Live Day Trading: An Honest Reality Check

13 thoughts on “Live Day Trading: An Honest Reality Check

  1. Well.Sir..With which broker u r trading… platform looking good..

  2. Do you know of any books that would be good for learning more on day trading?

  3. Clay your channel is best by a long shot. You provide great information with a mindfulness to discipline. Love it!!

  4. As you like to say Clay, a penny saved is a penny earned and you just earned 1650 pennies. Still a great day at home!

  5. The struggle is real! Once all of my entries for a day were between 5-10 cents to low.

  6. I like your live trades and do get something out of them even if they don't seem exciting to you. It's real and there's nothing you can do about it if it is what it is. Good vid, Clay.

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