[LIVE] Day Trading | $750 in 45 Minutes (Side Hustle)

36 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | $750 in 45 Minutes (Side Hustle)

  1. Hey clay what do you suggest to do for a kid that wants to trade in the market?

  2. Please what is your advice to newbie that want to invest in your trading, or Can you trade for the person.

  3. I hear you say at the break and i am tring to understand what that means. is it from one candle stick to another or are the level 2s pausing? Just learning here thank you

  4. What program do you use to trade? Im saving up to get into your program 😁😁

  5. Does your broker usually halt stocks often? Never seen that happen with any broker.

  6. Your trading style is very intuitive and looks very hard to replicate. Definitely a higher level understanding of candlestick formations.

  7. Today I traded $HOME made .41¢ a share (10 shares) I was just thinking if I had 1000 shares I could have made $410! I just need more capital

  8. Clay)))…I hope you will make more money buy teaching Dummies and by producing the Video)))

  9. Trying to do swap trading. Always seem to sell right before a big increase in price; no idea why.

  10. Again, very good job. The amount of shares on the book is totally different for me. I'll see all your videos! Tks

  11. At 8:10, you short sell at 13.45 and buy at 13.30. That's a quick $75. Are you just assuming there will be volatility around a resistance level and how it will attempt to back-test the new support? Interesting play.

  12. Clay, do you pay for eSignal or is it a free charting software? I see it’s around $150/month. I am really looking for a charting software with real time data and fast moving price change display candles so I can visualize exit points. TOS isn’t as fast.

  13. Was this trade from the past because the prices from each stock on this video don’t match with what actually happened on the day it was published.

  14. WTF you based your trade on what lol? curious to see your track record lol bullshit video dont fall for that shit

  15. One day I may just post a video of me trading where I will teach you how to make a Dolla in two seconds. 😁

  16. Can u teach me how to trade i did a lil few years back but got my butt kicked wanna learn to do it full time

  17. So… Don't make fun at me if I get it wrong, I'm a novice student! Did you just made a profit by shorting and longing (I know that's not the right term) the same ticker within minutes between each trade?

  18. which software do you use ? i am a beginner and i understand your software it will help me alot if you let me have the download link to that software you use

  19. It's nice to watch you trade and everything but from an educational standpoint it's pretty much useless if you don't explain WHY you are taking the positions you take. I'm also a daytrader and if I post about a position I also post my specific reasoning for it. I see many traders doing this kind of thing where they're basically just trading in front of a crowd. It's ok for entertainment I guess, but if the object is to educate then please make sure to actually explain to less experienced traders why you're taking a position so they can get a better understanding.

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