LinkedIn Sales Navigator – How To Use LinkedIn Lead Builder To Find Your Buyers

Hey what’s happening guys, Gabe Villamizar coming at you on-demand thank you for joining me on this five to
ten minutes social selling tips for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, super vital
you know, let’s get to it. Login to your LinkedIn profile, and you
obviously need to have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator license to use and actually
get something out of these tips once you log into LinkedIn profile on
the top right where it says go to LinkedIn sales navigator here or on the
drop-down box and click on Sales Navigator. Once you click on that i’m
going to show you a few ways two ways how you can find your buyers according
to see beyond their research you know per account they’re trying to prospect
or sell your product or service to you should be targeting 5.4 decision-makers
let’s just found 26 people why because the buying process has changed okay not only one person will make the
decision ok you want to target the mobilizer within that organization ok so he or she can convince everybody
but I traditionally or according to their stats it takes about six people
right and to make a decision together to buy and move forward with the specific
products or service like i said so once you have someone to make themselves
navigator i’m going to show you how to use the lead builder okay and this is
pretty basic maybe some of you have used it but i guarantee you i’m gonna show
you two ways that you haven’t thought of this and it’s going to be super simple
to identify the six people per account okay a lot of sales reps that I coach
and teacher gave you seriously want me to find six people per account that’s
gonna take 4ever but with this this way it’s going to make it super simple on
you so there’s two ways you can do this step
number one okay you’re not i do a specific boolean search for the titles
that you want to target will be your perfect buyer you don’t have a boolean
searches then you can go do open a new tab link and google linkedin boolean
search and LinkedIn is actually created I little tip sheet for boolean search
tips etc so study this very very well this is so crucial that us master out
there even me that’s it from problem for everybody how to really utilize boolean search so you can get exactly the search
results you want so as you can see here you can use our quote quotes quotations
in between words that can be one word you can use and you can use or make sure
the capitalized you can put words in parentheses so all these things have a
specific meaning going to be communicating to the search engine that
you want to find these type of people specifically so you can download or save
this sheet again google linkedin boolean search and then save this so once you
understand how boolean search works ok let’s go back here and let’s say I’m
targeting cells people i sell a product that targets vp of sales so I want to
target i open quotations because I already know how to do boolean search vp
of cells close quotations by doing this i’m searching for one specific times if
you don’t put in quotations what’s going to happen it’s going to search for VP is
going to search for of dispensers for cells so it can be very broad so you
definitely want to use quotations so the search grammar no it’s okay this person
is trying to search for this specific set of keyword then you want to put or
or you can do and this instance I just want to or make sure they’re all
capitalized then because some individuals identify themselves not just
the BP but actually spell out vice-president you want to go vice
president of selves they also want to target director ourselves director of
cells and let’s also go for or vp of inside cells just for this example again
once you find the perfect search string of boolean search that you want to
target is something that you want to save and keep ok and this is going to be
working progress is never easy to find ok what keywords you want to search for
but look at the past a look at historical data who have you set the
most appointments for who have you gotten it was more receptive to your
message who’s your perfect bios buyers what
title do they have I what were they put in your profile case study all that and
then start inserting these keywords here in this search engine right ok so that’s number one I doing this
right we’re telling linkedin that we want to target all these people we want Lincoln cells navigator to find
people who have these specific titles next thing you want to do is I recommend
okay you put the companies in here so already know that I want to target ten
companies a week so once you identify the company’s you want to target you
want to include them in here i’m going to do a few just to show you let’s say I
want to demo so like the right company i will see that one target
say i want to target hirevue which I look for higher view here let’s go for
quad tricks on the school for pluralsight they’re all utah software
companies and I want to find so what I just told the system as you can see
right below here i want to target people who have the title or keywords in your
profile DPF cells Vice President of Sales Director of Sales for BP inside
sales who work at demo highly questions and pluralsight and
that is it by doing these two settings you don’t have to worry about location
have to worry about current title have to worry about function seniority
company size or industry ok so super simple and a lot of this
sometimes can be intimidating ok you can be a lot of work right but if you know
the keyword you want to target and the company’s you want to target and that’s
all it takes next step is you want to so it shows me
right here there’s a hundred and forty people and meet this criteria you want
to search they want to click search this is the next cool thing right here
in a new setting right and a lot of you might see this might seem familiar so from this window then i would say
okay i want to show you another tip right here this is um do more than two
tips so you guys era yes yeah lucky today I let’s scroll down
here i found out the other day you can see I company followers you see all
these settings this is crazy . painfully sales navigator like freaking wake up i
mean to spend the 70 bucks is not cost it’s a freaking investment ok so let’s
go here and you say company followers so you can specify out of these a hundred
and forty people show me that people who are following hirevue ok guys this is
super super powerful ok what this means is your opening line whether to social selling whether it’s falling or
email you say hey Michael critchfield i noticed that you’re following hirevue on
linkedin i want to tell you and then do your pitch right or do whatever you do
but it’s pretty cool that this setting allows you to say okay I want people in
my search result ash go to them but i buy it to people who follow hirevue
obviously I your company name is going to come up here and should be good to go
so that’s tip number one let’s go to hell by the way before you do that you
want to push save the search okay after you save the search then what
you want you want to name the search is a vp sales utah and then last but not
least you want to have daily alert because something whenever somebody
leaves the search criteria or join the search right here you’re gonna get
notified you definitely want notified because you want to take first mover’s
advantage when that person joins deposition you to thereby new technology
etc you want to save it and that’s it whenever there’s new results going to
get an email or anything login to your saved searches and just
see how many new people are in that safe search and that’s it ten pretty cool pretty awesome great the second tip okay but i want to show
you before i show you how to find the six people that I was telling you about
is let’s say you don’t know let’s say you don’t know who which companies you
want to target but you’ve identified in the boolean search the titles that you
want to target again let’s just play around with this same one let me
actually erase these companies right here let’s say I’m a territory rep and I
got put into you know a few states but I don’t know where those states which
companies are legit or whatever so again find the boolean search string that you
want to target then you go by the location let’s just say i want i was
assigned greatest ally city area / greater salt lake city area and then
what you want to do is that you can you go by company size I want to target
anybody who has a 200 or more employees all the way to 5,000 and can see here it
shows me there’s 397 people not companies but individuals who have these
specific titles and have a company-sized of this indicated check boxes that i
selected ok so i want to search it and I don’t think it’s press the up button so
let me do that over time so i’m going to delete this Bam Bam Bam and found and
then I want to put salt lake city and I want to search for 200 and above okay so I’m gonna go here here and i
want to show you some really cool stuff so stay tuned ok search all right so now what happens
out what’s the best way to identify those six individuals in the company so
let’s say I want to target let’s just talk about hirevue identified
you know one potential prospect one of my potential buyers so Peter GT on BP of
inside cells at higher view once you identify one person that could
potentially be your buyer instead of finding all of them in this search for
solar the search view ok you want to click on that specific
person whoever looks the most promising why because these leaf recommendations
above hirevue right here about Peter chance profile are freaking accurate ok
you want to give an inch of this and is going to make your life so much easier so what you want to do is I want to save
psl lead so I have one person you want to save the account ok and then I also want to find again
five more individuals so Blake he says sales manager that he is too low for me
vp of culture he’s not my buyer looking for vp of
sales directors of cells etc I keep going Rex vice president of cells you might be
a good 1i want to save him mark newman CEO of Harvey I want to save
that executive chairman i want to save that person should not have 1234 keep
going SVP and general manager save robson and
then had a cells in a moment let’s go for this person senior director ourselves save that
person’s you see where I’m getting right here this just took me literally a few
minutes to identify six people per account all by using the lead
recommendations that Lincoln sales navigator shows me on top of that
specific individual but the key here is to use the right bullying search
combination to find the perfect person the most promising buyer in that search
result view that I just showed you and then specifically see that people ok that are above that person now let’s
say any of these didn’t really match they were not really good lead then find
another person above here that looks very promising and they keep searching
again keep scrolling to see what type of people SVP SL is this person might be
good cetera so that’s it guys i just want to show you again those two tips
and some expand a little tips on lincoln south natick Gator hope you liked this
session and let me know if you have any questions hit me up on linkedin or
twitter at gabion is our thank you peace out

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