Live Day Trading Online: Trading AAPL Puts and Calls

Good morning, this is Keshia here at and this will be a live day trading video-daytrading stock options. So I am down on the day so far. I took a loss of $64 here on Apple, I actually traded some puts this morning, and it didn’t work out so I’m down $64 let’s see if I can make a comeback here So I am now in some Apple Kohl’s I’m expecting the price of Apple to increase about six contracts at 168th let’s see if the price of Apple can increase daytrading stock options. So we’re starting to get some movement to the upside that we are coming up on a level of resistance I’m just trying to wait and see if we can get a break above resistance So I’m looking to see if we can stay or get above that 160 150 area, but right now It’s acting as resistance and the price is starting to calm down -daytrading stock options. Let’s see what happens with it So we’re starting to get some movement to the upside but The price of Apple has not hit my target exit prey, so let’s see if they can continue to move higher So Apple is having a hard time breaking above that area of resistance, so I went ahead and got out of The trade for a $19 gain. It’s not much. I wasn’t able to Overcome that $64 loss just yet So what I tend to do is if I take a loss on my first trade like I did this morning I always lower my position size on the trades thereafter just to kind of protect myself when daytrading stock options Because every now and then I am tempted to revenge trade to try to earn the money back So just to be safe. I always lower my position size to protect myself, so I wasn’t able to Overcome that 64 dollar loss. I am now down 45 dollars here, and it’s basically lunchtime so the price action tends to get slow daytrading stock options And there’s really no volatility during lunch, so I’m just gonna call it a day I just wasn’t in sync with the market today, but you know losing is a part of the game but as long as you keep your losing trades small you’ll be just fine if you enjoyed this video feel free to like and daytrading stock options. Subscribe, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, thank you so much for watching And I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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  1. I'm definitely going to check out your courses. I've been watching your live trading videos and I like what I have seen. It's nice to see that you post your losing trades as well.

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