Live Day Trading – $380 Profits Online in 90 Minutes

23 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – $380 Profits Online in 90 Minutes

  1. Loved the video as always but I will again mention that the audio/video are out of sync. The video was great still but just thought I'd let you know again in case you didn't realize, lol.

  2. I recently started getting interested in investing. But their a lot gurus out there with different strategies. How do i learn from u.

  3. What trading software are you using? Seems very responsive. I'm using think or swim

  4. Clay can you give some tips on how to "speed" trade in ToS or any regular trading platform since I don't use the platform you're using?

  5. Hey Clay, would it be possible to show the chart for the stock you are trading (that you use in your other videos for stock analysis)…… before you show the live day trading? So we can see what you are basing your interest in live day trading that particular stock on?

  6. Is "Orders" what you buy or sell? i'm kind of confused, do you buy the stock before the market open or are buying and selling at the same moment?

  7. Hey Clay, I appreciate you and your "no BS" approach. Seriously. Keep telling it like it is pal. It's all good.

  8. Hey Clay! love your videos but I'm trying to understand what your strategy was in making these trades? Was there some sort of pattern you saw such as a bull flag or flat top that I'm not seeing? Any help would be appreciated!

  9. It's very interesting to see how other people trade. I love it ever second, keep them coming XD

  10. love these videos, please make more. Have pressed like and watching all the other ones. Mailing you later

  11. Can you tell us how much money are you using when you trade? How much money would someone make with 2000 dollars ?

  12. how does your prices of the stock drop/rise so fast? with my td ameritrade platform, its way slower even with high volumes

  13. Hello ,which software you are using in this video .it's very simple to use it.

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