Live Day Trading – How to Make $500 in 30 Minutes

Hey, it’s Clay at This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up in about three minutes, so let’s see how this all goes. Okay, I have an order at 49.25 here. And it stopped at 49.26. (chuckles) Awesome. All right, well let’s go to 49.01 then. You can see the low right there,
where my cursor is, 49.26, and as you saw my order was at 49.25. So great when you’re one penny away, but we’ll see if it wants to continue this downwards move or not. Okay, I moved the order down to, oh, I got filled on VGYR. Let me put an order out there at 12.15. Lets bring up this chart here. That was unexpected. Some nice move there. We’ll go to 12.75 for my next entry point. And 12.85. So, let’s see what this one wants to do. I will pause for the time being. All right, looking like I
might be able to get some up at 12.75. Okay, I got those at 12.75. See if I can get some more up at 12.85, put some at 12.95 also. And we’ll do this too
as a reference point. Okay, I got those at 12.85. So I have 800 shares left. Let see if it wants to pull
back, like I was saying, for the reference point, if it can get down to
that green line there, that puts me in the green. 800 shares left. Okay, got those. So now what I’m gonna do is
put a stop in for my final 300. And now it’s not a questions
of if I make money, but how much money am I going to make? So if this wants to
continue down in my favor I don’t know how much
money I’m gonna make, ’cause this thing could go
very nicely in my favor, or it’s just gonna stop me out. So let’s see how this plays out. Again, not if I make money, just a question of how much
money am I going to make? And that’s the goal
that we have as traders, so let’s see if we can get
this thing to roll over here. There we go. Gonna change that to 51 now. Okay, let’s change that to 46. So, again, not if I make money, how much money am I
going to actually make? So now at 31. So let’s see how much further this one wants to drop in my favor. So, finally taken out
right there at 12.21, so those final 300 shares, they worked for me very very nicely, and on that trade a total of 477. Again, just to reiterate,
I positioned myself where it was a totally winning trade. Is still had shares left
and, yes, in hindsight here, I coulda gotten more of it, but the point was had 300 shares and the worst it coulda
done was stop me out, and I woulda still been in for a gain. But, as you saw, it
kept going in my favor, kept going in my favor, and that’s what allowed
the gains to add up with those final 300 shares. So nice $477 trade and it’s 9:47, so 17 minutes in and 477. I’ll take it. Have an order at 11.55 here on VYGR. Again, just opening 500
shares like last time. I’d like more than 500, but 500 at least gets my feet wet. So it’s hovering right
around the 11.60 mark, but at this point I’m
gonna go down to 11.37. As a friendly reminder, I
am watching other screens and what you see here, so that’s where some of these
decisions are coming from. So I am watching more
than what you can see. We’ll see if we can get
a break of 11.50 or not. Also have an order out on ROKU. But I like the way VYGR trades, kind of. Seems to be maybe slowing down, but we’ll see if it can
pick up the pace here. HOG looking pretty interesting. So keep and eye down here. If any of those turn yellow
that means I was filled. So let’s go 35.35. So lots of bobbers in the water. Now looking to see if I’m
gonna get any nibbles or not. All right, I will keep you updated. All right, going for the 11.50 break here. That order is still at
11.37, so there’s the break. Okay, I’m in for that first 500 shares, and I’m out for $45. Let’s go down to 11.01 now
to restart the process. So that puts me at 517 and it is 9:59, so 30 minutes and $500. I am not a greedy savage. I will take it. 500 bucks for 30 minutes
of sitting in my pajamas from the comfort of my own home. Here in Michigan we’re
getting all sorts of snow, so I look outside and it’s all snowy, so, yeah, I’ll take it. Sure, maybe not four digits, but gotta keep things in perspective. Greed has a funny way of
distorting perspective. 30 minutes, 500 bucks
at home in the pajamas, while it snows outside. All right, I’ve stalled long enough. I was trying to see if we
could catch a flush down to 11, but that’s not looking
like it’s gonna happen, but I’ll keep a close eye on it. All right, I’m gonna go
ahead and wrap this video up, keep it on the shorter side. I know some of my videos
can get kinda long, so I’m trying to keep
this one maybe not so long as the other ones. Captured two separate trades, and the one trade you
saw from start to finish and turned out to be a
little nice morning here. So it’s now 10:03, so 33
minutes in and up $517. If you enjoy these videos and
want me to keep making them, the easiest way to communicate that to me is just to click that like button and then hopefully decide
to subscribe to the channel. Lots of other stuff on the channel besides these live trade videos, so I’d encourage you to check that out. I do offer a live trading chatroom, so if you wanna trade
alongside me and other traders. So this one was alerted in the chatroom, and I alerted it and
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want me to keep making these and you enjoy them, like I said, easiest way to communicate that to me is just to click that like button. So thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. One of the biggest questions
I get is, hey, Clay, how do you find the stocks that you trade? So what I’ve done is put
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short and to the point, and best part, it’s completely free. Thanks for watching the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

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