[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $1,100 Online (In Only 17 Minutes)

70 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $1,100 Online (In Only 17 Minutes)

  1. I want to be able to learn this, what is better, day trading or long term investment?

  2. Hy i am from india i need learn about intraday trading technical, new to this field. How to join with your day to day stock analysis

  3. you did it again… you averaged in with huge size man.. only for it to go a little bit back and go out as fast as you could. is this really what you teach people? short a strong stock until your position is huge..? this could rip higher so easily? and it did. just imagine a new trader getting stuck in that trade with 6k shares.. huge size, going against the trend, no real plan just going by your gut… what a bad trade that is man. pure marketing for noob traders

  4. that looked like the perfect breakout after the pullback…why wouldnt you go long in that situation? @16.20 on the video on GIL

  5. It will only take one wrong trade,and the account is blown away.Well good it's still working for you…

  6. do you pay commision on those orders?
    and why go for a short trade when it goes long/breaks out, isnt that really risky?, and how do you know when to sell/buy?

  7. Might not get a reply but I’m only 15 and I’m trying to learn how to trade do you have any advice for me

  8. Hello Clay , am a beginner at trading and i really enjoy watching your live trading videos , i’d like to know how do you determine the vertical line that shows you start making profit ?

  9. Must say I got a little nervous for you when you were in with 6k shares at 13:30, and the stock seemed to consolidate rather than going down. Kudos for staying calm, my pants would have been soiled long ago

  10. Hey clay, (or anyone that can answer my queston) at 15:22 is that “managing your risk”

  11. Good job!
    But can you explain all this software staff! Just like put the sticker on screenshot of light speed! If you can)

  12. I have done some options. I never really understand what you do in these videos. Maybe because of the app? It does look cool how you can see the candle the whole time. Were these calls and puts?

  13. You also made a comment that “of course you would have filled had you not been filming” a sign of frustration. I don’t know your particular strategy but it seems to be a few halts away from destroying your p&l

  14. Damn, as a guy who knows nothing but want to get in to stock markets this looks confusing, I don't even know the terms.. 😅

  15. Where was your stop? As you kept adding as the price went higher, what made you think this would turn around? And where would you have stopped out and called it a day? Thank you.

  16. trading isnt alwasy pretty thats what most of these "commentators" dont realize. Good trade.

  17. I really think this was a lucky one where you closed it with profit 😀 Why did not you want to long it? 😀 You could earn a lot more, look for long if there is long trend. BUT … profit is profit, every trader has different style of trading so… well done!! 😀

  18. Oracle kingpin crypto is the best in the market 1 min chart over 100% in mins not 20% in a day

  19. Any reason you prefer to be short rather than long on most of your trades?

  20. WOW! I'm a little shook by this strategy, in a good way that is! I've been trading for almost 2 years and have never seen or heard of this strategy even though it makes so much sense (if you know what you're doing). Might start backtesting this and add it to my arsenal! Great video!

  21. How did you manage to sell so fast ? even with hotkeys at that level you wouldn't even be able to sell at micro seconds ??

  22. Can you do your first trade of the day on the same stock going short and then go long when the stock reverses its trend?

  23. Hi, I have quiries.. why are you shorting when there is clear uptrend and second what is violet colour line in chart?

  24. How come you were not shaken out of trade after your P&L close to -2k and decided to average down trying to short ? Idk what was your stop loss at ?

  25. U basically have no logic behind your trading decision. U only want people to pay money for your membership

  26. Pyramid strategists don’t work for day trading over the long term. The long trade was a lot easier and less stressful plus immediately profitable. Glad it worked out but your risk was unlimited. No bueno.

  27. I suggest people watch what a really good trader Andrew Aziz on his worst day with -$7.3k loss. Averaging up/down is a bad idea, even with a real trader like Andrew. This is a disastrous "strategy."

  28. Averageing down wow glad it worked for you but dam not a very good thing to do

  29. uhhhhh this is so risky and stupid. If the stock ever goes parabolic, you could get zero'd. There's no money left for you to keep averaging up. It's no different than chasing the long. At one point you were down way more than you were ever up for. That just shows this is not a good strategy for the long term. You will get caught one day.

    You had no resistance or support drawn out. You were just guessing and chasing.

  30. You should have gone with the market instead of against it. Well cause you have the money$$$$ to cover your position. If you bought a total of 6,000 shares as you went up from $23.50 to $26.50, your average probably let say around around $24.5. Then if you sold them at $26.50. You would have make $12,000 instead of $1,100.
    You kept saying you know what you are doing, then why not make $12,000 instead of $1,000?

  31. can you explain what is that on right side of the screen with all numbers blinking
    is that scalper strategy or..
    howr to know where price goes

  32. yeah you can make $1100 in 17 mins but you can also lose $1100 in 17 mins… and this cannot be consistent for sure or else he'd become a multi millionaire and not doing Youtube Videos !!!

  33. You been doing this for a very long time man and still have no solid strategy. Your trading is very messy man. Gtta get a better strategy to buckle down on.

  34. this mofo is crazy as hell, still love watching your videos for entertainment tho.

  35. u belong to that 10 percent successful traders because you do not have emotions great job bro

  36. You keep doing this and you will wipe out sooner or later. Pros don't let a position run against them indefinitely "hoping" it will turn around. You can get lucky a few times but it will only take one bad loss to wipe out much if not all of your account. This looks like pure emotional and adrenaline based trading to me without real risk management. Not to put you down but looking out for you. Nice screen though.

  37. 13:24 to 15:02 that look a lot of patience just to wait. If it was me I would have not waited, and I would have messed up, lol.

  38. Clay! why didnt you just go long at 24! I understand u follow a strategy but u could of avoid the pain and made much more money. respect 4 the balls u got tho

  39. Wondering what your stop loss was, you just kept averaging to a loser and had over -$2k loss at one point for a $1k win

  40. Good stuff Clay…most of the kids on here don't realize to be a great scalper you must be predictive, build positions and be able to tolerate some pain…this is why most people lose because they are getting in when everything looks perfect and when most of the people who make money are already getting out and taking profit

  41. Do you have a video where you explain how everything works on the screen. Im still trying to figure out what everything is doing. Like how do u know when to buy and sell if it keeps going up in price?

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