[LIVE] Day Trading | How to Make $1,000 in Under 30 Minutes (while working from home)

Hey, it’s Clay at ClayTrader.com. This will be a live
trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they play out live. Market opens up here
in about five minutes, so let’s see what happens. All right, the markets are now open. I have an order at 117.55 on ROKU for my first entry point. How low did it go? 117.58, well that’s quite disappointing. So I’ll go down to 116.55
for my next entry point, but again, right there, the low, 117.55. Oh so close, but so far away. And now it’s bouncing. So all right, nevermind on that one. I have an order at 109.50 here on EXPE. Also have orders out
there on BIDU and ROKU, but as of right now, looking like EXPE has the best chance to
potentially fill me. Again, I’m at 109.50. All right, well now that
one’s back above 110. All right, I will keep an eye on all these and try my best to capture
the entry point on video. Okay, I have an order
at 108.50 now on EXPE. Just broke down through 109. This crazy move to the downside continues. Again, 108.50, okay I’m in there. So let’s see what it wants to do. And decided to give me that quick 125, so I’m gonna go down too 108 now. Just double-checking, yeah, 108. And I’ll try to start
the process over again. Ideally I’d like more than 500 shares, but I’m certainly not gonna turn down $125 in I don’t know, what was
that, like five, 10 seconds? All right, well let’s see if this thing can work its way down to 108. All right, adjusted my order to 107.75 for my first entry point at 500 shares. Well at this point because it stopped, I’m gonna go down to 107.25. So 107.25, now for those first 500 shares. Let’s see if it can work
its way down to that area. Key break is gonna be be 107.50. So there’s the break. And 107.25. Close. Okay, so I’m in there. We’ll do 106.50 for my next
first entry point and also 106. So again, I’m at 106.50. Nice, got those. 106.95 and 15. So I got those, nice, nice. Let’s go to 105.50 and 105.25. Have orders at 116.95 and 117.15. My average is at 106.58, so let’s see if this
thing wants to get back up above 107 or not. And 107 is gonna be the key break. So I got those out at 95. Got those out so I’ll take
the rest of those out. So now I’m up 801, but
let’s see, what I see. What’s that low? 105, so let’s start the
process over again at 105. Just double-checking. I always say, “Double-checking,” if you’re new to my videos,
let me put it this way, if you’re not new, then
I’m sure you’ve seen me do a couple errors because
I don’t double-check and I’m trying to talk. And then I end up getting in the stock, but I don’t mean to or
sell when I don’t mean to, so I try to always say
double-checking out loud, but again, I’m looking to
start the whole sequence all over again, but first off, the price has gotta get down to 105. Let’s see, $800 and it’s 9:44 a.m. So $800 in 15 minutes, working from home and in my pajamas, I will take it. And I say that just to keep perspective for myself because sometimes I’ve learned the greed voice will show up, and be like, “Well, you
could have had that. “You could’ve had over a thousand.” And yeah, that’s true, I could have, but I mean, that’s all with hindsight. So in order to for me, personally, the way I always fight off the greed voice is just build perspective, and a good way to build
perspective is, “Yeah, I could’ve “had over a thousand,
but still I made $800 “in 15 minutes working
from home in my pajamas. “I’m still happy with that.” All right, well that’s
enough, enough blabbing. Just trying to stall to see
if it would continue on down, but for the time being, looking like it’s gonna
stay up around this area. But if it does continue
to move to the downside, I’ll get the video rolling again. Okay, I have an order at
104.25 here on Expedia. So the move continues. Let’s see if I can get filled at 104.25. Well with the way it’s acting,
I think I can just get even, do better at 104 even or maybe not any of those at all. But yeah, I’m gonna keep
my order down there at 104. Let’s see what happens. Okay, I did change my
order down to 103.51. Reminder, I’m looking
at more screens and such than what you see within the recorded portion on the video. So just to keep that in mind and well, it makes me
feel a little bit better. The price bounced off of 01 anyway, so I wouldn’t have been filled regardless. But looking like 103.50 is
still potentially in play, looking like it might get down there. Well it was, but this thing’s
getting very, very jolty. And that fast, up above 115. All right, so in other words,
I might miss this entry point and if it moves too quick on me. Okay, just broke through 104
and I adjusted my order down just because it consolidated so much. So now I like more. So the first entry point at 103, so I got those. Try for some at 102 on the dot. Okay, so I’m all out there now, up 1,051, but let’s see if it wants
to work its way down to 102 on this breakdown here. So 102, next first entry point. I will keep you updated. But yeah, 9:53, so not even 30 minutes in, up over a thousand bucks. I’ll take it. All right, I have an order at 101.75. Looking for the break of 102. So again, 101.75, there’s the break. So now I’m only interested at 101.25, So I was off there, went
down as low as 101.81, so six cents off. So that one didn’t quite work out, but I’m gonna keep a close eye on it. Okay, well I’m gonna go
ahead and wrap things up. Things slowed down or at least
enough where I wasn’t willing to you know, put in, get in anything. So not much else to the record, but before I go, a final few things. First off, if you enjoy these
videos and you enjoy them, the easiest way to communicate that to me so I know to keep making
them is hit that like button, leave a comment down below. Also check out the channel as
a whole lots of other videos that can help teach you and
all that sort of good stuff. And hopefully you decide
to ultimately subscribe to the channel. If you are interested
in training alongside me and other traders, I do
offer a private community that you can go there
at ClayTrader.com/team. And the big question,
the number that you need to ask yourself and it
all pertains to this, is $8.25 per week, if you
believe that the service can help you make more
than $8.25 per week, then you will get a great
return on your investment. So that’s the way to look at it. “If I invest $99 for three months, “is that going to help me make
more than $8.25 per week?” And if you think so, like I said, then yeah, I’d definitely join
and we’d love to have you. You have any questions
or anything like that, please again, leave those in
the comment section below. I also do offer an
overall training package, educational program called
the Trading Freedom Pathway. You can find that at ClayTrader.com. But if you just would like
the community, network with other traders, get trade
alerts and all that stuff, then you know, the ClayTrader.com/team is where you would wanna go, but if nothing else, if you just enjoy watching these videos and you want me to keep making them, then like I said, hit that like button, comment below and you’ll hopefully decide to subscribe to the channel too. So thanks for hanging out. And yeah, I’ll take it. Always good when you’re
making over $1,000. First off, thanks so much for
watching the entire video. Real quick, before you go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training,
workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it, but it will be me, live, revealing to you what I’ve discovered that has
allowed me to transform myself from being an employee
to being my own boss. Including how I had only one losing day out of 73 days in total. I’m going to cover three
keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency
within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive type of way. The second key is super awesome, because it, quite literally, is wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use. But in a cruel way, this becomes
a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though, including how to avoid the
pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to
be true, but it’s not, and I’ll show you how it all works. Then at the end, I open it up for a question and answer session that is, again, totally live. Even if you can’t make the live session, please still sign up
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this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know. If not, I’ll be seeing you soon.

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