Live Trading Online For Beginners: Keep Losing Trades Small

good morning this is keshia here at and this will be a live day trading video on day trading online so i am in some call options Here on spy i bought four contracts at 1:34 i’m looking for a quick scalp trade So i want to see a quick pop to the upside So let’s see if spy can move just a little bit higher here day trading online all right so we are getting some selling pressure here on spy i Was hoping for a quick pop to the upside but It looks like the sellers are starting to come in here on the level too and? I have a stoploss in mind so it’s just about to get triggered here i don’t like this selling pressure The momentum looks pretty strong, to the downside day trading online So my stop-loss, hasn’t been hit just yet I’m gonna wait just a couple of more moments here to see if we can get some movement to the upside but So far i don’t like the selling pressure that i’m seeing day trading online But let’s see if we can get a small move up here All right so spy is starting, to move up a little bit here on down about three percent on the position let’s see if we can power through and break above resistance it’s trying All right so spy is rolling back over my stop-loss is Approaching so i’m just about to exit the position for a loss here you all right all out for a $44 low so not off, to the best start we are nine minutes into the trading day i am down day trading online $44 let’s see if i can find another trade All right so i am back in spy this time i bought eight put options here at 57 cents so i have a total of eight contracts i do believe that spy is going to Begin, to show, some selling pressure here we go we just made a new low here So i go liz to overcome that $44 loss So far i’m up 56 $72 $72 on the trade right now so so far we’re looking pretty good we’re getting some nice selling pressure and We’re getting some nice momentum to the downside so as the price continues day trading online To move in my favor i will begin to scale out of the position you all right so i just have one contract left i’m up one hundred and sixty-eight dollars so i was certainly able to overcome that first losing trace i’m pretty happy about that just, waiting to see if we can move just a little bit lower here alright i’m just about to sell this final contract And there we go i am all out of the trade for a one hundred and seventy-six dollar gain day trading online The first trade i lost forty-four dollars and then i made 176 on the second trade For a total of 132 on the day so we are just 36 minutes into the trading day and i am up 132 dollars including that losing trade so i am gonna call it a day if you enjoyed this video on day trading online feel free to like and subscribe If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and i look forward to seeing you in the next video

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  1. Do you also trade spreads or just one option at a time ? What’s your annual percentage gain?

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