[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $520 in Under 2 Minutes (Not Clickbait)

(upbeat music) Good morning, it’s Clay at claytrader.com. This will be a live trading video, where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live market opens up here in about eight minutes. So let’s see what happens. Have order at 105.45 for
500 shares are on PayPal. Market opens up in about three minutes. So maybe maybe I’ll get filled in the pre market. I’ll keep a close eye on it. Decided to change it up to 105.75. Okay got 400 shares. So all in there for my first. (keyboard clicking) 500, I’m gonna go for another. (keyboard clicking) 500 at 106.25 in 106.45. And the market opens up
in less than two minutes. I will go ahead and pause until the open. All right, the market is now open. Officially. Just change that other order at 106.45. (keyboard clicking) ‘Kay, I got those. Still looking like I’ll be able to. (keyboard clicking) Add some more shares
up here 107.45, 107.25. So let’s see if I can get those. I’m gonna try for some down there. So got, so I’m at 1500 shares now. (keyboard clicking) At an average of 106.35. So I have orders to cover at 25.15. So I got those out. Got those out. So now what I need to do here
is just put a stop loss in. So now it’s not a matter
of if I make money, but how much money am I going to make? So I’ll say that again,
not if I make money, but how much money am I gonna make? ‘Cause I’m gonna let this
start to work for me here. So let me get this updated here. So I have no idea how
much money I’m gonna make ’cause I have no idea how far this thing is actually going to roll over. (mouse clicking) So let me say that again, I have no idea how much I’m gonna make because I don’t know how far
this price is gonna go down. So out there finally for
those final 500 shares. So $520 it is still not even 9:32. So less than two minutes into the day I will take it nice way
to start off the day but now Twitter is showing some (keyboard clicking) movement. So yeah $500 in two minutes. I’m more than happy with that. Let’s see if we can get
this (muffled speaking) and I’ll show you something
real quick here ’cause (keyboard clicking) make this alerted. So one of the big questions I get, hey, Clay I know you have a chatroom but how exactly does that chatroom work? Well let’s go back to PayPal here so you can see what was actually alerted. (keyboard clicking) And then let me just bring,
grab my Snap Tool here. So right here was the
alert that I made on PayPal before the market open
talking about you know, fading which is what you
just saw me do of 106. So yeah, it’s not like I
hoarded that for myself and nobody else, you know, was able to take advantage
of that opportunity members that were paying attention like said there was the (mumbles) PayPal, PYPL fade potential over 106. And yeah, for those of you, for those of I guess for those of you
that are members that watched and are watching this and took the trade, congratulations, for those of you there that are wondering about how it works. There’s a quick real life example of how the chatroom actually works. And again, just to reiterate, I had myself in a spot where
it was not if I made money, but how much money was I gonna make? Because, you know, in hindsight, yeah, I could have made that much more but like I said, that
movement stopped me out out of the upside. But it is what it is. I may actually be interested here to play the pullback on PayPal, but we’ll see what happens. Or I might just call it a day. I don’t know, you know, $500
a day keeps the day job away. And if I just you know,
$500 in two minutes, I don’t know like said maybe
I’ll just move on with my day. We’ll see. All right, I missed the entry point here. I got filled at 53.68 here on AMAT. Wasn’t necessarily the best entry point, I mean, I still feel confident about it. But I guess my point is
just set my order at 53.60. And we’ll see what this thing wants to do. So if it pulls back a little bit, it looks like it’s gonna take me out, I’ll get the video rolling again. I apologize for not capturing
the entry point but it kinda, it shot up on me. So I’ll keep you updated. Okay, moving down somewhat. And now that fast back above 70. So you see how volatile it is. So once again, I apologize ahead of time if I missed the exit
point, or, well, if I know I’m gonna try to pick up some more shares, I’ll get the video rolling at that point. All right, I’m not sure what I missed, but I picked up some more shares and have a position, well now it’s pulling back in my favor. So now what I’m gonna do
for the final 500 shares, oops, put that stop in and I’m just gonna let this work for me. So now not if I make money, but once again how much money
am I going to actually make? Once again I’ll say repeat that not if I make money but how
much money am I gonna make? How much, you know, how far is just gonna pull it back over? A roll back over I should say so, all out there for 121. Honestly, I lost track of things. I’m not quite sure how much was captured. But I did short some more shares which allowed me to build a position but I looked down at the timer and I realized it was not moving. So I missed some of that. So I do apologize for that. I guess if anything,
leave me a comment below and say Clay you need to try harder because I do need to try harder, but I thought I’d hit it, but anyways. All right, so let’s see it now, not even 10 minutes in
the day I’m up $640. So 640 for 10 minutes I’m happy but let’s see what else I can find. Have an order at 57.25 here on LUV and that quick it’s back down below 57. So I’ll keep a close eye on it. All right, it is 10:01 a.m. 30 minutes in the day,
I’m gonna call it a day and just be done with it. I’m more than happy
with $640 in 30 minutes of quote unquote work here before I go though a couple quick requests if you do enjoy these videos and would like for me to keep making them, then hit that like button and
leave a comment down below. Let me know what time do you ideally like to be done with your trading. For me usually 11 a.m. Eastern Time that gives me 90 minutes to work with (mumbles) you know on
mornings like this where it’s that amount of gains and only 30 minutes. I’m more than happy with that, but how about you what time period, do you like to be done by? And then if you’re interested
in joining the chatroom that I showed the alert from earlier, all you gotta do is go
to claytrader.com/team and you can join up there
and get more details. But there is the live chatroom which I showed an example of it. But then there’s also a weekly newsletter where I send out some of the
results from my personal scans. And then finally, if you’re
interested in learning how to use charts and technical analysis to build strategies that work for you, I do offer educational
program at claytrader.com called the Trading Freedom Pathway. So you can go there and
learn more about that. But if nothing else, and
you just enjoy these videos in order to like for me
to keep making these, hit that like button,
leave a comment down below. And also check out the channel too and hopefully you decide to subscribe. I’ll see you back for the next video. First off, thanks so much
for watching the entire video real quick before you go. I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training,
workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it, but it will be me live revealing to you what I discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss, including how I had only one losing
day out of 73 days in total. I’m gonna cover three
keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency
within the markets. The first key is super weird. But in a productive type of way. The second key is super awesome because it quite literally is
wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use. But in a cruel way, this becomes
a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though, including how to avoid the
pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to
be true, but it’s not. And I’ll show you how it all works. Then at the end, I open it up for a question and answer session that is, again, totally live. Even if you can’t make the live session. Please still sign up
as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay that I will send you. Click the image on the screen or click the link down
in the description box so you can get the date and
time and claim your spot which I should note is
limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event. If you have any questions,
let me know if not, I’ll be seeing you soon.

31 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How I Made $520 in Under 2 Minutes (Not Clickbait)

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  2. What's your percentage win rate with this style of trading? Just out of curiosity.

  3. traded BNGO with a $90 profit with more capital i want to soon trade high cap stocks.

  4. Looking forward to the webinar tonight, Clay. I really enjoy your videos, especially the way you build your positions and exit your trades. It's really a thing of beauty.

  5. Awesome vid. What did you see with PYPL that you took that trade? You shorted correct?

  6. I don't get why people criticize this guys style of trading. Yes he will take big losses trading this way… But with an extremely high win rate you will be overall profitable long term which is all that matters. Many ways to make money in the market.

  7. Just wonder how many shares will you take if it keeps going up and what's your OK time to bail plan

  8. I lost 1200 in two days on tradezero. Emotions taught me a lesson.
    I don’t think anyone can avoid at least one or two big blow outs.

  9. For me it seems like 930am-1030am seems to work good the earlier the better. Anytime after that I end up giving my gains back to the market. Great trading on those

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  11. I know this is a condensed version of your live trades, but it is hard to gather what your thought process and reasoning for building a short position was aside from blindly hoping that price would pull back. If anything it seemed that you were bailed out by having a large amount of capital to fall back on and use to continue averaging your share price up. At one point you were short 1500 shares of Paypal and down $860, but where in your mind is the exit strategy? What is the risk to reward ratio? Or is there not one, but the plan is to just keep averaging up? Either way, you had to have a large amount of capital and/or access to margin to risk in order make this trade. Not only that, but if one is as haphazard as you portrayed yourself to be, they are destined to lose money in the long run.

  12. How can I do this?! Just finding out about stocks and really want to learn! I’m currently using Robinhood. Haven’t done anything on robinhood just downloaded it to get a feel for it

  13. The strategy works for Clay, he can afford to see a -600 on his p&l ( supposedly )but if you're some poor fool paying a chat room to tell them their set ups, then maybe you cant afford to see a -500 or even a -100 in your p&l, the psychological scare of that sucks. Where are your classes on trading psychology and finding your own style of trading? Or is this a " pay me and I'll tell you my set ups" deal?

  14. My strategy is simple. When a green bar becomes very erect I wait until it starts going flaccid then I penetrate the buyers with my sell orders.

  15. Must be nice to have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to make real money on a few pennies of difference in stock prices. Must be nice. Wish I knew how to actually get that kind of money in the first place. This video isn't so helpful for the vast majority of us who work for a living making just enough to pay the bills and and a six pack of beer. Please jut admit that you got lucky in your life and not everyone can do what you do, or there would actually be no market to scalp a few pennies from. Sorry, I'm just jealous. Like everyone else who watches this.

  16. wow clay ur a beast, i been watchin ur weed updates but i had no idea u were jumpin in n outta 150k positions. that was sick, n i hate gettin shorted, but still sick lol

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