LOG Commercial from Ren and Stimpy (Fanmade Parody)

Hey, kid! Do you want a toy that’s better than Pinkfong sharks? Lemmy: Yes! How about a cupcake plush? Lemmy: No. Okay, what about Ultranova? Lemmy: For the umpteenth time… NO! Well, okay. You pick a toy. Lemmy: Hmm… I want… LOG!!! Boy, oh boy! This is the BEST gift ever!!! Yes, log! All kids LOVE log! ♩ What rolls down stairs ♩ ♩ Alone or in pairs ♩ ♩ Rolls over your neighbor’s dog? ♩ ♩ What’s great for a snack ♩ ♩ And fits on your back? ♩ ♩ It’s LOG, LOG, LOG! ♩ ♩ It’s LOG, LOG! ♩ ♩ It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood. ♩ ♩ It’s LOG, LOG! ♩ ♩ It’s better than bad, it’s good! ♩ ♩ Everyone wants a log! ♩ ♩ You’re gonna love it, log! ♩ ♩ Come on and get your log! ♩ ♩ Everyone needs a log! ♩ Announcer: LOG from BLAMMO! Nostalgia Critic: You know, for kids!

1 thought on “LOG Commercial from Ren and Stimpy (Fanmade Parody)

  1. 1st!!!!!!!!! 😮😮😮 👍👍👍👍👍

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