[LIVE] Day Trading | The $500 Hour (How to Make Money Online)

Good morning, this is
Clay at ClayTrader.com. This’ll be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they play out live. Market opened up three minutes ago. Have orders out here
on XLNX and then BABA. Currently watching BABA. Was looking to enter on a pullback here, but it has since bounced. So I’ll leave that order
out there in case it rolls back over, but if this movement
wants to continue upwards, might be interested to flip that around to a short-sided trade. But as right now, looking to
buy that potential pullback. Let’s check on XLNX actually real quick. Yeah, so still up there
at 98.50 to go short. So like I said, market’s been
open about three minutes. I will keep you updated. Have an order at 181.45
here on BABA to get short. Okay I got, there we go. In there for my opening allotment. Let’s go to 181.85 for my next allotment. And 181.95. Actually, no, 181.95 and 182.15. Or if it wants to pullback to 181.30, I’d be happy there. So let’s see what it wants to do. So it decided to just give me the $75. I’m gonna keep my order
up there at 181.95 though. 181.80. So again, 181.95. All right, well at this
point, let’s go to 182.15. So 182.15, next first entry point. And just in case it
really shoots up there, I’ll do 182.45 also. Depending on what kind
of candle here forms, well at this point, the candles are getting
a little too bearish. But ROKU’s moving, so let’s
see what’s going on over here. Okay, pretty big move there. Let’s see. 145.01, try for 500 down there if this pullback move wants to continue. And I’ll leave those orders
out there on ROKU also. But there we go, $75. Okay, I have an order
at 197.45 on Facebook. I bought a order. Looks like it’s almost
possibly gonna get filled too. So I’m trying to judge
a couple things here. So again, looking to go 500
shares short here on Facebook. All right, let’s go back over to… All right, on BABA now,
let’s go up to 182.45. And Facebook got up as high as 197.33. So let’s go to 197.55 here on Facebook. So juggling a couple different orders. I said both were looking like
they had good opportunity, and then all of sudden they
kind of fell away from where I was looking to get filled. Still in play. So right now we’re
still watching Facebook, but if you’re not familiar
with how my screen works, if BABA happens to turn green down there, that means I get filled. So you can keep an eye on that also. All right, I will go ahead and pause. Okay, ROKU getting close to
potentially filling me here at 143.55. Got within eight cents. So let’s go to 143.25 at this point. So 143.25. I’ll keep an eye on it. I think BABA wants to get down below 180, so I’m in there. Get some there up at, or try get some. There we go. like I said, I think BABA wants to give a break of 180 a try. Try for some up there too. 180.10. So let’s see what this thing wants to do. So I have some orders at
180.15 and then 180.10. So I got those out. And what I’m gonna do is, if I can get those tens out too, I’m gonna get a stop-loss in place for the remainder of my shares. So I’m back down to 1,000 shares. So let’s see what this wants to do here, if it wants to head back down. Okay, I’m looking for it to hit me at 10. And then I’ll have my stop-loss in place for my remaining 500. That area is quite stubborn. So I’m just gonna get out there.
And what I’m gonna do here, so I may still take a
loss on the position, but I’m gonna put my stop-loss up at 180.77 for the remainders. So like I said, this may
still be a losing trade, but it’ll be a much smaller losing trade, given I was able to lock in
some profits where I did. So like I said, stop-loss at 180.77 now. So if this bounces in, so be it. Still like the chance that
it can roll back over. But as we saw, that area is
being very, very stubborn. So again, overall, this might
still be a losing trade, but because I was able
to lock in some gains where I did, it won’t
be that big of a loss. But like I said, wanna give
it some room to work here. And not looking so good right now. And looking like I’m probably
gonna get stopped out here. And I’m out. So ultimately was a losing trade. So now down 102 on the morning. Nothing I can’t recover
from, but it is what is, so let’s see what else I can find. All right, have an order at 141.75. Got those. Let’s go to 141.25 for my next allotment. Also 141.15. So again, next order’s at 141.25 and then 141.15. All right, so I did not get those at 25. I’ll go to 141.75, 140.55. So right now, my profit
line is right up there at the green line. So if the candle can get
back up to that green line, then I am in the green. Okay, I got those at 141.15. See if I can get those at 75. All right, I’ll just leave those at 55. Go to 140.25. So at this point, if the price can hit that green line. Nevermind, if the price
can hit that green line, then I’m in the green. Gonna try for some more
done there at 140.50, nice. So now it’s just really a question of can this get back over 141? Which I definitely believe it can. So let’s see, now if the price can get up there and hit that green line, then I’m in the green. So again, if the price
can hit that green line, then I’m in the green. So let’s see if it can pop up
there just a little bit more. Took me out some. So I still have 1,000 shares left. So like I said, now 1,000 shares. (child talking) I’m working right now, buddy. I don’t know if the mic’s
picking up my son or not, but I have my trading
partner in here right now. Let’s see, 139.75. 139.85. Whoops, did I hit something wrong? I think I just sold shares,
when I didn’t mean to. Yeah, looks like I sold some shares when I didn’t necessarily mean to. So I’ll go up there to 141.15. So let’s see if it can
work it’s way back up to that green line. Yeah, yeah, don’t, go that way. Walk the other way. No, don’t step on that cord. So it’s kind of stuck here right now. Yeah, let’s see if it can get its way back above the 141 mark. So there it’s trying. Yeah, that’s a printer. So can it get up to that green line? That’s the question right now. So it took me out there at 15. So can it take me out at 25? And all out there. So out there for a
profitable trade of $460. Should have been more. I’ll have to scroll back, but right here I sold at 140. Yeah, I sold at 140.37 and I
was trying to buy down there. So when I was trying to
buy more down around there, I ended up selling a
portion of my position. So that was an error on my part. So good old hindsight,
shoulda, coulda, woulda. Should’ve been bigger than 460, but I cost myself by doing that, but that’s nobody fault but my own. Nobody’s forcing me to do
these live trade videos. So I’m not blaming anybody other than the person in the mirror ’cause I’m the one that’s
choosing to make my life a little bit more difficult
by trying to talk. But hey, Trip, we got
a winning trade, buddy. Okay. Yeah, okay. (laughing) Okay, that’s what he, he is four. So I don’t think he quite
understands what’s going on. But I’m gonna stop talking here and I would gladly start
the process over again at 139.75. So if this thing wants
to flush down again. Just double-checking. So if this thing wants
to flush down again, then I’ll start that process over. But there we go, got that loss wiped away. And now I’m up $360. And
it’s not even an hour in. It’s 10:25, so I’ll still
take 360 bucks for an hour, including a losing trade in there. Which I really like that trade. That was kind of a bummer
that it never did roll over. Actually, let’s go check
that out right now. Okay, we were at, yeah, just never bounced off that level. So I was wrong, but I
still feel good about it ’cause I had myself
positioned very, very nicely where had that cracked and had the price really started to get moving
to the downwards direction, I could’ve banked very nicely. It just didn’t work out. But hey, welcome to the life of a trader. You can’t always be right. But I still feel good about that one. So there we are, like I said, up 360. We’ll call it an hour into the day. So I’ll take that. But yeah, I wanna see if
ROKU can get another move to the downside. I’ll keep an eye on it. Have my order at 139.75. Ah, it went down as low as 139.78. All right, well let’s try 55 now. So 139.55. Got those. Try 139, actually 138.75 and 138.55. So let’s see what this one wants to do. And it decided to take me out there. So what was that? $150 on that trade. So there we go. Up 508 now. And it’s basically an hour in the day, little past, but we’ll
just call it an hour. So there we go. $500 a day keeps the day job away. So the $500 hour. I like $500 hours, but I’d
like a little bit more, so let’s see if this
thing can roll back over. Again, I’m sitting down there at 139, or excuse me, 138.75. So I’ll keep that order down there, and if we can, and one of the questions
I get quite a bit is, “Hey Clay, I know you have
this chatroom community. “How does that work?” Oh, perfect. But I’ll actually show the
image from the chatroom itself. So I actually alerted this. Walked away, so. All right, maybe I’ll have to… Let me at least get my order in. All right, just in case. As it falls down while I’m doing this. But walked away. So I alerted this actual
breakdown right there. So I threw that in the chatroom. You can see that’s the, so just showed the ROKU
two-minute chart here, threw up some annotations. Yes, they’re very bootleg. But on the 2-minute chart,
you gotta keep things moving. But the whole idea there was you know, if it could break that level, could it at least go down and retest 140? And not only did it go down and retest 140, as we’re seeing right now, is going quite a bit below it. So there’s an example
of the common question, “Hey Clay, how does
your chatroom community, “how does that service actually work?” So there’s an example. But yeah, let’s see if we can
get a breakdown through 139. There we go. Again, 138.75 for my first, I should do 138.55 because
that actually turned out to be an even better first entry point. And then I’ll go for the $150 win, or better yet, if I can
pick up some more shares. So 138.55, we’ll see if we can
get the break of 139 or not. All right, I’m gonna go
ahead and wrap things up. Nothing else come from ROKU. Before I go though, first off if you enjoyed this video and would like me to keep making them, hit that Like button and then
subscribe to the channel. Those little things go a long way. Also leave a comment down below and just let me know your
thoughts and all that. And that way, I will keep on doing these. Because yeah, it makes my life a little bit more challenging, but if there is interest
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like I said, you can do that by simply hitting that Like button, leaving a comment and
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that community that I offered, the details are right
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need to ask yourself is, “Do I believe that this
service can help me make “more than $8.25 per week?” Because if you do the math on that one, $99 for three months, it breaks down to $8.25 per week. So if you believe this
service can help you make more than $8.25 per week, then yeah, you’ll get a great
return on your investment. Now those number get even better if you just do the yearly plan right there because you get the three months free. But you know, whatever. That’s the way you really
need to approach that ’cause that’s what you’re doing, you’re investing into a service, assuming you believe that
service can help you out and make more. So $8.25 is that number. So check that out. But if nothing else and
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button and leave me a comment and check out the channel. And hopefully you decide to subscribe. Lots of good content on there. Thanks for hanging out. First off, thanks so much for
watching the entire video. Real quick, before you go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training,
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keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency
within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive type of way. The second key is super awesome, because it, quite literally, is wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use. But in a cruel way, this becomes
a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though, including how to avoid the
pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to
be true, but it’s not, and I’ll show you how it all works. Then at the end, I open it up for a question and answer session that is, again, totally live. Even if you can’t make the live session, please still sign up
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this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know. If not, I’ll be seeing you soon.

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