#MakeWhatsNext: Change the Odds (TV Commercial)

We asked girls what they
wanted to CHANGE IN THE WORLD I’m really passionate
about climate change I’m worried that there won’t be
enough fresh water for everybody My interest is to find a cure
for cancer because my mom had it And shared some INSPIRATION PATIENT
Woah! POLAR BEAR. Temperature
The cracks are
probably where the water is Seeing stuff like this I think, I wanna be
able to help do that It makes me feel
like unstoppable Then we gave them the BAD News ODDS ARE YOU WON’T SOLVE
THESE PROBLEMS Only 6.7% of women graduate with stem degrees That makes no sense to me. Like
why, why would that be…? There is always going to be
someone that says like… …no you can’t do
it. I think I can. I want my name to be there and
be like ‘Marley’s the one… …who helped stop
climate change issues’ I will discover a cure
for breast cancer Change the world

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