Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

100 thoughts on “Live Day Trading: Making $1,400 Online in 5 Minutes

  1. Great video as always, I don't have the courage to let my stocks run like that I would have called mercy after $1500 and cut my losses. What I love most about these video's is your composure, even with the possibility of a big loss you don't hear any stress in your voice during the process you seem to be in total control. Great Job Cheers

  2. Slowly recovering my losses and have found some consistency. Having said that, this strategy I would not be able to do. My entries have to be really good or else I stop out. I think you could have waited a little longer before you went in shorting in my view

  3. Beautiful trade, Clay. Always enjoy watching the professional day traders. Rookies too scared to take a position negative 2k because they have no confidence in their strategy that the stock will come back down. Well done brotha

  4. the biggest drawdown (I have seen) was $4200… so you play a risk to revard not like 1:3 but 3:1

  5. goes down $60,000 to make $1,400 wow. i know why you don't show these every single day because you be taking hits.

  6. wow i made $148 today got upto $240 i had some customers so i missed it. had calls and puts

  7. I can't argue with your results, but I'm just wondering why you jumped into the RKDA trade right at the open like that? There really wasn't a visible setup.

  8. The first trade was performed like a Boss! That’s how a would like to control myself and managing a trade. I notice the systematic methodology and I am inspired. Always opening a door to get out and always having the courage to adapt as the trade rolls.

  9. I remember sitting at my monitors watching RKDA on this big gap up day. After watching it swing from 21 to 24 back to 21 in one minute, I decided I’d sit on the sidelines and watch.

  10. You know this guy loses a serious amount of money some days, no real stategy just keep shorting into momentum and praying lol idiotic.

  11. Your day trading strategy is scary, and you can not apply it on small accounts

  12. How do you speculate a rise and fall at open on certain stocks? Is it mainly based off indicators? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I trade options mostly so day trading is a bit of a change for me.

  13. hey clay, how much money did you spend to make the 1,400? New to all this so it's better to ask questions then not to

  14. which platform you use for trading
    can an non us citizen use the same platform…
    its actually nice….

  15. Hey Clay. How come in this trade you were using 300 share orders versus almost all your other videos you use 500 share orders? Was there anything you saw that made you use 300 instead of 500? Thanks!

  16. I don’t know how a lot of this works which is why I have this question: how can you place the selling orders before buy orders?

  17. Clay I've been following you for years….so obviously your doing something right….with that said……woooo….what a balls of steel trading method. That averaging up multiple times waiting to find the short break that makes up for those stacked losses…..your a better man than me. I'm guessing your using the premarket resistance levels to know where to short?

  18. Glad it worked out for you but that's terrible risk management an entry points b4 u say hater I was following you for lil bit it's just not realistic the way u trade your more or less gambling with entrys an poor risk management you we're thousands in the red what to make 1400 would be 3to1 should be vice versa an what is your srategy get in an build positions on bad trades

  19. What the hell? No risk management at all. Anyone can add add add trade. Aren't you ashamed or you are that dumb

  20. Hey im trying to learn about the stock market more but did he just spend more money buying all the shares then what he made selling? Not hating just wondering

  21. Broth force method, not particularly a fan. Most be really stressful managing those trades.

  22. Have seen couple of your videos, I'm not trying to be disrespectful but your chart reading is kinda off.
    I mean looking at the chart I know it's a bad idea to short at the price you did.
    It's basically a forced trade. You made money because you put a lot of money into it but you could have bought b4 the market opened and make 3k in few sec than this.

  23. New subscriber, thank you for these videos , they’re very informing. I’ll follow you for a bit until I get used to your methods then hopefully I’ll trade along side you! Great videos, keep m comin!

  24. Do you just short in all cases?! If you followed "Buy Low Sell high" strategy, you will make at least double..

  25. The commissions and fee per share would eat my profits with the amount of trades in this strategy. I trade with suretrader. May not be for me. You gotta have major balls to implement this strategy. Not for conservative day traders.

  26. Can anyone tell me what SSD, SSL, BOT, BUY, etc… mean? I can’t seem to locate that information on google :/. Any help would be appreciated.

  27. So whenever you click buy that is "entering" right? I thought you are only allowed to enter three times out of a 5 day period.

  28. There is a law that is immutable. IF you trade stocks, you do NOT know how to trade, and EVENTUALLY you will lose alot of money…IF you invest in stocks thats different….but anyone that daytrades stocks, indicates to me that am one of the best in the world probably….that they do not know how to trade and rely mostly on luck and good stops….SO..should you be teaching ?

  29. Mr. Clay! OMG so here is just one question..what if RKDA just kept spiking higher maybe even with halts along the way and you caught a spike of 10 points…? what would have happened to the balance? so there is just 1 trade that can break the whole trading thing of not fo me..

  30. Clay, at one point in the video I believe you were down about $4300. What would your exit strategy have been if the price somehow continued to rise? It seems that -$4300 could have easily turned into -$10,000 or more rather quickly… Isn't it only a matter of time before that one crazy stock wipes out your account?

  31. not judging but you could've made more if you buy instead of shorting at the beginning. Level 2 showed it was going up.

  32. Can you please show . Live bid price and ask price when u so your day trading live .

    In my case . My share price went up by 20 cent but the bit price was 10 cent only in whole day .

  33. probably a newbie question, but how would you handle this trade if the stock went up and it never came back down?
    Literally made 20k(paper trading) with this strategy in an hour on a downtrend, but lost it all when i got too greedy and the market went against me (rookie mistake)…it went all the way up and didnt come back down. Nonetheless thanks putting up this helpful video!

  34. The date should be indicated on all videos so we know if it is a live trade. Thank you.

  35. This would scare the shit out of me lol way to much risk for a fraction of the reward

  36. Clay i do actually like your videos and like your strategy but how can someone like me with 2k in my account do this strategy? i wouldn't be able to keep adding.

  37. can you stay on for 30 mins and then call it a day sometimes. I'm confused if you have to stay at your computer till the stock market closes? Like what if I'm only buying shares from my phone. How much involvement is needed in this craft?

  38. I live days like this where you work just for a quick couple of minutes hit your goal!!

  39. hi clay, nice video. is there a limit/restriction to your day trades?

  40. I assume he’s a successful trader but this strategy of just shorting into strength and buying weakness is fine until it doesn’t work and u get killed and wipe out days of not weeks of gains. I’m sure he has a stop loss strategy. I would love for him to explain it.

  41. Nice video, thanks for making the effort. Your second stab at $RKDA would you call this trade a scalp? Thx

  42. I'm not a pro, but how do you know when the stock is going to pull back? looking at that price action the candlesticks showed a lot of upward pressure and it seemed like the price would just keep on increasing

  43. @ clay trader, what broker are you using ? And can someone use it from Australia?
    And one thing i found quite confusing, you bought at the high and sold it when you got bullish candle and still made profit !!

  44. I love people who shit on you for not having a high risk to reward ratio. I work at a prop firm and the best trader we have always averages in and out of positions. Only has few red days out of the year and makes a killing. For the morons who typing RiSk tO rEwArD bRo, There is something called win rate as well. Please educate yourself more on Trading expectancy and how it is calculated. As long as you have a positive expectancy, Your strategy is a winner.

  45. This is crazy trading. He's okay with big losses because he's making all that back with profits from his trading course. The average person would not able to trade like this. For sure not someone new to trading.

  46. You're not good, just lucky. There's no way you have more winning days than losing doing this

  47. How much money did you originally put into this stock? I see how many shares u had but how much did they cost?

  48. Ignoring the fact that if you just bought it you would gain 4000 instead

  49. I really want to see once you lose 10k. You suck at risk management man. i dont care what you say with insurance company. They are two separate businesses. When you post your brokerage statement (audited) then you can start teaching

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