Live Trading Stock Options Online: Day Trading FB for $200 Profit

Good morning, this is Keshia here at and this will be a live day trading video on trading stock options. So I am currently trading stock options of Facebook I bought 14 put options with an average cost of 128 right now. I’m only up $2 Let’s see if the price of Facebook can continue lower So Facebook is not breaking down the way that I had hoped so I just sold that final contract for a total profit of one hundred and seventy eight dollars trading stock options. So I made one more small trade here on Facebook I only bought three contracts and now I am up two hundred and sixteen dollars We’re about an hour and a half into the trading day, so I am all done trading stock options. So if you enjoyed this video feel free to like and subscribe and if you have any questions or comments on trading stock options. Please leave them below. Thank you so much for watching, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video

1 thought on “Live Trading Stock Options Online: Day Trading FB for $200 Profit

  1. good evening. I really enjoy your videos. so much, I have started practices options on TOSwim
    today I bought calls and puts on FB. it had the same chart pattern as the SPY. what an awesome day and it is so much easier or less risky than trading stocks. thanks for enlightening me to this new way of trading. I do believe I am going to start primarily trading options.

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