Live Day Trading – How to Make $350 in 20 Minutes

12 thoughts on “Live Day Trading – How to Make $350 in 20 Minutes

  1. pls make a video on how much money can we make from stock markets?

  2. This was 1 month ago trading, could you make videos about more recent events, thks 🙂

  3. Always wonder why don't you use a trailing stop instead of manually changing the stop.

  4. How do your limit orders get filled so fast? What type of route do you use?

  5. I always wondered say you buy a share of something and you are ready to sell, will you find a buyer as soon as you put it up for sale or do you have to wait until some one is interested in buying your shares?

  6. hi clay veri good videos i love to watch them keep meakin more video
    can you make a video abaot a list of brokers that's simoler to your platform
    thanks so much

  7. In order to trade like this, i do need over 25k in my account, correct?

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