Live Day Trading – 7 Trades. How’d I Do?

14 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – 7 Trades. How’d I Do?

  1. i thought GBR is too risky at this point. I haven't touched that. Thanks Clay for awesome videos! Keep it up.

  2. I would usually trade decent price stocks as you did here but using your strategy of averaging down or up as I am pretty consistent at making profits with, I rather not trade them because I have an account of about 13k and 700 max loss so I use small shares like 100 shares at a time at small price stocks in-case it doesn't go my way and I haft to average in… but thanks for the knowledge good video as always!

  3. Thanks so much for these videos! You've changed my approach to day trading, for the better! I'm trading fewer shares & getting out with small gains without risking foolishly. Clay style! Thanks man!

  4. What program do you use and can you teach us how to use the program I really want to understand what all the people in stock are saying.

  5. Hey, i'm considering doing your courses. So I was wondering whether the subjects that you talk about in your Trading 101 series will all come back in your courses, of course the one about for example "Options" will have somewhat the same content as your course about "options". But there are a lot of videos that have a subject that is a more about a general question, and since those questions often come from the youtube comments, I was wondering whether or not those kind of subjects will be handled in your courses.

    In short I have watched like 60% of your "trading 101" series and i am wondering where the baseline of starting for the courses lies, and whether or not i should watch them all before doing your courses (the 101 series).

    Also there are a lot of big question marks that pop up in my head when I watch those "trading 101" videos, but considering some of those questions do get asked in the comment section but that you often refer them to your courses for the answer, I assume that your courses do contain a full package of all the information you could need?

    I'm sorry for asking so much questions in an unclear way, I'm just anxious dropping 2000 bucks for online courses, since i am always somewhat suspicious of things being scams for some reason, and the idea of investing in something like education feels a bit weird for me considering that I live in a country where school is luckily paid of taxes. But you honestly convinced me in your videos and from your site that this is really legit.

    And also should I already be trading/atleast have an acount at a broker or something in the "real world" before/during your courses?

    Sorry for dropping this in the youtube comment section, I couldnt find your email on the site (not that i really searched for it, im sure its there somewhere) and I know you alwas reply. Essentially I'm asking these things just to make it all feel more real for me, being able to make money from something that you can do in the kind of way that trading works and the feeling of there always being a risk of failure just seems surreal to me.

    Anyway thanks a lot for putting these videos on, love every little bit of it.



  6. Awesome vids. Please keep posting them. Inner circle is great too made my money back first day. Great job clay!!

  7. You sir… are a master scalper. Buying on a downtrend for a 0.10 pull back… eeek. Keep up the good work Clay!

  8. I just watched lik 30 vids with Comercials. I can't figure out commisission % weather it's the same or not.

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