  45. Makes no sense. 10 pips in a mini lot is 10 bucks so how is 10 pips with 7 mini lots 7 bucks???? Shouldn't it be 70 bucks? Should NATE be teaching the course? 🤔🤔🤔

  46. Would 7 pips with 10 mini lots give you the same return as 10 pips with 7 mini lots????? HELP ME!!!!!

  47. This video has the most dislikes out of the 17 videos. Wonder why……bad info perhaps 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  52. @ rob booker trading, can u recommend any broker for me pls…..i jst cant trust dis pple saying this and that…..pls

  53. A really good video, I think all beginners ought to watch these. Forex can be complicated if you lack the basic knowledge needed to become successful.

  54. He meant:
    5 micro pips x .10 per pip= .50
    7 mini pips x $1 per pip= $7
    20 std pips x $10 per pip= $200


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