[LIVE] Day Trading | How To Make $325 Trading Stocks (In Only 6 Minutes)

31 thoughts on “[LIVE] Day Trading | How To Make $325 Trading Stocks (In Only 6 Minutes)

  1. I have no idea what clay is even talking about .. no explanation of trading terminology or methods I can’t follow him

  2. The strategy is when a lot are buying clay sells. when others are selling clay buy

  3. Thank you for making the video. I wanted to ask if in the Freedom Pathway do you have content about scalping? And what is your RVR and accuracy, when scalping. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Clay! Am a beginner learning from your videos. what is the trading platform that you are using here on the video and what do you think is the best platform to begin with?

  5. Are there days when u don't trade, I find myself wanting to make money everyday, and losing money. because of greed, would it be a good idea not to trade if I don't see a good opportunity?

  6. How much are you using per trade, I mean 500 shares and 47$ per piece? That's 25k$ per trade? Do you have any stoploss or you do it manually?

  7. What are you doing here? Are these options? Are you just buying and selling stocks?

  8. So you keep averaging to a losing position and your making money . I thought that’s worst thing to do. Why not ride the trend. It’s it because you don’t know when the trend will end/revers?. vice versa how do you know that the trend won’t continue and will eventually pullback enough so you can sell for profit. do you had to your position around a support/resistance area expecting a pullback that will put you in profit. how is it that several candles move against you, but one candle pullback puts you in profit? Thanks

  9. Hi awesome videos as allways 🙂 I wanted to ask you which type of Support and Resistance are the most powerfull for you, the daily, Weekly or Monthly?

  10. I'm very much interested bro. Thanks for this video it was my first time watching a good live trade.
    And thanks for being a great help for us. Much support from Philippines. God bless!

  11. Hey Clay awesome video, and amazing trade.. What brokerage is that? It looks so clean compared to the jumbled mess I normally see in trading videos!

  12. I don't get it. He's selling into extreme strength. Why not just flip and buy the trend? Guaranteed he will go bust with that size and strategy. But, best of luck to him and his followers.

  13. Hey, Id really appreciate if you edited videos explaining your entry points and exits. To me and many other viewers this is just money magically appearing on your screen. I had no idea when you bought and sold. Thanks

  14. I am still under impression that this is staged. When I trade myself and I take a position of 2-5K the market turns right away against me. And, this happens 9 times among 10 always. But you are putting more than 20K in one order and market continues to go the same direction as before. Do you have some kind of an agreement with market makers? 😉 The tickets you are trading have even less trade volume than I trade.

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